BROAD CITY: Top 10 Funny Moments from the Season Premiere!

THE GIRLS ARE BACK. No, not the HBO Girls, no not the girls from Pretty Little Liars either, the girls – the Broad City girls! It’s been too long, Game of Thrones is gone for basically forever, so thank the TV Gods because Abbi and Ilana are coming through at the perfect time.

Here we break down the Top 10 Funniest Moments from the season four premiere. Let us know and comment below if we missed anything!

10. The first time (and hopefully the last) Trump makes it into an episode

trump bus.png

We know the Broad City girls were rooting for HRC on and off the show. I’m sure some of their best jokes had to be rewritten following the surprising outcome of the presidential election. Here’s to hoping this is the only time we ever see or hear about Trump in this season.

9. The Oprah Tramp Stamp

oprah tramp stamp.png

You get a tat! You get a tat! Everyone gets a tramp stamp! Not everyone, but Abbi sure did. During this very informative flashback episode we also find out how and why Abbi got the Oprah tramp stamp. It was 2011 and Oprah was just about to finish her television show, I guess Abbi was feeling nostalgic about it. Do you booboo.

8. 2011 Bevers Edition


So one of the funniest moments of this flashback episode is seeing Bever’s who we’ve always known as the couch potato boyfriend of her roommate who eats all of Abbi’s food, and just basically overstays his welcome. But here we see that in 2011, he was actually freakin’ hot! And he was all down for boundaries and sharing space with Abbi, but she was the one who insisted he make himself feel right at home – all the damn time! She has nobody to blame but herself! This was hilarious.

7. 2011 Ilana Hair

ilana hair tho

2011 Ilana did not have curly hair. 2011 Ilana used to spend 2 hours in front of the mirror straightening her hair, until one day she met Abbi who told her she looked like Rosie Perez with her natural curls, and thus began the transition!


6. Ilana’s reaction to everything, but also her roommates PowerPoint presentation

powerpooint reaction

Ilana’s basic ass roommates are tired of her weird antics, and they’ve put together a very creative PowerPoint presentation, and her reaction to their distaste of her natural curly hair is hilarious. Her face just kills me.


5. The Thrupple


The Thrupple conversation just made us revaluate our entire life, because it was 2011 and Barack and Michelle Obama were the leaders of the free world.



4. La Queefa

It seems like Ilana is working a new job every episode, and that’s probably because she is. She is literally a lazy piece of cray cray. She gets fired from her job at the Grey Dog cafe, and when her manager calls her a thief, she fires back by protesting that he just called her a ‘queef’ and that he was basically sexually harassing her. Girl bye.

queef or thief

3. The Ponytail Bandit

As if the world wasn’t an already scary place to live in, now all of us rockin’ that high ponytail look need to be on the watch for the snipper! Seriously, one of the funniest moments ever, seeing that creepy bald man slowly lurk on Abbi and snip her pony right off her head! She’s then stuck with the funniest hairdo for the rest of the episode.


2.Ilana’s shoes and sock combo

Literally every time this girl was on screen I couldn’t help but just stare at those those hideous shoes. To make matters worse, she’s wearing them with socks, girl I cannot! All I hear in my head is “what are thooose?”


1.Best Friends Forever

At the end of the episode we finally see Abbi and Ilana cementing their friendship forever, literally in cement on the corner of a random street. Seriously, if these two were basic bitches they would be #friendshipgoals


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