Nashville Season Finale

One of the new shows I’ve become a fan of this season has to be ABC’s Nashville starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere. The show about two country singers- one rising star (Panettiere) and the other a country veteran (Britton). First off, I’ve always loved Connie Britton ever since she was in Friday Night Lights. I haven’t seen a lot of Hayden, the one movie I saw her in was Scream 4 and she played the badass best friend, which isn’t a far cry from the role she’s playing now. Her character in Nashville is still new to the game, but she acts like a diva and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her.

Anyways, skipping to the finale- if you haven’t seen it then stop reading….because there are spoilers for days.


So the biggest scandal that was revealed was Deacon being Maddie’s biological father. We’ve known this since the first few episodes, but the two people that didn’t know was Maddie and Deacon. I was really surprised that they unleashed this huge bomb in the first season, usually secret biological fathers aren’t dealt with until the second or third season. Maddie confronts Deacon and asks him if he knows he’s her father, he obviously has no idea what she’s talking about. It’s the night of the CMA’s, country’s biggest night and Maddie and Deacon both decide to confront this huge bombshell on a huge night for Rayna and Deacon’s performance. Deacon begs Rayna to confirm how crazy this sounds, there’s no way Maddie can be his (even though she’s 13 and 13 years ago was when Rayna left Deacon in rehab and married Teddy). Rayna doesn’t deny it, which is a stupid move- like yoohoo you’re at the CMAs…couldn’t you lie to him for another hour and then tell him the truth? Deacon obviously freaks out…she’s been lying to him for 13 years…the only way he can deal with this is to spend a night at a dive bar drinking his misery away.

Meanwhile Rayna calls Teddy and begs him to come home because Maddie knows and by now she is probably packing up her things to move in with Deacon. Maddie has the usual (I just found out my daddy isn’t really my biological daddy) tantrum, she hates Rayna and Teddy both, yet decides to live with Teddy for the time being. Tell me how that makes sense.

So Lamar…I love that his name is Lamar. He basically demotes his daughter Tandy when he hires a new guy with a weird shaped head. Tandy doesn’t bother accepting her demoted position and decides to quit. She tells him that obviously he’s only capable of having a relationship with one daughter at a time (now that him and Rayna have made peace) Later, the US Attorney’s office approaches Tandy for some information on her father. Perfect timing, we’ll see next season if Tandy cooperates with them.

Will, oh Willy Will…he is my favorite new character this season. Why wouldn’t he be? Look at him. Will played by The O.Cs Chris Carpenter is also a rising country musician. He’s sort of at the same level as Gunnar, playing at local bars and using his country swagger to get the ladies…and guys? While he’s out with a lady friend a gentleman tries to approach him but Will sees him and tells him to shoo off. Earlier, Will admits to Gunnar that he would do anything to become a country star…I guess we’ll explore that ‘anything’ next season.

So Gunnar proposes to Scarlett, yes quite odd since she has been getting closer to Avery. One of the things that I don’t like about the show, they always have this really sad and dragged out montage at the end of the episode while one of the stars sing over the video. That scene with Gun and Scar, I would’ve liked to hear him proposing and hear her reaction…not Hayden Panettiere’s singing. Will she say yes? My opinion, I think it’ too soon, and after what she saw with her uncle Deacon falling off the wagon, she will probably deal with taking care of him next season.

Juliette’s plot line took a turn for the worst when she fell for Jay Hernandez…but who wouldn’t? She finds out her mother committed a murder and suicide to cover up another scandal for the country star…one that would’ve been fatal for her career. At first, Juliette is grateful that her mother is finally dead, she doesn’t have to deal with the burden, but of course her feelings change, she drops her wall, and she finally shows some real raw emotion for her dead mother. There’s been a few moments throughout the season where we can question if we’re seeing a turning point for Juliette…each time we see some emotion but the next week she is the same spoiled diva. I hope this time she changes for the better, especially with a supportive speech from Rayna telling Juliette she is good enough…she’ll pull through this.


Another big bombshell, one that probably made you roll your eyes because it’s such a typical cliche. Teddy asks Peggy why she didn’t take the immunity deal from the US Attorney’s office…and she replies with ‘Because I’m pregnant’. O-M-G right? Teddy’s face, he’s just so upset thinking, ‘Wtf, I totally wrapped it up’

And then in the end, during Juliette’s performance at The Bluebird for her mother’s memorial, there’s the final montage where we see Gun proposing to Scar, Will and his man…and Rayna forcing Deacon into the passenger seat as he tries to leave The Bluebird drunk. While driving, Deacon doesn’t put his bottle down, Rayna reaches over and tries to grab it from him, and then swerves the car off the road.Honestly, Deacon could have driven better drunk than Rayna sober! It was a little cheesy, no serious harm will ever come to Rayna or Deacon, so I’m not worried about next season. They should’ve done something different, something more O-M-G…but not a pregnancy reveal…one is enough.

s-NASHVILLE-ACCIDENT-130522-largeWhat do you guys think? We’ve come a long way this season, a lot has happened to our characters, they’ve been through some crazy life changing experiences and it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the second season. Either way, it’s a brilliant show, I’m not even a country music fan but evidently you don’t need to be to watch the show.



American Horror Story

Ah!! I’ve had my fair share of scary movies…but scary TV shows? Seriously, I haven’t been this terrified by a TV show since the Icetruck Killer in Dexter. If you missed the title, I’m talking about the new FX series American Horror Story. The spine chilling show premiered in October (The show was picked up for a second season on October 31,2011)…but I finally got around to watching it last week. By last week, I mean Wednesday…and I’m already done the entire season…well except the final episode that’ll be airing December 21st.

The show basically revolves around a family…Ben (Dylan McDermott), Vivien (Connie Britton)…and their daughter Violet. The family moves from Boston to Los Angeles after Vivien catches her husband Ben having an affair. Their move is supposed to be a ‘new beginning’ for the family who work hard at keeping the family union together. They get to Sunny LA and move right into this house…

Seriously…you guys couldn’t find a less depressing haunted house to move into? The house is obviously filled with angry spirits and ghosts…the agent lets them know that…except they don’t really care because it’s mad cheap. The last couple who owned it was a gay couple…and they died in the house (murder/suicide kinda thing).

Ben is a psychiatrist which is extremely ironic…since each character goes through this weird crazy mental stage- including him…and he can’t do anything about it. Honestly, I can’t even write anymore without giving some surprises away so I’ll stop here and just say how amazing this show is. There are so many other characters that you’ll meet along the way…but I don’t want to get into it…because I don’t want to spoil it.

Cinematically it’s stunning….the lighting/shadows is obviously important in this kind of show and they definitely do a good job at bringing the feeling of the scene straight to the audience. Speaking of audiences, I don’t think this kind of show is for everyone, if you have a weak stomach/are not in the whole depresso scene, then no this show isn’t for you. There’s a lot of pain and suffering all the characters go through, and at times it was really heavy to watch but I’m I stuck through it. I’m not a huge horror fan myself, but once I watched the Pilot episode…I couldn’t resists…next thing I knew the entire season was done.

Stay tuned for the finale!