A Sunday Story: An Affair To Remember

For those of you who don’t know much about me, I’m studying Film and Broadcasting and hope to one day have a career in either Film or Television. Having said that, I love watching old time Hollywood classics like Sunset Blvd, Casablanca, An Affair To Remember (to just name a few). Every Sunday I try to write about these amazing and classical films that have shaped the film industry.

This Sunday I wanted to write about a famous classic An Affair To Remember starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.

So the film is about a handsome playboy Nick Ferrante (Grant) and a beautiful night club singer Terry (Kerr), who fall in love while on a cruise from Europe to NYC. Both are engaged to other people, but they find out quickly their love might be the real thing. So, they both agree to meet each other in 6 months atop the Empire State Building…(Gossip Girl fans this is a Blair/Chuck moment) Obviously, an accident occurs that prevents Terry from meeting with Nick. Nick is left alone on top of the Empire State Building wondering why she didn’t show up, and that she must’ve fallen in love with someone else.

Because of her accident, Terry is unable to walk and therefore no longer wants to meet Nick and show her injury. However, one night she goes to the ballet with her former boyfriend and sees Nick there with his former fiancée. When Nick walks by her, all he notices is she’s sitting with her man, and doesn’t realize the accident with her leg…

And so the story goes on…I really hate ruining endings so I wouldn’t want to ruin this one for you guys. All I can say is it’s definitely a classic, should be seen, especially because Cary Grant is smoking sexy as the leading man.

An Affair To Remember is ranked #5 on the list of America’s greatest love stories.