The Vampire Diaries: ‘Original Sin’ RECAP

I can’t even begin to comprehend what I just watched. This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries is confusingly cheesy…it’s like Inception and Twilight wrapped in 60 minutes. You probably don’t get what I mean by confusingly cheesy…but just watch the episode and please comment below if you understood anything that went down.

First off, Stefan having his own doppelganger was weird and convenient enough to turn me off…now Elena has a third doppelganger????? Silas’ ancient Rome lover!?!?…But she’s dead…because his original lover- Katsuya the witch not the sushi Hollywood hot spot is back and seeking revenge. So confused- what in the world is going on. Julie Plec please explain.

TVD Cast

Katsuya is an ancient witch who now goes by the name of ‘Tessa’….she thinks it’s more modern…we’ll just go with it. She finds Stefan half dead at some bar and takes him in. Everyone has an ulterior motive and of course she’s got Stefan to do some weird witchy thing and connect to Silas. Silas is still busy looking for Katherine.

Ugh this entire episode is a train wreck…it’s so obvious they were at a crossroads and instead of taking one road they took fifty and now there are too many different elements coming together…it just makes for weird television. Damon finds Stefan with Tessa…but before he whisks his brother away to safety…Tessa shares some words of advice. She’s knows a thing about love….since Silas left her at the altar for another woman who looks exactly like Elena and Katherine, but really she was the original Elena and Katherine before because she existed before them.

Like WTF? And the best part was they tried hiding her face (Amara- the third and hopefully final Elena look alike)…they tried hiding Amara’s face at first as if we didn’t know she was going to be Nina Dobrev.

On top of all this weird duplicate doppelganger drama…Matt has some drama of his own. The woman at the end of last week’s episode…the one that killed her friend in front of Silas…she does some thing to Matt’s head and she starts talking to the guy through Matt. Apparently the guy was her lover and they just want revenge on Silas…except now they’re using Matt’s body to communicate since Matt is invincible. So our Matty has some screen time but this storyline is really weird and I’m done talking about it.


Back to Stelena and Delena…Tessa warns Damon that the entire universe is working against him and Elena because in the end…she’s meant to be with Stefan. Duh! Tessa does another witchy thing to Stefan/Silas…she connects to Silas through Stefan and basically fries Silas’ brain. He no longer has his psychic abilities so he’s just a normal….vampire? Is he a vampire or a werewolf…or neither? I don’t even understand. Damon is all insecure about his realtionship now…but Elena reassures him that it’s all good. Even if she’s dreaming about Stefan. Silas finally has a normal conversation with Katherine over the phone. She asks him why he’s chasing her and he tells her it’s because of the cure…and it’s still pumping through her blood so he wants it.

Stefan wakes up right before Delena has a moment. Elena and Damon are happy Stefan’s back…but when Stefan looks at them he has no idea who they are.

Thoughts? Or shall I say…explanations?

The Vampire Diaries: Into The Wild

If you’ve ever wondered what the hype is surrounding The CW’s The Vampire Diaries– last night’s episode will explain it all. Ever since the return from Christmas hiatus, TVD has been shockingly insane…and last night was not an exception.

Shane and Damon

So, the gang is on the brink of finding the cure for ‘vampireism’…they’ve agreed to go on a camping trip with Professor Shane to find Silas and find the cure. Klaus is still locked up in Elena’s living room from the spell Bonnie put on him. Tyler is over there taunting Klaus, and trying to make himself feel better for Klaus murdering his mother.

The episode gets right into it when Caroline comes over to ask Tyler to come home. Caroline gets angry at Klaus and gets a little too close to him, he grabs her and somehow brings her into the space he’s confined to and bites her! He’s a werewolf…so any bit from a werewolf can kill a vampire in the matter of hours. The only cure is Klaus’ blood. Tyler freaks out and begs Klaus to give his blood to her, we all know how much Klaus loves Caroline, but he hates Tyler even more…and he’s willing to give up Caroline just to spite Tyler.

It was a funny episode because really a bunch of vampires going camping…who does that? They even had tents and sleeping bags when we all know they don’t sleep! Okay so we learn a lot more about Shane and where he’s come from and his motivations for this entire resurrecting Silas journey. When his wife tried to use magic to bring back their son, the magic killed her. Shane found the tomb/caves and in the magic well, found his wife. It was as if she had come back to life…she told him resurrecting Silas could bring back bother her and their son. If Silas were to come back, he would bring back all the dead people that helped him. Sounds a little cray cray but Shane was grieving from the death of his family…if anyone was going to believe it, it was him.

On their way to the camp site Jeremy is attacked by someone and then saved by another mysterious someone. So this scene was really weird because Jeremy gets attacked right before commercial break, when we come back Elena and him are sort of recovering from Jeremy almost being killed…but the rest of the gang continue on like nothing happened! Nobody mentions it…it’s as if nobody else witnessed the attack- but they did. Weird, did anyone else notice  that?

Tension is high within the group, Elena is still dealing with the fact that Stefan and Rebekah hooked up, Rebekah hates Elena…and we really don’t know what’s going through Damon’s head. There is obviously more to the forest then Professor Shane leads them to believe. The forest is armed with vampire booby traps, Elena almost gets stabbed by one but surprisingly Rebekah ends up protecting her. Big shocker there…Stefan is impressed. Overnight, Jeremy goes missing he’s taken from his tent without any noise.


Everyone decides to split up…well not really…Bonnie’s busy with a locator spell, Damon is keeping an eye on Professor Awkward…so that leaves Stefan Elena and Rebekah. Their hunt leads to nothing, Elena makes a return for camp earlier…it gives Stefan and Rebekah a moment to relinquish in their sexual tension. Love them together! We’re beginning to see the real Rebekah, she’s admitted to Stefan that she’s wanted to be human all along, the cure means everything to her. There was a really amazing scene between the two lovers, Stefan begins to see the real Rebekah…Rebekah is kind of annoyed with him that he’s going to take the cure for Elena…but he’s quick to tell her if he takes the cure it’s for himself…not for Elena. I think this is the best thing to come out of the whole Elena and Stefan break up. Everyone expected Damon and Elena to go through this amazing romantic time together…and they had their moment…for like an episode…but now it’s more about Stefan and how his feelings have changed towards Elena. He’s got to see a different side to Rebekah…and he’s realized he can be a sexier vampire all on his own! Trust me, I think we all enjoy the new solo Stefan more.

In the midst of looking for Jeremy/really waiting for Bonnie to do all the work, Damon starts beating up the professor to get some information out of him. Damon doesn’t trust him for a second and he has every right. Shane has been sketchy since day one and he obviously has his own motives for this camping trip. Damon is beating Shane to death until Elena breaks up the fight. Outside, her and Damon have a chat about their relationship. She tells him how excited she is about finding the cure, being human again…and being able to spend the rest of her life with Stefan…I mean Damon. Damon is in one of his moods, he admits he doesn’t care about the cure, he doesn’t want to take it, he would never want to be human again…and reminds Elena that, the dream of growing old together is Stefan…not Damon. He walks away and leaves Elena more confused than ever.

Bonnie starts following the fire that sprung out of nowhere from her locator spell. At the camp they realize Shane slipped out…and stole the magic headstone!! Rebekah is freaking out, she accuses Stefan of stealing it and helping out the rest. He admits he had nothing to do with it, he wants to find the cure and be human just like her. Elena overhears this and suddenly realizes ‘Holy **** I’m with the wrong guy’ duh Elena…your dumb.


Tyler’s only idea is to bring a dying Caroline to Klaus and let him witness her death. Tyler leaves, Caroline is sitting on the couch beside Klaus. This was one of the most amazing scenes ever…we get to see the Klaus we always knew was there. Caroline’s dying, Klaus admits that he can’t save her, he needs to teach Tyler a lesson. Caroline with her amazing death bed speech tells Klaus she knows he’s in love with her, and that anyone who can love…can be saved. So amazing. Klaus starts to form tears in his eyes…I mean we all know he’s going to save her but it really was an amazing scene. I would’ve been satisfied if it was just that scene in the episode. Caroline admits that sometimes she has to remind herself of all the bad things Klaus has done, just so she won’t have feelings for him. That sends him over the edge and he lets her have his blood…saving her life. Yay.

caroline and klaus

In the woods, Shane meets up with a random dude that has Jeremy, Bonnie ends up walking right up to them, Shane admits that her locator spell was meant to lead her to them. Shane had this all planned out to get Jeremy and Bonnie alone…and make his way with them to see Silas. In the end, Damon is walking alone..until he comes across one of the 5 vampire hunters.

The Vampire Diaries: RECAP

So we were extremely excited about this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries after last weeks finale with Delena left us surprisingly hot and bothered. We found out that the reason the Delena situation is happening, might be because Elena is sired to Damon. We don’t know if Damon did it on purpose or when the sire bond happened, but some of our questions were answered in this episode.

Stefan and Caroline are hard at work discussing all the reasons why Elena could be sired to Damon…this all the while Elena and Damon continue to get down and dirty. I have to say, I really don’t like Elena when she’s with Damon! I mean I was getting a little bored with her and Stefan, but I think it was too soon for her to jump in the sack with D. It’s the morning after and Elena has to get to school, but when Stefan returns home in the morning, all Elena can say to him is ‘See you in class’. Really biatch?

Elena and Damon

Finally, everyone’s back at school,Bonnie is alive again, and Elena wants a girls night really, really bad. With an unlimited supply of expensive champagne Bonnie, Caroline and Elena start off their party night on the wrong foot with unopened bottles of champagne and empty glasses. Who does that? Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan have a boys night in NOLA, because apparently, Damon sired another vampire girl back in the 40s.

Turns out, Damon sired a vampire chica who was in love with him before he left New Orleans, he had told her to count all the bricks from the houses around New Orleans until his return. Sure enough, when Stefan and Damon found her on the corner Damon had told her to be, she had spent over 7 decades counting all the bricks. Cray, right? Damon hadn’t realized that he had sired her, or how literal his sire powers were. They head over to the witch store to figure out how to get rid of the sire bond. The witch in New Orleans admits she doesn’t practice witchcraft anymore, but another form of dark magic called ‘expression’. Unfortunately, the sire bond wasn’t really a curse, so it can’t be broken, Damon has to literally tell whoever’s sired to him to forget about him, and move on with their life without him. Of course now it’s not a matter of what Damon needs to do, it’s if he wants to do it. Finally, the love of his life- Elena, is in love with him, he doesn’t’ want to give up what they have, but reality sets in that she might not really be in love with him.

Girls night gets even worse when Elena decides to take the conversation into Damon’s luxurious bathroom. While sitting in his tub and secretly wishing her was there with her, Caroline blurts out that she’s making a huge mistake with Damon, but at least she hasn’t slept with him. Elena’s pissed that Caroline thinks she can tell her who to date so she decides to come out and tell the girls she’s already slept with Damon. Bonnie and Caroline are speechless, Elena storms out of the bathroom, and that bathtub will never be the same again. Caroline has diarrhea of the mouth because she also blurts out that Elena might be sired to Damon…and explains her and Stefan’s theories. Unfortunately, things get even worse because one of Tyler’s hybrids decide to kidnap Caroline.

Possibly the most randomest scene ever, the werewolves are trying to work against Tyler for some reason? However it doesn’t get too far because Tyler shows up and saves the day. Then all the hybrids awkwardly bow down to him..I guess they’re sired to him now? CONFUSED. Also, still trying to figure out what’s going on between awkward professor and Tyler’s werewolf girl friend.

Damon returns from his quick trip, Elena mentions that she knows about the sire bond. She tells him that she’s not sired and that everything she’s feeling is real. Damon wants to believe her but he knows something is up with her, he definitely has the ability to sire other vampires because he did it with the girl in NOLA. The episode ends off awkwardly as Elena starts touching Damon and begins to convince him that everything they’re feeling for one another is real.

Merp. We’ll have to wait and see with next week’s mid season finale.



TVD: The Killer Recap

You just know it’s going to be a bad episode when it starts off with “Dear Diary…” Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was probably the least exciting episode this season. However, we did get to enjoy a little excitement when Elena straddled Damon and our two buff buddies (Jeremy & Matt) got a lot more air time than usual. Most of the episode took place at the Mystic Grill where Connor was holding Jeremy,Matt and April hostage. His idea was to set a trap, when Stefan or Damon came to the rescue the whole place would blow up. Rebecca is back in her coffin with a dagger in her, and Klaus is in Italy.

Damon tries enlisting Bonnie to help with this week’s mission, but Bonnie realizes she’d rather flirt with her cute/awkward professor  then help out the gang. Also, she doesn’t have her magic powers anymore. Wah. Elena continues to be a sad/whiny vampire…she tries to help Stefan but he begs her to stay behind, and stay alive. Stefan is secretly working with Klaus, they both know that there’s a cure for ‘vampireism’…but nobody else does. Damon suspects Stefan is either being compelled by Klaus or he’s made a deal with him. Stefan knocks out Damon, takes off his daylight ring, and forces him to stay in the apartment with Elena. Something is about to go down at the Mystic Grill and it isn’t a chicken wrap on a bed of fries.

While on the phone with Tyler, Caroline overhears Klaus admitting to Tyler he knows about his new ‘friend’ Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin)…and the time they spent together on the mountains. Caroline can obviously hear because of her vampire super hearing powers. She’s upset, Tyler doesn’t really care, but in the end Tyler explains he’s just friends with Hayley and that nothing happened. Besides, Hayley doesn’t have time for teen drama.  Tyler admits to Caroline that they have a mutual mission to teach all other hybrids that they don’t need to be compelled by Klaus. Great mission. Changing the world one hybrid at a time. Anyways, this might be it for Tyler and Caroline, and hopefully something between her and Klaus will happen because that would be awesome.

Back at the Grill, April is tripping out because all of a sudden people are talking about werewolves and vampires. She has no idea what’s going on. Connor doesn’t let Jeremy out of his sight because he knows Jeremy is a potential vampire hunter and feels like he needs to mentor him. Stefan tries to save Jeremy, but Elena has a better idea. Since Connor doesn’t know she’s a vampire, Damon tells Elena to get as close to Connor as possible…and kill him.

Elena begs Connor to let her brother go, she jumps at him, and they fight, but Connor’s stronger and is about to kill Elena (well almost) but Stefan grabs Connor…and dissapears with him. Meanwhile, Matt and April are in the back room, Matt finds a wall that leads to the tunnels under Mystic Falls. Damon finds the same tunnel and it leads him to the hole in the wall that Matt opened.

Damon corners Stefan…and stabs him. He forces Stefan to tell him the real reason he’s working with Klaus. Stefan tells Damon about the ‘vampireism’ curse and how Elena can be healed. Connor escapes but not for long because Elena catches up to him, bites him…and then kills him!!! Literally the entire dynamic of the episode changes in the matter of seconds. It goes from please finish now to O-M-G Elena just did something dangerous and thrilling!!! So Connor’s dead, which at first I found hard to believe. Was is that easy to kill him after everything that’s happened? Elena feels like she needs to bury his body…Damon and Stefan supervise her because apparently she’s on suicide watch. Elena is back in her Debbie Downer mood and she is feeling extremely guilty for killing a human. Stefan gives Damon a look that basically explains why he wanted a cure for ‘vampireism’. [I put ‘vampireism’ in quotations just because it sounds so ridiculous and I laugh everytime they say it in the show.]

Back at the mansion, Stefan is forced to spend some QT time with his brother because Elena wants some alone time. Now that Connor is dead, they have no way of finding the cure for ‘vampireism’. Damon understands why Stefan wanted the cure so badly, it’s obvious that Stefan can’t love Elena the Vampire. Damon, on the other hand, doesn’t care if she’s a vampire. He admits that either way…he loves Elena. Sorry Stefan!

In the end, Matt and Jeremy are reunited to discuss their gym schedule for the week and how many pushups they can do. April mentions visiting Caroline…and then asking why the Grill is closed. Obviously Caroline compelled her to forget everything. She walks away and Jeremy looks down at his hand at a tattoo starts forming…probably because Connor is dead and he’s now the next vampire hunter!!

Also, it’s not the time of the month but Elena finds blood all over her washroom and the word ‘killer’ in blood on her bathroom mirror. Not sure whose the culprit…but we’ll find out next week.

PLL: All The Funny Faces

I’ve been catching up with Pretty Little Liars since everyone’s telling me to watch it. I’ve started on the 1st season and almost at the season finale. I’ve seen some of the episodes but I never actually sat down and watched them in order. It is the funniest show ever, the intensity of the girls as they try and solve the mystery that is ‘A’ makes it a comedy rather than a teen-drama.

Obviously, the show doesn’t compare to some other TV favourite’s like Vampire Diaries or the magical Game of Thrones, but PLL definitely leaves audience’s hanging after the 42 minute mark. First off, Emily has the greatest face ever, and I’m sure casting director’s for scary movies everywhere are mad at themselves that they’ve never casted her in horror flicks. One look at Emily’s face, and you can tell how the scene is going to be played out, her expression always looks like a cross between scared and an urgent need to use the bathroom. I love it.

Next, is Spencer who is clearly the only smart one out of the group. It seems every time there is a puzzle to be solved, Spencer’s the first one at it, and she usually comes out victorious. If there’s a question to be answered among the girls, the camera literally pans over to Spencer’s face and all wait for her to go ahead and give the answer. It’s the funniest thing ever. At the end of Season 1, she finds herself in a pickle, she is being accused of killing best friend Allision aka ‘A’. Also, she’s slowly and awkwardly falling in love with creepy boy Toby.

Hannah used to be the fat girl, although in the flashbacks she doesn’t even look fat, but hey TV magic can only go so far.

Aria is the little naiive one that knows this huge secret about her dad having an affair with one of his students. Ironically, Aria starts a relationship with her hot english teacher Ezra.

*The hottie award goes to A’s older brother- Jason, who casually returns to Rosewood for his sister’s funeral. He apparently makes a few more guest appearances, and in Season 2 or 3 they change actors for his role! How disappointing.*

*The not hottie award goes to Caleb aka Pocahontas, I get he’s supposed to be the ‘bad boy’ but his weird haircut screams awkward and creepy…not so much bad boy and sexy.*

I think that pretty much sums up my thoughts on Pretty Little Liars, at least for Season 1. I’m excited to find out who ‘A’  is but I kinda figured we will never know whose behind all this scheming. Just like we never find out who Gossip Girl is!

90210: A Little Too Late?

At the beginning of this season 90210 was literally a piece of ****…every week I would be asking myself why am I still watching this stuff? There’s only 1 episode left of this season (CW announced 90210 would be returning for another year), but I have to admit the last few episodes have been really good! Well, not really good, but good considering it’s still 90210- they’re decent.

I’m loving the whole Liam/Silver/Navid love triangle, I think Silver and Liam make an extremely hot couple- but I don’t understand why Annie doesn’t have a problem with it…I mean she was about to marry Liam at the beginning of the season…wouldn’t she be hurt/jealous at any of this? Also, why did Navid leave for 2 months to go to “Princeton” only to return and say he’s enrolling at CU? The small stuff really bothers me, why can’t they just make the show make sense?

I’m a HUGE fan of Vampire Diaries, and I compare these 2 shows a lot just because they have the same audience and belong to the same network, but really they are such different shows. The writing on Vampire Diaries is just amazing, and everything makes sense, everything connects without inconsistencies. In 90210, I feel the writers just throw in random bits hoping the audience won’t pick up on them- probably because their audience are mainly girls (13-18) who probably don’t think into things too much.

Annie and Caleb- I just don’t get it. They literally went on one date, and they’re already talking about how in love they are. It makes it hard for me to believe they’re actually madly in love with each other when they haven’t spent time together, and when they have their conversations are just normal conversations- their time together doesn’t stand out as “Omg I’ve spent 5 minutes talking to you and I’m already in love” It wasn’t like that, same with Adrianna and Dickson, nothing stood out as to why they would be attracted to each other. I look at the dynamic between Seth and Summer (The O.C), and their conversations always had a certain something, you could feel their chemistry, their inside jokes, you just felt like they were completely in love. I think that’s where the writing really makes a difference, creating story lines for your characters is one thing, but making them believable through the dialogue, to me that draws the line between a really good show and a not so good one. Also, I’m a film student so I think I pick up on those things more.

Austin- I love him, I always have I think he’s so sexy and I was so happy to see him back on the show. Dickson, I have no idea where he went or what he’s doing, well I know what he’s doing on the show but why do characters randomly leave on this show? It’s like Bonnie being MIA for 3 episodes and then returning and turning Alaric into a VAMPIRE KILLER!!

Anyways, Naomi is planning the wedding of her ex-boyfriend Max Miller whose some millionaire computer geek now. I actually really like this storyline, how it twisted after she broke up with CJ. I hope they end up getting back together, in next week’s trailer we see Naomi interrupting Max’s wedding so that’ll be fun too watch.

Also, Ivy and her man Juan? Forgot his name, I like him, and he’s about to get deported but why don’t they just get married? That way he’ll be an American citizen…I don’t get why they just didn’t think of that…..

*On a side-note: The wedding on next week’s season finale was also the wedding Caleb and Julie got married in, in The O.C…just in case you were wondering.*

And so this week’s episode of 90210 begs me to ask the question is it just a little too late? Why would they wait until the last few episodes of the season to start busting up the drama!

Vampire Diaries: One Big Happy Family

Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries was ah-mazing and definitely worth the wait! Elijah is back (Damon pulled out his dagger)…Stefan is suspicious of Elijah and if they can trust him. Someone or something is killing people in the Mystic Falls Founder’s Group (the medical examiner and now Alaric). We don’t know who it is at the end of the episode, don’t worry Alaric comes back to life once Elena kills him (since he was wearing his ring and can only return to life if he’s killed by supernatural circumstances- aka Elena).

Klaus, Elijah,Damon and Stefan have a nice dinner at Klaus’ mansion. They discuss the terms of their new agreement, whatever it’s going to be. Klaus will leave Mystic Falls along with his family of hybrids if they give him Elena to protect forever. Klaus needs Elena’s blood to create more hybrids so he basically wants the best for her, and he doesn’t want her near Stefan or Damon. Which sucks for us since we’re on the verge of a Damon and Elena romance.

Caroline’s dad is given the vampire blood…but then Caroline finds him dead in a hospital supply room. When he comes back to life he’s in the vampire transformation period…he needs to drink blood…if he doesn’t he’s dead. His decision, since he hates vampires…is to basically let himself die. So he dies.

Bonnie and her mom (Denise from Breaker High) attempt to open the magically sealed coffin several times. Finally, they open it but not all the way (or so they think), Bonnie decides she needs to leave the cave and text Damon letting him know they’re almost there…right when she leaves, Bonnie’s mom turns around and the coffin opens!!

Cut to: The 4 men continue discussing a fair deal, Klaus threatens to kill Stefan if Damon doesn’t bring back the missing coffin. Damon agrees, and Elijah walks out with Damon. You totally think Elijah is back on Klaus’ side. Just then, Elijah and Damon return….along with the entire family!!!!!! Rebecca…Cole…and some weird guy with long hair. They beat up Klaus for a little bit, they all hate him because he’s left them in their coffins for centuries. Klaus confessed to Rebecca that he killed their mother, right before daggering her and basically turning her into a rock.

When Damon and Stefan are free to go, they return to the cave where Bonnie is. They find the two witches lying on the ground, not dead but definitely passed out, the magic coffin is empty…whatever was inside is free now. Damon and Stefan have a moment together in the woods, Stefan tells Damon that he loves Elena…obviously hinting to Damon that he should back off. Damon replies with ‘I love her too!!’!! crazy!! And then Damon just walks away.

Cut back to Klaus’ house…the door opens…and the epic music fades in…Klaus’ mother appears!! I knew it!!! She’s like some godly figure, moving effortlessly through the house, her entire family starring at her in shock. She reaches Klaus, and he can barely look at her. He tells her that she’s here to kill him, and he seems to be okay with it. She tells him he’s her son and she’s only here to forgive him for what he did. Then she turns around to the rest of the family…and tells them she wants them all to be a ‘happy family’ whatever that means!

Until next week.Ugh.

Return Of Vampire Diaries!

Ugh! I hate when Vampire Diaries decide to take a few weeks break. This isn’t fair…they need to understand…as loyal fans we deserve to get a new episode every week!!

Anyways, a new episode airs tonight on the CW so make sure you tune in. Here’s the preview for this week’s episode.

Vampire Diaries: ExBoyfriends Suck!

O-M-G! Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries definitely surpassed the excitement meter. Last week’s opener was alright, but this week they definitely hit the spot. I was sitting at the edge of my seat the entire time, and although they didn’t give us another Damon/Elena kiss…they gave us a lot more ex-boyfriend drrraaama.

Finally, Caroline is back from skipping out on last week’s episode. She actually looks like she lost weight, too bad for Tyler. I’m assuming its the first day back to school (since the holidays)…Caroline and Tyler totally have a ‘Coldplay’ moment…and I say that in quotations because a song by Coldplay started playing right when Caroline sees Tyler in the school parking lot. (Ugh so cheesy, love it!) He tells her that he still loves her…even though he has this pull towards Klaus and everything Klaus tells him to do. Caroline isn’t phased by his good looks and lack of height…she’s clearly trying to move on.

Elena tells Bonnie about Jeremy leaving Mystic Falls. Bonnie isn’t too excited about the news, since she still has feelings for Elena’s younger brother…who is now her ex boyfriend…and apparently leaving for Denver. Bonnie and Stefan are still trying to figure out how to open the last coffin…when Damon and Stefan arrive at the witch house where the coffins are…they sense another vampire there. They find a hybrid lurking around, immediately kill him, but Stefan is determined to get rid of all the hybrids Klaus is creating.

There’s some weird Mystic Falls fund raising event happening at Tyler’s house for the bridge that Elena’s parents got killed on. Apparently, they plan on finishing it…and not have it end off a cliff. (Hazard much?) Alaric meets some weird doctor chic while he’s at the hospital (last week’s episode)…he definitely has the hots for her…but there’s something weird about her. She shows up at the fundraising party, and he meets her ‘ex-boyfriend’ who warns Alaric about her…and Alaric obviously doesn’t listen to him because he likes doctor girl.

It’s also Caroline’s birthday…which means a bunch of friends drinking in a catacomb (but that’s totally normal in Mystic Falls). Elena, Bonnie, Matt and Caroline gather inside this tomb and start celebrating. In the middle of the partying, Tyler shows up because he wants to discuss something with Caroline. They go outside to talk, Tyler tells Caroline that he’s in love with her and Klaus doesn’t have any control over him.

*In the beginning of the episode, Klaus tells Tyler he wants him to bite Caroline, obviously Tyler refuses, but when he starts kissing Caroline, he accidentally/purposely bites her*

Tyler’s a werewolf, which means his bite could kill Caroline. Caroline freaks out, she thinks Tyler did it on purpose, he didn’t, but he realizes the kind of control Klaus has over him. He runs away…thanks for ruining her birthday Tyler!!

Bonnie ditches the party, Matt and Elena go outside to look for Caroline, somehow Stefan shows up grabs Elena and takes off. They’re both in his car speeding on some highway, heading for the bridge that killed Elena’s parents. Stefan calls Klaus and threatens to kill Elena (well turn her into a vampire which would ruin all his hybrid plans). At the last second, Elena is freaking out because Stefan is about to kill her, Klaus agrees to not make anymore hybrids…and it looks as if Stefan wins this round.

Except not really because Elena is furious with him…Stefan doesn’t care…and tells Elena he doesn’t care what she thinks of him anymore (ouch)…he drives off and leaves her alone on the bridge. Honestly, I don’t know how the writers are going to pull out of this one, Stefan is way too far gone. He’s such a douche bag now.

Klaus arrives at Caroline’s…and agrees to save her life if the council (Bonnie’s mom) agrees to help Klaus out. Klaus lets Caroline drink his blood, which ultimately saves her life. Klaus and Caroline definitely have a moment, and Twitter was blowing up with responses to this scene saying there might be a romance between the two (loves it!). The next morning, Caroline wakes up- Yay she’s alive…and has a present from Klaus. It’s a diamond bracelet…way nicer than the one Tyler gave her for her birthday!

In the final scene, Bonnie alerts Stefan about a murder in the forest. At first he thinks it’s just another vampire killing, but it’s actually a straight up murder…and it’s the ex-boyfriend of that weird girl Alaric has the hots for.

Wonder what’s going to happen next week! Stay tuned.

Vampire Diaries FINALLY!!!!!!

Yay! In the midst of all the craziness this week- I totally forgot to write about the new Vampire Diaries episode. I was expecting a little more from the episode- since they made us wait almost 2 months for this episode…but the ending made up for it!

Finally, after weeks of waiting for the Damon and Elena kiss…they gave it to us! But I have to say it was a little cheesy. Oh well! Better than nothing.

Stefan is focused on killing Klaus…which means he is no longer worried about his one time true love Elena…leaving more room for brother Damon to swoop her off her feet.

A few things happenend in the episode- I won’t ruin it for people who still need to watch the episode…you definitely should or you will be lost next week. Jeremy is probably leaving Mystic Falls since he almost died because of Klaus. Elena asks Damon to do his magical eye thingy…and commands Jeremy to leave Mystic Falls and never look back. It was actually a really emotional scene…but a much needed one since Jeremy wasn’t a major character. His role was confusing- he was just a normal kid and didn’t really fit into the storyline.

Stefan and Bonnie discover that the last coffin that needs to be opened…is impossible to open. Stefan tries everything…Bonnie suspects there’s some spell over it and unless they figure out what it is…they’ll never get to see what’s inside. Also, whatever is inside…most likely will be the demise of Klaus. I’m assuming it’s Klaus’ mother…who was also the original witch.

Things are getting way more interesting Thursday nights on the CW so make sure you’re watching!!