Ah! Omg only a few more episodes left of our favourite CW teen drama (sorry 90210). It’s only getting better and better, last night was insanity!

I won’t explain everything- definitely an episode you need to watch yourself- Esther is back in full force and she’s legit ready to kill her entire family. She employs Alaric as her go-to guy and he’s all for it to turn into an immortal Vampire Killer! Esther sets the weird spell in motion- however her plan comes to a hault when Alaric turns back to his normal self and stabs her!

He chooses not to go along with the transition which would mean he’s a dead man. The entire cast pay him a visit for the last time as another sad song by The Fray plays in the background.

In the end, Bonnie who has been MIA for the past few episodes decides to show up and ruin everything! But I won’t tell you how you’ll just have to watch and see!


I’d like to include here that the Campaign for ‘TVDfutureinterns’ has officially begun. My classmate and I decided to make a video for Julie Plec (Showrunner, Vampire Diaries) and all the other vampire lovers on the Vampire Diaries production.

Since an internship is required to graduate from our Broadcasting and Film Program- we decided to bombard Julie and the rest with Tweets of our video and HOPE she watches it!! Oh, and maybe possibly gives us a chance to apply for an internship on set!! (Cross fingers)

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Song of the Week: Florence and the Machine

From last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries…Florence and the Machine ‘Never Let Me Go’.

I haven’t stopped listening to it. Check it out.

Vampire Diaries: One Big Happy Family

Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries was ah-mazing and definitely worth the wait! Elijah is back (Damon pulled out his dagger)…Stefan is suspicious of Elijah and if they can trust him. Someone or something is killing people in the Mystic Falls Founder’s Group (the medical examiner and now Alaric). We don’t know who it is at the end of the episode, don’t worry Alaric comes back to life once Elena kills him (since he was wearing his ring and can only return to life if he’s killed by supernatural circumstances- aka Elena).

Klaus, Elijah,Damon and Stefan have a nice dinner at Klaus’ mansion. They discuss the terms of their new agreement, whatever it’s going to be. Klaus will leave Mystic Falls along with his family of hybrids if they give him Elena to protect forever. Klaus needs Elena’s blood to create more hybrids so he basically wants the best for her, and he doesn’t want her near Stefan or Damon. Which sucks for us since we’re on the verge of a Damon and Elena romance.

Caroline’s dad is given the vampire blood…but then Caroline finds him dead in a hospital supply room. When he comes back to life he’s in the vampire transformation period…he needs to drink blood…if he doesn’t he’s dead. His decision, since he hates vampires…is to basically let himself die. So he dies.

Bonnie and her mom (Denise from Breaker High) attempt to open the magically sealed coffin several times. Finally, they open it but not all the way (or so they think), Bonnie decides she needs to leave the cave and text Damon letting him know they’re almost there…right when she leaves, Bonnie’s mom turns around and the coffin opens!!

Cut to: The 4 men continue discussing a fair deal, Klaus threatens to kill Stefan if Damon doesn’t bring back the missing coffin. Damon agrees, and Elijah walks out with Damon. You totally think Elijah is back on Klaus’ side. Just then, Elijah and Damon return….along with the entire family!!!!!! Rebecca…Cole…and some weird guy with long hair. They beat up Klaus for a little bit, they all hate him because he’s left them in their coffins for centuries. Klaus confessed to Rebecca that he killed their mother, right before daggering her and basically turning her into a rock.

When Damon and Stefan are free to go, they return to the cave where Bonnie is. They find the two witches lying on the ground, not dead but definitely passed out, the magic coffin is empty…whatever was inside is free now. Damon and Stefan have a moment together in the woods, Stefan tells Damon that he loves Elena…obviously hinting to Damon that he should back off. Damon replies with ‘I love her too!!’!! crazy!! And then Damon just walks away.

Cut back to Klaus’ house…the door opens…and the epic music fades in…Klaus’ mother appears!! I knew it!!! She’s like some godly figure, moving effortlessly through the house, her entire family starring at her in shock. She reaches Klaus, and he can barely look at her. He tells her that she’s here to kill him, and he seems to be okay with it. She tells him he’s her son and she’s only here to forgive him for what he did. Then she turns around to the rest of the family…and tells them she wants them all to be a ‘happy family’ whatever that means!

Until next week.Ugh.

Vampire Diaries: Klaus Is A Liar!!

Yes everyone, last night on Vampire Diaries we found out our beloved Klaus is…a liar. Shocking. The episode wasn’t amazing, but it did explain a lot of the history surrounding the original vampires. It’s still an episode to see…if you missed it…you’re screwed. Or, just keep reading here…and I’ll bring you up to date.

So last week’s episode ended off with Damon showing Alaric the secret caves…and the secret message drawn onto the cave walls. Obviously, they’re pictures and not letters, because the alphabet wasn’t created at that time. Yes people…we are talking OLD school.

Alaric, the history buff that he is, takes pictures of the entire wall, and then proceeds to unravel the stories behind these odd drawings. Meanwhile, Elena has it in her head that she’s going to try and befriend Rebecca to get some more information about the necklace that won’t break. Rebecca who was asked by Klaus to stay in Mystic Falls and keep an eye on Elena is trying really hard to be a cheerleader and have a normal life. Anyways, the episode goes back and forth between Elena/Rebecca, Alaric, and Stefan/Damon.

Damon has the bright idea to let Stefan out of the dungeon he was being kept in (Elena’s idea of bringing the old Stefan back) Anyways, Damon decides to have a day of brotherly bonding at some bar…and while they’re there…they run into Michael!! Michael is the uber vampire who is the only one that can kill Klaus…Katherine brought him back to life…and as far as we now he killed Katherine right after. Oops!

Rebecca opens up about her childhood…the time before she turned into a vampire. So it was her,Klaus (apparently his name was Nicholas)..and their younger brother who got killed by a werewolf. Long before there were vampires, there were always werewolves! Who knew! That’s 1 for Team Jacob.

Anyways, it gets a little confusing here. The village that Rebecca’s family lived in..consisted of a witch (probably one of Bonnie’s aunts)…and werewolves…and some other normal people. We find out a little later on…that Rebecca’s mother was actually the original witch! So, one day Klaus and the younger brother go into the woods to watch the men turn into wolves (who wouldn’t?)…and by accident they cut the younger brother’s head off. Michael (the father) begs the witch to find some spell and bring him back to life. But the witch can’t do that…it goes against the rules of nature bla bla bla…

In the end, Michael stabs Klaus and Rebecca I guess killing them…he wants them to become superior to the wolves. Therefore, starting the process of turning into a vampire. So now there all vampires…except somewhere along the way their mother put a curse on Klaus and turned him into a hybrid. So Rebecca keeps going on about the curse of becoming a vampire, obviously they were the originals therefore there were no others like them before. She said everything that was good about being a vampire…always had a negative to it. I guess that’s the curse that was put onto them. They can’t be in the sunlight, the white oak tree was the only thing that could kill them, so Michael burnt it to the ground. Then Rebecca tells us that Michael ended up killing her mother because he found out she had an affair with one of the village people. Apparently, Klaus wasn’t Michael’s son…he was the son of the guy she hooked up with.

So then…Alaric and Elena look over the drawings one more time…and Alaric is stumped on one drawing. Elena puts it together that Rebecca’s mother was the original witch…and she was killed by something…once they figured out the symbol they realized it was the ‘hybrid’ aka Klaus. Elena returns to Rebecca and asks her how she knew Michael killed her mother. Rebecca said she never saw, but Klaus told her Michael did it. And then Elena shows the drawings…and it all makes sense..Rebecca starts crying and Elena dissapears. So now we have pretty much everyone on our side, because Klaus is a liar. He lied to Rebecca all those years so she would never leave him…you get the point.

Michael almost kills Damon while trying to get information out of Stefan. Obviously, Stefan saves Damon by telling Michael that he doesn’t know where Klaus is, but he can get him to return to Mystic Falls. Yay!

In the end, Damon and Elena have a romantic moment…she tells Damon Stefan will only find himself not because he loves her…but because he loves Damon…so cute! Too bad Elena falls asleep before Damon could kiss her.Lame!

Oh the writer’s are going to make us wait for that one!!