The Vampire Diaries: True Lies RECAP

Your best friends dead the entire summer and you have no idea…that makes you a bad friend. Elena Gilbert you’ve legit failed the best friend test…same goes for you Caroline. Caroline and Elena continue their college years until Elena finds out that everything else back home has fallen a part.


Matt, Jeremy and Katherine are trying to stay as far away as possible from Silas…and everyone else in Mystic Falls. Not really sure where this storyline is headed…and I don’t know why Matt and Jer think they can outsmart Silas…they just need to figure this s*** out.

Okay so it’s safe to say this season of The Vampire Diaries has been a slight disappointment…dude Bonnie’s been dead for 4 months and nobody can put the pieces together. Now Jeremy’s back…but he’s kind of boring…and Matt did get a little hotter but he’s still plain old Matt. Except we do find out that the weird magic thing the witch did to him last week was to protect him against Silas’ mind reading powers. So at least Matt has the upper hand…for once.

I just feel like there were so many interesting stories developing last season…and none of them are veering in that direction right now and it’s quite disappointing. Caroline and Klaus? Everyone wanted those two together…Matt belongs with Rebekah…they just complete each other…they are more entertaining together than alone.

Now Elena knows that Stefan is legitimately missing…Caroline spills the beans to Damon and tells him Elena has been worried all summer…like she’s had the feeling that something’s been wrong with her old beau. Clearly she’s still thinking about him. But really who cares about Stefan and Elena…she’s just as boring as everyone else.


Back to Matt and Jer…Silas does catch up to them…he ‘kills’ Matt after he realizes he can’t read his mind. Meanwhile, Jer and Katherine make a run for it. Matt finds himself on ‘the other side’ and Bonnie’s there waiting for him. She gets around. After Bonnie tells him he needs to find the way back to his body to return to life…he puts the pieces together and asks blankly..”If I’m on the other side, then how come you’re here with me?”…as if he’s totally confident Bonnie is really somewhere off in Europe getting belligerent. I really wanted to see Bonnie tell Jeremy she was dead…but we didn’t get to see that scene…even in tonight’s episode the scene cuts and we never get to hear the entire conversation.

Caroline is totally hitting it off with the new guy on campus. That is all.

Somehow Silas got into Elena’s head and she is determined to kill Damon. Damon gets Elena to focus on the pain she’s felt for Stefan…all the worrying she’s gone through this summer. She starts to feel all the pain and hunger Stefan’s felt…and then she’s back to normal….just like that. Cut to Elena packing up her car because she’s done with school!! Your friend has been dead longer than you’ve been in school! This girl is getting pathetic by the minute. Okay so Elena’s leaving, but Caroline promises her she will hold it down on campus…now that she’s got a new man she feels all sexy and strong! You go girl.

Cut to: Damon and Elena making out on the car. Damon confesses to Elena that he’s totally secure with her having dreams about Stefan. She tells him she loves him and they will find Stefan together..she will continue to love him (Damon that is). Cut to: Random forest…Damon, Elena and Caroline’s mom are standing around the vault Stefan was put in at the end of last season. They open the door and find a dead person with a bloody neck, Stefan somehow rescued himself and couldn’t resist the urge. He hasn’t had a bite to eat in 3 months! I’m surprised he’s not dead!

The previews for next episode look entertaining. Stefan’s back in Ripper form and we cannot wait. He’s so much sexier when he’s evil and bloody. Don’t judge.

The Vampire Diaries: DoppleDanger

Last night was the season 5 premiere of The Vampire Diaries…the gang is in college (and by gang I mean Elena and Caroline)…but the drama is pretty much the same. Unlike everyone else on the show, I’m legitimately worried for he alive? can vampires even drown? What was up with the weird flashback moment at the end of the episode? Nobody seems to be worried about Stefan’s disappearance…in fact it took the harsh realization from Stefan’s doppelganger to remind big brother Damon his brother is probably in trouble. Damon was busy all summer with Elena…Caroline was busy listening to Tyler’s excuses over voicemails…and Jeremy spent all his time with ghost Bonnie emailing fake messages to her friends and family. Like did anyone have their s*** together during the summer? We totally get it, it’s boiling over in HotLanta but is that any excuse to play dumb and ignore all the warning signs that your best friend has been dead for weeks…and your ex boyfriend is missing.


Bonnie is full out dead…but she still decides to show up for the girls first day at college. This scene was so sad…I still can’t believe she’s really dead and her best friends don’t even know it yet. Speaking of dead girls….Caroline and Elena find out they have a roommate…as if the 3 beds wasn’t a big enough hint? Later, the girls realize their roomy might be a vampire hunter when Caroline finds a bottle of vervaine. They go to a college party to blend in with the normal people, but realize the’re not so normal when they can’t even get into the house party! They weren’t formally invited in…so they legit spent the night pretending to party outside. The party is interrupted when a body comes flying out of the upstairs window…there’s blood all over…and the girls realize this is their beloved roomy…and it looks like a vampire kill. It’s important to note that the hottest guy ever totally tried to hit on Caroline in the beginning, but since she’s so faithful to Tyler…she didn’t even cop a glance. Rumours are swirling that this new hot guy might be the vampire on campus…and he’s probably the one that bit the girl. Who knows…but the girls are about to have the college experience of their eternal lives.

OMG Matt is like pure bad boy now that he’s lost his virginity and had a threesome. He was roaming around Europe all summer with Rebecca…and they couldn’t resist adding another vampire to the mix. Rebecca returns home with Matty but she leaves because she has to switch over to the other show The Originals. The vampire that they had a threesome with shows up in Mystic Falls and does some weird witchy spell thing to Matty…don’t really know what that is but oh well. I really liked Rebecca and Matt together, it’s a shame she has to leave TVD, but hopefully she’ll make a few more appearances.


Damon is busy taking care of Jeremy. He doesn’t do a good job because Stefan’s doppleganger shows up and is looking for Katherine who is now in human form. Silas (Stefan’s doppleganger) wants to kill Katherine…but Damon saves the day in time. He asks Jeremy to whisk her away and protect her. Silas makes a deal with Damon, if he brings Katherine back he’ll let Damon know where his brother is.  Jeremy doesn’t get too far before Damon calls him and demands he come back. Katherine overhears and sketches out, the car goes off the road and rams into a pole. Jeremy is hurt bad, somehow Katherine makes it out of the car and disappears into the night. Damon arrives to the scene, Jeremy tells him Katherine escaped, but Damon says he doesn’t really care. Does this mean Damon doesn’t really want to find Stefan? It does solve his problems because this way he can be with Elena without feeling sorry for Stefan.


Damon refuses to tell Elena anything major happened while she was out partying. Caroline listens to another voicemail message from Tyler…he tells her he’s really helping this wolfpack in the mountains so he’s going to stay and not go to school. Basically this means they’re over…it’s time for Caroline to meet hot new guy that possibly a vampire. But also, Caroline and Klaus…I wish they were together!! During the ‘end of summer’ party in Mystic Falls, Bonnie’s dad (the mayor) does his speech on stage. Then Silas walks up and literally slices Bonnie’s dads throat in front of everyone…including ghost Bonnie who was listening to her dad’s speech!!! Silas demands that everyone follow what he says and he needs everyone to keep an eye out for Katherine. Which is basically Elena…so wtf is going to happen?

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ARROW: CW’s Finest!

My newest TV obsession is CW’s sexy superhero drama Arrow. After the family yacht goes down at sea Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his billionaire father are two of the last survivors. Fast forward five years later, Oliver Queen is found on a remote island in the Pacific. He returns home to his mega mansion, his mother and younger sister. They soon realize Oliver went through a great ordeal while on the island, he isn’t the same boy that left with his father for a yacht trip. Oliver’s taken on this ‘Robin Hood’ alter ego, he’s learned a lot through his time on the island, and through the episodes we get to see what happened, who he met, and how he has a superhero strength. We also learn more about his mission and why he’s taken on this mission. He hides his secret from everyone, which means he puts on the ‘playboy’ persona he was known for before he left. He doesn’t want anyone to know his motives, which as we find out is a list of people his father asked him to bring to justice. His entire outlook on life also changed on the island, which means he feels compassion for all those he’s hurt in the past. It’s kind of like Batman, there are similarities like his family owns the city and he’s trying to do good now that he’s back. And that is long time love Laurel…is the city’s new hot shot attorney. Laurel found out that while they were dating, Oliver was sleeping with her sister…who was also on the yacht…but she didn’t make it out alive. Talk about drrrama.

It’s surprising that a CW show is done this well. Like my other fave CW hit The Vampire Diaries, Arrow doesn’t feel like a teen drama, it’s darker…and not as corny as some other shows….90210. So, it’s not surprising to learn that the two producers from Game of Thrones and The Vampire Diaries are also backing up Arrow.

And it doesn’t hurt that Stephen Amell is smoking hot, especially during his superhero sans t shirt work out scenes! Plus, he’s Canadian!


Vampire Diaries: Memorial

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of Vampire Diaries…then you need to. No recap can sum up the amazingness of this episode, it was crammed with a bunch of drama, blood sucking, and mourning. To start off, it was one of the best TVD episodes I’ve ever seen. I was expecting a lot, last week’s season opener wasn’t that great, but they definitely made up for it in this episode.

The entire theme for this week’s Epi was the memorial for the town’s council that were killed last week. Elena is struggling with her new transformation as a vampire. Stefan is trying to get Elena on that animal blood…but of course Damon thinks it’s not a good idea, she’s a new vampire…she needs real human blood. Along with the blood cravings, everything is heightened (they used this word way too many times)…Elena feels grief, hunger, pain and most importantly her excitement is through the roof when Stefan lays a finger on her. This almost happened #VampireSex.

Elena can’t keep the animal blood down, so instead of telling Stefan, she goes to Damon and asks for his help. He offers his own blood to her, letting her suck from his arm…which in the Vampire world is a very special moment. Read more about this here. Damon knew how much it meant to Stefan, but he didn’t care. He offered his arm, and Elena took it. Later, Stefan obviously finds out and he’s hurt and upset. Elena doesn’t know the severity of the situation, Stefan tries to explain it to her, but you can tell from the look on Stefan’s face she’ll never understand.

There’s a new sheriff in town..not really more like the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the male version. What happened last week was that the town council actually blew themselves up…well the one guy did, exposing a gas line and then lighting the house with a match. So this new guy ‘Buffy’ is on a mission to find all the vampires in town and kill them. The memorial is a HUGE part of the episode, so much happens while they’re all at the church. Elena throws up blood in the bathroom, getting blood all over her pretty dress. She calls Damon to go and get another one for her. Meanwhile, Buffy is literally waiting outside the door while Elena is inside trying to clean up all the blood. Obviously, Buffy knows something’s up, but he’s not quite sure. He’s soaked his hands in vervaine, and when he goes to shake Damon’s hand…Damon refuses blaming it on his germaphobia. Smart.

So Connor aka Buffy, sets up an entire sniper rifle on the church balcony. He stabs the new girl, using her blood to basically draw out the vampires in the room. Damon knows right away that it’s a trap, Elena can’t hold herself, she’s hungry and losing her mind. Matt has the greatest idea in the history of the series, he tells Elena to drink from him, in church, making it look like she’s just crying into his neck!! It was friggin’ brilliant, I was in awe.

After Elena quenches her thirst, Tyler decides to go up on the altar and say a few words for the dearly departed. Connor recognizes Tyler right away, since he shot him in his own house a few hours before. He shoots Tyler in the chest, luckily Tyler is a hybrid, so he survives the attack, if he was a regular vampire he would’ve been dunzo. This time everyone runs out of the church screaming, Connor takes his stuff and is out before anyone else. Damon is quickly at his side, but Connor is definitely prepared and shoots Damon several times before jumping into his pickup and driving off. I loved how Tyler’s mom ran over to him and said she needed to call 9-1-1, Tyler was okay, but the entire town just saw him get shot, she needed to at least pretend like he needed help!

The thing is, not everyone knew what Connor looked like. Jeremy and Matt are back at the grill, Connor is sitting at the bar right next to them and they have no idea who he is. Connor asks Matt what happened to his neck (where Elena bit him)…he covers it up by saying his girlfriend went crazy on him. As they’re leaving, Jeremy turns around and compliments Connor on his tattoo…Matt goes up to him and asks Jeremy what tattoos? The camera pans over to Connor’s arm and the tattoos are gone! This must be another one of Jeremy’s secret talents, we don’t know much about what Jeremy can see, but obviously there’s something more to this Connor guy. Connor knew right away something was up, he quickly looked over to Jeremy in disbelief.

Since Elena is sad over everyone dying, Stefan has the cutest idea to get everyone together, light a few Japanese lanterns, and mourn the loved one’s they’ve lost. Damon isn’t having any of it, he thinks the entire idea is stupid, but this is typical Damon, trying to run away from his feelings. He ends up visiting Alaric’s grave with a bottle of whiskey. It was such an amazing scene, we actually get to see Alaric for a few seconds…one last time. I was tearing up while Damon was talking about losing Alaric…the entire time Alaric’s ghost was sitting right next to D.

90210: Watch Your Step!

This week’s episode of 90210, Dickson returns home in a wheelchair and a neck brace, Teddy and Silver have a moment, and Naomi throws herself the classiest wedding reception.

So I love that 90210 has taken a much more ‘adult’ theme this season. The cast is dealing with grown up problems…especially since nobody seems to be going to class anymore. Liam’s bar went up in flames, but his crazy ex-girlfriend somehow had planted cameras in the bar…which caught Liam running away from the fire instead of putting it out. Vanessa threatens to hand over her footage to the insurance company if he doesn’t promise to be with her, he can kiss that huge return cheque goodbye. But what didn’t make sense to me, if the bar burnt down wouldn’t the cameras go with it? It doesn’t take much to ruin a good roll of film, and I’m pretty sure being engulfed in flames would destroy any evidence. Another reason why I love this show-it never makes sense!

Dickson is finally home, and Annie doesn’t let him out of her sight. She explains (mostly to us the audience) that their mother Lori Loughlin returned to Paris only because Annie promised to take care of him? Like really? A mother would leave her child when he’s almost been paralyzed to go to another country!? Doesn’t seem right, and where the F was their dad??? Anyways, Annie is so annoying, Dickson is frusturated with her, he feels useless. He goes to rehab, there’s a somewhat cute guy in a wheelchair who throws some snarky comments at Dickson. Annie is infuriated with this guy, literally she walks over and starts cussing at him. Clearly, she’s going to fall in love with him this season. So predictable. Adriana is tripping out in front of Dickson because she cheated on him with this new ‘club promoter’ character. The guy is totally in love with Adriana, even though she told him it was a one night thing. Besides, she didn’t know her boyfriend was lying almost dead in the hospital.

Then you have Silver and Teddy who I friggin’ love to death. I wish Teddy could go back and be straight because I loved him with Silver! So Teddy’s decided to have Silver’s baby (since she might have the cancer gene). They have an awkward moment at Naomi’s wedding party, Silver tries to kiss Teddy…and then brings up the fact that he was gay during their relationship…did she even mean anything to him? There so cute together, in the end they make up.

Naomi has to throw a classy wedding party for Max’s company. Apparently, since Max and Naomi got married his company’s stocks have gone down. They decide to choose the same location that was in Keeping Up With the Kardashians . Member when Rob surprises Kris with a beautiful mountain view dinner? Same place.

So Vanessa in all her craziness makes it known that her and Liam are engaged. Liam literally spits his wine out and walk s away in frustration. Later, they have a huge fight in their new mansion. They’re on the patio that overlooks the ocean,and somehow Vanessa gets thrown over the balcony and dies? It was so stupid, just when I thought 90210 was getting better this ish happens? Liam goes inside to call 911, when he comes out she’s not lying in the sand anymore. Clearly she’s going to return from the dead and make his life hell. Or the writers had no other way to get rid of her.

90210 Season Premiere

This week was the premiere of most of CW’s primetime dramas, including one of our favourites- 90210. I completely forgot how last season ended, but thankfully for the opening refresher- I was caught up in 20 seconds. Last season was arguably the worst season for 90210, the writing seemed like it went downhill, and the stories didn’t make sense. I know it’s only the first episode of this season, but things seem to be going well, there weren’t any cheeseball moments (aside from the Annie crying her a** off part).

The one thing about 90210 that screams out crappy show…is the fact that everything is predictable. I can literally map out everything that’s going to happen in the episode, the dialogue…and sometimes even the location of the scene. But really, Dickson gets into a car accident- obviously he’s not dead…they would never kill off Dickson. For a few minutes they have you believing he is actually dead since his phone turns up at the morgue…and Annie is called in to see if her brother’s body is under one of the 3 sheets. Teddy,Silver,Navid and Liam accompany her, and she doesn’t have the emotional capacity to check herself, Silver and Teddy end up doing the deed. They don’t see Dickson’s body, so the morgue dude tells them he’s probably in the hospital. Duh.

Teddy and Silver end their conversation about having a baby together in the midst of all the Dickson drama. Silver asks him to have a baby with her (since she might have cancer)…he’s obviously hesitant and tells her he’ll think about it.

Adriana is off in Vegas for a music concert- seriously how long are they going to drag her music career story on for? Either she gets famous or put her on another career path- like social work or something. While Adriana was in Vegas for all of 1 hour she hooks up with a really hot guy…who is a club promoter. Anyways, it was just a quick hook up she obviously didn’t know about Dickson at the time. She leaves the hot dude and goes off to do her music concert. In the end, hot dude shows up at Liam’s bar…for some reason Navid feels it necessary to offer hot dude a business venture? Hot dude agrees…and he has something planned- probably to take down Adriana and Dickson. Just my guess.

Naomi and Max have the stupidest storyline, when Naomi breaks up his wedding he admits he’s still in love with her. They decide to drive the limo to Vegas and get married, on the way there Naomi pops a bottle of champagne and hits Max in the face causing him to swerve into a ditch- and now they’re stranded. Naomi gets a ride with a random, Max and her squeeze inside the car, but they soon realize he’s a gas station bandit…and they’re all arrested. Like really? I feel like they don’t know what to do with Naomi, they just keep sending her to jail..but it never matters because she somehow makes it out. This time, she has Max speak on her behalf, he confesses to the judge how they’re in love…and the judge lets Naomi go…and offers to marry them. Honessstly? Max’s business partner/college roommate/possible ex lover? shows up and tries to get Max out of jail. He has some anger towards Naomi, as he blames her for causing Max heart break in his first year of college. In the end, he opens a bottle of champagne for her (since she obviously can’t without hitting someone) and threatens to watch over her until Max realizes who she really is? Dumb.

Anyways, back at the hospital Annie starts praying, apparently something she’s never done before. But the best part of it was, she starts talking about herself and her ex boyfriend/priest Caleb. How are you going to pray about your brother…and then start talking about your love life! In a prayer!!! It was ridiculous, but Lori Loughlin came just in time to break up the nonsense. Dickson wakes up but all he’s asking for is Adriana, Annie has no choice but to call her while she’s chilling with Carly Rae Jepsen. Adriana hops on the next flight back to LA. Dickson ends up making it, but the doctors tell them he might not be able to walk only time will tell. The entire Adriana and Dickson story doesn’t fly with me, I think it’s really weird, and they look really weird together. She was Navid’s first love…and now Navid is trying to put A and D together? It’s weird!

Liam is confused about Silver, he ends up burning down his bar (by accident) and ends up getting a huge insurance pay check. The crazy ex girlfriend is somehow spying on his conversation with the insurance people…and forms a revenge plan in her head. You can tell what she’s thinking without her saying anything.

In the end, Teddy decides he’s going to have a baby with Silver and make her the happiest woman ever. Love Teddy.

At this point, most of the characters are heading in a pointless direction. Even though the writing seemed slightly better in the premiere, there is always room for this show to go off the cliff. Navid and Liam seem to be getting over their Silver phase…and begin a playboy living lifestyle- which probably could be fun to watch. Stay tuned.


9021Ohhh This Show Sucks!

Is anyone even watching 90210 anymore? I still don’t know why I am. I’ve been watching this show since it started (4 years ago). Honestly, at first it was really good. This season has been absolutely horrible. I feel like a teenage girl is writing the entire script, and frankly she’s running out of ideas! Their stories just get replayed in a circle, characters date each others best friends (which is quite normal in these shows but it seems to happen more frequently in Beverly Hills) Also, why is Navid totally okay with Dickson dating his soul mate Adriana? I must’ve missed that episode.  It’s just a really bad show.

I try comparing it to other teen dramas…and I guess since there’s nothing else that really motivates these characters or gives them a purpose…it leaves them to deal with really lame relationship issues. For example, in Vampire Diaries...they’re all trying to save Mystic Falls. Or in the Secret Circle they’re a bunch of weird witch kids that have this weird witch relationship/bond. The kids of 90210 don’t really serve another purpose except maintain their washboard abs…and keep up with the latest fashions.

Someone explain to me how Navid got accepted into Princeton in the middle of a semester? How does that even make sense? I understand, there’s a thing called TV magic…but there’s also a thing called ‘logic’ and really us viewer’s aren’t that stupid CW. You can’t just write a load of BS and expect everyone to believe it…or go along with it. No, that would never happen in Mystic Falls.

I’m devoted to the show, in a weird lame way it reminds me of my favourite teen drama The O.C which started off hot like 90210…but fizzled out in their 4th season. But I can’t just keep waiting around for the season to pick up and actually become interesting.

Speaking of interesting, this week, Nick Zano (the hottest man ever) made a cameo. I’m assuming he’ll be on for a few episodes…probably playing Annie’s new love interest. And then Liam gets jealous…he breaks up with blonde girl after he realizes she’s evil…and then in the season finale (or series finale)…Liam and Annie reclaim their love for one another.

See…I could write this on my own!

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Vampire Diaries: Mid-Season Finale!

Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries left me extremely confused. I almost wished they had called and asked me to write the final episode…(the new ones start back January 5th)…I felt like there was way too much going on…yet something was missing.

In the midst of all this Michael/Klaus business…they could’ve had Elena and Stephen talk it out…or I don’t know at least have a romantical moment! Give us something!! But no, there was no awkward-silent, looking into each others eyes’ moment for them! Truly dissapointing. I think I missed the first 10 minutes of the episode, I caught on when Damon/Michael were about to go meet Klaus…because Klaus wanted Stefan to bring his body to him.

Tyler sedates Caroline in hopes of protecting her from the ‘battle’. Damon almost kills Tyler but Bonnie comes to the rescue when she puts a spell on both of them to back away from each other. Michael shows us the only object that can actually kill an original- not just put them to sleep.

Damon’s plan is basically fool proof…nothing can go wrong. Oh, but it will. There’s a huge party at Tyler’s…Michael can’t get in because he obviously needs to be invited first. Damon has the weapon that can kill Klaus…Michael appears at the door…and he has a quick chat with Klaus. Except Michael can’t get in…but Klaus can get out.

Michael pulls Elena and stabs her…Klaus freaks out because if she dies he won’t be able to create anymore hybrids. At the same time he can’t save her because the second he exits the house Michael will kill him. Right then Damon comes from behind Klaus and stabs him with the only weapon that can kill an original- but of course Stefan breaks it all up. Right before Klaus gets killed…Stefan throws Damon off of Klaus…Michael shocked just stands there…Klaus grabs the weapon and leaps for Michael…he stabs him and Michael’s dead.

Oh, and Elena wasn’t really Elena it was really Katherine. So, basically she’s a dead girl now because Klaus is going to want to kill her. Anyways, here’s where I’m confused. Klaus thanks Stefan…Stefan asks for his freedom back…which means Klaus can’t control him anymore. Klaus grants him his wish and thanks Stefan for saving his life. Damon’s back at the mansion with real Elena..and they talk it out…Damon is frusturated that Stefan would break it all up after he had such a fool proof plan.

Caroline breaks up with Tyler after she can’t accept the fact that he’s still being controlled by Klaus. Tyler admits that he’s okay with being a hybrid because it allows him to control his werewolf transformation. He doesn’t have to become a werewolf at every full moon anymore, saving himself the pain. Caroline can’t deal- so they’re over.

In the end we see Katherine driving with Stefan…who unravels another side to the entire episode. I don’t know how this worked, but if he were to let Michael kill Klaus, Damon would’ve died. I’m lost here. Why would Damon die if Klaus died? Was there some sort of link between them? Anyways, Damon doesn’t know this, so he’s mad at Stefan. Stefan has no desire to tell him the truth. But it seems like Stefan is becoming his old self again, but he’s afraid to return to the people who love him the most.

The last scene, we see Stefan in a room full of coffins…he calls Klaus right when Klaus realizes his truck full off coffins is missing. I’m assuming those coffins are full of hybrids? I’m confused here as well. Like I said, I wish they would’ve ended off with Elena/Stefan or even Elena/Damon!

It wasn’t the mid-season finale ending I was hoping for! But some people disagreed so watch and find out for yourself!


Vampire Diaries: Season Finale

Last night was the season finale of Vampire Diaries. I started watching the show when it first started, last year. I stopped watching for a while until mid second season, where my friend literally forced me to catch up on the episodes because they were getting so good! And it’s true, this season was amazing, I never expected this show to last 2 entire seasons, get renewed for a 3rd and manage to pull in a ton of viewers every week.

 I watched the finale this morning, and I have to admit it wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be. I’ll have to say the second last episode was way more intense, with Jenna dying! Come on…why kill her? I would have loved to see her as a vampire. And then Elijah taking Claus, like why couldn’t he just die? Well then I guess if he died, Damon would be dead as well-which probably wouldn’t make for an interesting 3rd season since Stephen is out of the picture for Elena next fall. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, it’s still an episode to be seen…but I don’t get why Tyler came back, other than biting Damon, he didn’t really do anything else. I want to see more of him and Caroline next season.

Honestly, in the beginning of the 2nd season I had a feeling something would happen with Stephen, because him and Elena have been together for too long (2 Seasons is a long time in teen-dramas). Something would have to give for them to ‘break-up’/fall-apart/leave an opening for Damon to swoop in and get Elena for a few episodes.

Okay, and if anyone understands what in the hell happened to Jeremy, please tell me now, because I don’t get it. When Jeremy died and was brought back by the power of the witches we were told it would have its consequences. That being said in the end Jeremy walks down to the kitchen and sees his two exes (both vampires, and both dead).

So, I don’t get it. Is he a vampire? Is he a ghost whisperer? Or is he just stuck in the middle of another teen hearthrob scandal with his two exes returning from the dead.

Whatever the case, I can’t wait until next fall. No, wait I can, I’ll enjoy my summer (while it lasts).


90210 New Episode Update

Can’t believe this season of 90210 is almost coming to a close. Although I kind of expected more to be happening with only 2 episodes left in the season…its still really entertaining!!

With last night’s episode we find out Naomi and her nerdy but kinda cute boyfriend will be going to school together in Los Angeles next year…Silver gets admitted to the psyhc ward since Adrianna switched up her bipolar pills. Speaking of Adrianna this girl has some MAJOR issues I wouldn’t mind if they killed her off the show or did something with her other than having her plot people’s deaths, and being up to no good. I don’t think shes done one good thing the entire 3 seasons she’s been on.

Moving forward, Dickson is still my favourite I actually love him and wish I could marry him. And the scene where he drives Silver to the hospital is so cute, I love him and can’t wait for him and Silver to finally get back together! As for Navid…he just needs to…I don’t know but they should find another story line for him. And Annie! Why does she always look so sad? Even when she isn’t sad…she just looks sad. Anyways, I’ll admit I kinda teared up in the end when she finds Marla dead in her home. It was kind of obvious it would happen…since Marla was standing alone on the balcony of the Griffith Observatory by herself…and then gave her favourite necklace to Annie. Anyways, it was really sad, I felt bad for Annie…and really I wonder what sort of emotional state this will leave Annie in. (no sarcasm)

Maybe she’ll get to keep Marla’s Hollywood Hills pad and throw a huge prom after party in it. Then maybe Silver will escape from the hospital-along with some crazy prescription drugs that she brings to the party…kills Adrianna (maybe?) sees Dickson confesses her love for him..Navid sees this jumps in his yellow lamborghini and after a few too many drinks (as we see in this week’s episode) drives himself off a cliff. Annie will probably be stuck in a room somewhere crying over Marla which she usually ends up doing on prom night,and Teddy can just keep doing what he does because he always looks good doing it!

I guess we’ll have to wait and see!!