Homeland: “Tower of David” RECAP

Damian Lewis people!! He who has risen….we finally get to see where Brody has been this entire time…and boy it doesn’t look too good for our favorite fugitive. The first shot of Brody is him being carried by some dangerous looking men in the jungles of South America. During his trench through the Columbian border, Brody was attacked and shot several times…after all he is a fugitive with a 10 million dollar bounty on his head- dead or alive.


We find out that Brody’s made these Venezuelan connections because of Carrie’s contacts. Not exactly sure how…but it’s clear that Carrie has thought all of this out…well up until this point. The man who is in charge of Brody…let’s call him Spiderman…is sort of a nice guy…and when Brody tells him he’s ready to leave to get to the next point of his journey Spiderman tells him there is no next step. This is it for him…this is the end of the line. We don’t know everything that’s happened to Brody….how he managed to leave Canada and end up down south…obviously Carrie has helped him along the way but now that Carrie’s in shambles…it’s affecting Brody as well.


Great episode…mostly because it focused on the two main characters of the show. Back and forth we see how Carrie and Brody are dealing with the wreckage that is now their lives.

Crazy Carrie is in therapy, she’s back on her meds but she’s still along way to normal. She thinks Sal set her up…and he did…but she ruined the rest of it all on her own. It doesn’t take much to push Carrie off the edge…and she’s done a great job at it. The doctors aren’t happy with her blaming other people for her being in this position…after all she stopped taking her medication. Anyways, there are too many things going on in Carrie’s head right now, so it doesn’t help that she gets a visitor from an associate of a prestigious law firm. He’s offering her a way out…his boss wants to meet Carrie and unravel all the things she’s been talking about. This isn’t going to go well.


Good ol’ fashioned juxtaposition at the end of this episode, we see Brody being held prisoner (his punishment for trying to get away)…he drugs himself with heroin to get himself through what looks to be another dark and tramautic time in his life. Carrie is in her dark room…sitting on the floor with that worried/crazy look on her face. This is just really sad.


How will these two find their way back to one another? And will we be forced to watch another 45 minutes of Dana’s soap opera love situation before we see Brody again?