RHOBH: Youz A Liar And A Wh**e!

This season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is almost coming to an end, but there’s still a ton of housewife drama to last an all inclusive paid for by producers vacation. The vacation in Hawaii for Mauricio’s birthday (Kyle’s husband) continues…as Kyle’s sister Kim (recently admitted into rehab)…makes a mockery of herself…and straight up lies to everyone!

Originally, Kim had told Kyle she won’t be on their flight since she lost her passport and her drivers license had expired. Understanding younger sister Kyle, tells Kim to make sure to get on the next flight- and that she’ll see her in Hawaii. After 36 hours…and a few more excuses Kim alongside her weird boyfriend- Ken arrive in Hawaii…only to spend a few hours by themselves. Kyle, a little upset when she hears her sister moving into the room next to hers- and doesn’t even knock on their door to say hello.

It seems like everyone is having a good ole’ relaxing time- without crazy Kim…and the couple that enjoyed themselves the most was probably Adrienne and Paul. They had a lot of alone time…which apparently was much needed. They’re such a cute couple…and I truly hope Hollywood doesn’t get the best of them.

In the evening, everyone heads to dinner and Mauricio confronts Kim about her excuses for being late. When they get to the dinner table, Kim says that they were late because Ken had to work. Kyle finding this weird because Ken doesn’t work…and Mauricio did not believe one word out of Kim’s mouth. Anyways, they’re such a weird couple, Kim kept defending her lies by saying Ken had to run into work quickly…how would you still have to work when you know you’re supposed to be on a plane? Mauricio calls her out…but nothing really happens- I guess everyone knows that Kim is legit crazy and they can’t do anything about it.

The next morning, Kyle and Mauricio rent a catamaran for the day…and as usual Kim is late. Kyle and Lisa try getting into their room to wake them up…but they’re still asleep and apparently ‘missed the alarm clock’. Kyle gives up…and returns to the bus. They leave without Kim and Ken. At the docks, they’re again waiting for the arrival of Kim and Ken…who show up- but too late since the boat has already left the docks. Oh well, sucks for them…I think they were giving free drinks on the boat!

Everyone else spends the day on the catamaran, snorkeling and having a good time. Ken and Kim head back to the hotel and enjoy a romantic (if you can call it that) lunch by the pool area. Lame.

Again, that evening they have another dinner. Mauricio and Kyle both lose it on Kim this time. Kyle just wants an answer, and she doesn’t want to be lied to. Especially because Kim was acting like she did nothing wrong…Kyle just wanted her to own up to her mistakes. Since it was Mauricio’s birthday week, they both felt like Kim was disrespecting his birthday plans…and bla bla. Ken freaks out and says on behalf of Kim that they ‘don’t care’…and a few minutes later end up leaving the dinner table. Awkward.

In all of this, Brandi seems to be having a good time with her healed ankle. Also, they throw in a quick scene with Taylor and random housewife Dana. Taylor talks about her divorce with Russell…how she’s in the process of leaving him. Make sure you watch next week’s episode, the ladies are back in Beverly Hills and the talk about Taylor’s divorce is going to be huge!



RHOBH: A Bloody Mess!

Drama,drama,drama is what I have to say about this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The drama didn’t start at Kyle’s annual “White Party”…literally the opening scene of this week’s episode was Adrienne telling Paul about Russell threatening Camille with a lawsuit. Whaaat!?

Lawsuit for what you ask? Well, at the Tea Party when Camille went off about Russell abusing Taylor…Taylor went back and told her husband, who found those remarks completely false…and decided to threaten Camille with slander. The only problem is…Camille was only repeating what Taylor had told her. Camille tells Adrienne, Adrienne discusses it with her husband Paul and asks him what they should do about Kyle’s party that is literally a day away. Obviously, it’s going to be mad awkward having the two housewives present at the party…and if Russell is planning to take legal action against Camille…then it’s more about legally protecting herself then anything. Adrienne is worried that Russell might surprise the other housewives including herself with lawsuits…at this point who knows..and nobody wants to be near Russell and Taylor.

Kim is super excited for Kyle’s party…finally she gets to show up with her man…everyone’s been dying to meet.

Honestly, out of all the housewives’ parties…Kyle throws the most amazing ones…not just because their stunning and I love her house and it would look good with any colour scheme…but honestly her crowd of people know how to get down. It’s always lively, music, dancing, drinking and Fat Burger! Come on…a Beverly Hills party that serves burgers? That’s just awesome. Anyways, right before the party Adrienne calls Kyle and lets her know about the whole lawsuit thing…she had no idea. They’ve been trying to call Taylor but Taylor and Russell were on a plane coming home from Vegas.

At first Adrienne tells Kyle she won’t be able to come because she’s afraid of being sued herself…as well as Camille..but then changes her mind and doesn’t want to let Kyle down. Kyle is freaking out at this point, poor woman I felt so bad for her. She looks stunning and her husband looks even better…Kyle is the ultimate housewife. So the women start to arrive, crazy Kim shows up early for a change with her man. She’s honestly hilarious…aside from the fact that she has some mental issues. She starts talking to Dana, Dana starts talking about Brandi…and Kim freaks out because she doesn’t like Brandi. Kim says she doesn’t even care if Brandi apologizes because Brandi is ‘nothing’ to her. She’s too funny.

Meanwhile, Lisa/Kyle/Adrienne discuss their plan for dis-inviting Taylor and Russell. They don’t want Camille and Taylor to face each other and have a huge blow out so they decide the best thing to do is tell Taylor she’s not allowed inside the party. Sounds easy but with Kyle’s sensitive feelings…it’s hard for her to kick out a good friend..she doesn’t want to do it and she starts tearing up…at which point I gasped at the possibility of her mascara filled tears dripping onto her stunning white dress.

The husband’s get involved…sexy Mauricio to the rescue, as well as Adrienne’s husband Paul give the ladies’ their insight on how to deal with the problem. Honestly, the entire episode was about this…just going back and forth. Before Taylor arrives, the editors decide to throw in a dramatic scene with Kim and Brandi. It was actually really funny to watch…Brandi’s just standing there while short little Kim keeps throwing the insults toward her. It actually got a little boring, I just wanted them to finish the storyline with Taylor.

Finally, the not-so royal couple arrive with a bottle of Ciroc in hand. Right away they are greeted on the front lawns…they didn’t even make it to the door! Before Kyle can spit out any words she starts balling…superwoman Adrienne takes over and tells the couple they should leave because of the letter. Russell says he just wrote a letter to Camille telling her to call him so they could talk about it…Paul say’s that BS because he read the letter and it was definitely nasty. There’s no way of getting out of this one Russ! Anyways, the two end up getting back in their limo…Kyle chases them because she feels bad but it’s too late.

I’m assuming everyone heads back inside and enjoys the rest of the Fat Burger’s. Yay!

Next week the women head to Hawaii…and ew Brandi tries to hit on Ken!! Rawr…the claws are going to come out because we know Lisa won’t have any of that!

RHOBH: Kyle’s Seance

This week we were a little late on catching up with our weekly housewives on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The season’s only getting better, so make sure you tune in!

This week, Dr.Paul (Adrienne’s plastic surgeon husband) organized a ‘Girl’s night’ event at his offices, for anyone of the housewives who wanted to get work done on their face- without involving actual surgery. The housewives obviously showed up…including Lisa who as always joins in on the fun…without getting herself dirty. I’m not sure if Lisa’s had anything done, and she sure didn’t get anything done this time because she said she was going for dinner right after.

Anyways, Kyle, Taylor, and Kim who showed up late all got something done…except Camille couldn’t make it because she was hit with a custody battle between her and her ex-husband Kelsey Grammar. It was a pretty uneventful time at Paul’s office…except for the yummy looking cupcakes and when Lisa got an e-mail from Russell telling her all is well between him and Taylor, that nobody needs to worry about their marriage. Lisa found this odd as she quickly found out none of the other housewives’ received an e-mail like it. As we know, last week Russell told Kyle and Mauricio that he thought Lisa went blabbing to US Weekly about his (not so secret) marriage issues. Obviously, we know the truth, and they were in a bad situation…only they didn’t know how bad their lives would get. Russell committed suicide only a few months after that episode was filmed.

Moving on, Kyle decides to throw a Seance at her new crib…if you don’t know what that is…it’s basically a gathering, where you have a medium that can communicate with ghosts/spirits. Before everyone arrives, Kyle decides to invite Brandi, who she hated only a few episodes back. You can tell her invite was completely involuntary…the producers probably told her to invite Brandi in hopes of stirring up some more drama. Anyways, Kyle’s husband Mauricio is truly amazing, he is so fine, and I do wish he was mine! Seriously, he’s the hottest husband ever…except Ken wins the award for hottest housewife husband over 60.

So the ladies sit around the table…while Adrienne’s chef Bernie is hard at work preparing dinner. The medium- Rebecca begins her ‘thing’ that she does…and she starts mentioning Adrienne’s father who passed away when she was a young girl, Lisa’s grandmother, and Kyle’s mother. It was a night filled with emotion, as the medium Rebecca definitely hit it home with her messages from the spirits. It was funny because they showed clips from Camille’s dinner night where she invited her friend who was a medium. Except she was a complete biatch…and when Lisa begged her to see if she could hear her grandmother- she said she was taking a night off from ‘mediuming’ or whatever its called. So rude.

In the end, Kyle heads over to Kim’s house because she’s moving out…again. Finally, Kim gets the courage to tell Kyle she’s been dating this guy for a year. Before the episode ends, Kim invites Kyle inside to meet him, except we never see it- so make sure you watch next week!!


RHOBH: Taylor’s Meltdown

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a really sad one. These episodes just keep getting better and better. Not to say that I didn’t feel bad for Taylor and the rest of the housewives, but there was a ton of drama. The episode continued off from last week’s when the ladies arrived in Colorado. Camille has a mega-mansion on the mountain so they all decided to hit it up one last time before Camille sells the joint.

Anyways, Taylor basically has a nervous breakdown after her and Kyle have a serious conversation in the jacuzzi. After a few glasses of wine…and the ‘altitude’ the housewives conclude that Taylor is having a breakdown…and she needs help. Obviously, there are no doctors on the mountain, so instead the ladies resume their evening with a nice catered dinner. The drama doesn’t stop there, at the table Taylor keeps going on and on about her marriage, how she’s unhappy but that she still loves Russell. She tells Kim, she’s afraid of being poor again, she never wants to go back to that life, and she’s afraid if she gets a divorce, she’s going to be broke. I was actually really surprised how all the housewives reacted. It’s very rare to see them in such a down-to-earth kind of way. It wasn’t about how much money each one had, or who had the nicest outfit on…it was about these women coming together to help another housewife in her worst moment. You can really see how sincere they were…for once I can say…it was truly reality television!

Back in LA things go back to normal…(sort of). Camille gets ready to sell her HUGE estate in Malibu,Kyle continues to clean dog poop from her yard,Taylor gets back to seeing her therapist and working things out with Russell (we still haven’t seen him on camera in the season), Adrienne always looks busy…as she heads to Sacramento to watch the Kings play what could be there final basketball game. Since her family owns the team, and since the team needs money to build a new arena, they might have to move to another city to get that funding. (boring) Anyways, Adrienne had to beef up her security because there was bound to be some crazy basketball fans who are angry at the Maloof family. Kim fails to show up at the airport with Adrienne and Paul…she sounded completely bombed on the phone (as usual)