This Week in TV!

With a new year upon us comes an array of new seasons of our favourite television shows. Okay, maybe array was a reach because there’s not a whole lot that’s started just yet. (Waiting on Scandal, How To Get Away with Murder, and of course Game of Thrones)

Memorable shows of the week: Girls, Shameless, Vanderpump Rules


Lena Dunham and her crazy bishes are back for an all new season. Totally forgot how we left off last season, but still totally excited for the girls. Hannah is on her way out of the city for a graduating writing program in Idaho. Yeah, Idaho. Adam has no gained control of their apartment, she’s no longer paying rent so I guess this means she’s gone for good. Or at least until she realizes she’s making a huge mistake, which seeing how there’s only 10 episodes a season won’t take that long.


Adam’s all heartbroken that Hannah’s leaving but doesn’t show it at all at the beginning of the episode. He’s all ‘we have 10 different ways of contacting each other –we’ll be fine’ and then in the end he finally admits he sucks at using the phone. Hannah assures him they will be alright. Nothing like boring missionary sexy (very unlike Hannah/Adam) to guarantee how wrong she is about their fate.

Shoshanna had the best lines of the episode. This is what’s so amazing about the writing of this show. They have about 27 minutes to explain all of everything, and each line of dialogue has to be used carefully. While she’s picking up her diploma we realize how crazy her divorced parents are, she says “Both my parents are named Mel (Melvin & Melanie) it’s the worst thing that ever happened to me. And it was like the first thing that ever happened to me”

Jessa visits Beadie, the woman she tried to kill last season. Let me make that clear, Beadie was on her death bed and begged Jessa to basically feed her a bunch of pills so she could overdose. Welp, it didn’t work and now Beadie’s angry daughter played by (Orange Is The New Black’s Natasha Lyonne) is back in the city to take her mom back home with her.

Marnie and Desi perform a few songs at a brunch, we find out that Desi is still dating Clementine, but is also still sticking his face in places it doesn’t belong. (ie; Marnie’s ass) Clementine confronts Marnie and apologizes to her for thinking she was trying to steal her man. Oh Marnie, now you’re up against the nice girl! While Marnie sings a song dedicated to Hannah titled, ‘Inward and Outward’ she breaks down crying when some brats around the restaurant start running and screaming. Elijah gives her the pep talk of the decade.

In the end, Hannah is ready to leave. Adam isn’t ready to leave, so he avoids the morning of and Hannah leaves without a real goodbye. As her parents drive of her off, he watches them from the window of their apartment.

Side note: There was a conversation between Shoshanna and Ray, something about her apologizing for making him get into a relationship with her. I don’t even remember that, nor do I care about their storyline. Ugh, he annoys me.

Girls airs Sunday nights on HBO


Shameless is like, probably in my top 3 favourite shows. I love my medieval times, zombie apocalypse genred shows, but there’s something special about the raw/real moments of Shameless. I would definitely consider Shameless a ‘dramedy’ a blend of really heavy dramatic moments with surprisingly refreshing comedic bits. I think it’s a perfect combination of both genres that create really great television show. It’s summertime in Chi-town which is going to make this a little more interesting, majority of the show has taken place over the colder months so I’m excited to see our characters flourish in the atmosphere of bbq’s and pool parties.


Seriously, if you’re not watching Shameless you need to.

Shameless airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

Vanderpump Rules

I don’t even know why I’m admitting to watching this show. It’s like the worst show on television, or at least the worst example of reality television. It’s so ridiculous, and I know it’s all set up drama, but ya can’t help but watching! Especially since everything else is on hiatus right now, desperate times.


I just want to say though, this season has been different, in a good way. Especially these past two weeks for Scheana and Shay’s bachelor/bachelorette parties. You can tell that this group is actually friends with one another and it sort of – almost, reminded me of the Jersey Shore cast. In my opinion, you don’t always have to have fake drama to catch people’s attention. Sometimes the funny moments with real friends is enough to start a cult following!

Which leads me to my next point – Stassi. Okay so why is she on the show though? She no longer works at Sur, she quit, and she loves to remind us on a weekly basis that she would rather die than put on a Sur uniform and work there again. Since the season started almost all her scenes have been when she ‘visits’ Sur, somehow has a heart to heart with Lisa Vanderpump, and bugs all the bartenders for a glass of white wine. Girl, bye! Like why are you even here? Last night’s episode had the most epic line of all time. Lisa Vanderpump having a sit down heart to heart with Stassi inside Sur. After telling Stassi she should just forgive Katie for basically nothing because Katie did nothing wrong, Stassi blows up and storms out of the restaurant. Lisa finally says what we’ve all known, Stassi doesn’t want friends, she wants followers. This is so true, and for the past 3 seasons I’ve watched all her ‘friends’ get into all this drama because of her. I just want to pop in and be like ‘ya’ll could have so much fun without mean girl molly’ and by the looks of the Miami trip, they sure did. VR should take a page from Jersey Shore’s rulebook that clearly stated, if you quit or got fired from working at the Shore Store you were kicked outta the house! It’s time for Stassi to pull an Angelina, take her trash bags and get out!

Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo on Mondays (US) and Slice on Tuesday (Canada)

The RHONJ Reunion!

This season’s Real Housewives of New Jersey’s reunion was actually insane- I literally felt like I was sitting in the crossfire as Teresa kept taking punches from the other housewives. If you remember last season’s reunion- you’ll remember that Jacqueline never made it, because the night before they were filming the fashion show episode, and something went down between Jacqueline and Teresa. That night, the s*** hit the fan when Melissa’s ex boss (when she was a dancer) shows up out of the blue, and Teresa devises a plan to get Melissa’s secret out.

Anyways, it’s been a year since Teresa has been in the same room with the other housewives- she admits seeing Melissa but that was because of her daughter’s birthday party…which she claims Melissa never formally RSVP-ed, Teresa found out Melissa was coming from a tabloid magazine. Melissa tried defending herself by saying she never RSVP’s…she’s family obviously she would show up…but it doesn’t get anyone anywhere because Teresa is crazy.

It’s obvious at this point how far gone Teresa is. Just a few seasons ago she was on the same side as Caroline and the rest, teaming up against another looney- Danielle. However, times have changed, and it seems like things have gotten so bad- Jacqueline and Teresa will likely never be friends again. It was a really nasty 45 minutes, the insults were both personal and physical…Teresa making fun of Caroline’s ‘blubber rolls’…and Kathy’s new lip job. Which by the way kind of looks ridiculous, I think Kathy is amazing and I’m a little disappointed she got work done.

The reunion is definitely something you have to see for yourself, poor Andy can hardly get a word in and barely steers the conversation into the direction he wants. Lauren Manzo makes an appearance, she demolishes Teresa’s insults about her using a lap band to lose weight, Lauren says at least she wasn’t 9 years old and accusing her father of cheating on her mother. That silenced Teresa. It was really funny how everyone kept throwing comments about Joe and his infidelity. Obviously he has cheated on Teresa, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how dysfunctional their family is, and how hard Teresa tries at covering it up. Teresa gets really nasty towards everyone- including her own family. Teresa says something about Kathy and Rich having issues, and that her mother told her that, Kathy freaks out and calls Teresa’s mom a liar. Teresa mentions Kathy’s late father and how he was absent in their lives, Rosie- Kathy’s sister was backstage and as soon as she hears that she loses it. The crew had to hold her back from running towards Teresa. It doesn’t make sense to me how Teresa doesn’t see how crazy she is- if 4 other people have issues with you…don’t you think that you’re the problem?

This was Part 1 out of a 3 part reunion, next week Rosie makes an appearance, things are bound to get even crazier, I just don’t get how the other housewives have the patience to sit and listen to the garbage that comes out of Teresa’s mouth. Half the time she doesn’t even make sense, and her arguments are completely irrelevant, her entire life is a facade.

RHONJ: Caroline’s Fitty!!

This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey the crew continue their vacation in Napa Valley. Caroline turns 50, they finally leave the RV park and drive to the Lancaster Estate which is this huge mansion on a beautiful vineyard. Chris and the BLK crew get closer to sealing the deal with the wine company, hopefully the two Joe’s can stay in check and not ruin the last few days of the trip

If you saw the preview’s for this week’s episode, you know that something crazy goes down between Teresa and her husband Joe. In the preview Joe takes a phone call while at dinner for Caroline’s birthday, when he sees Teresa walking over to him he whispers into the phone ‘Here’s my b**** wife coming over’. So after everyone visits the wine company, Albie,Chris and Lauren blindfold Caroline to take her somewhere special. They drive around the corner to where a table is set up for everybody, and it’s over looking the vineyard- it was the most beautiful place, it seemed like a really unique backdrop to celebrate a birthday- I mean who can say they dined overlooking a vineyard in California?

Halfway through dinner, Joe Giudice gets a phone call from ‘work’ so he gets up to answer it. He walks away from the table, and you can totally hear his conversation which seems to be with a girl. His voice is really low and he sounds really dirty talking to whoever is on the other line. Just then, Teresa comes over and that’s when he makes the comment about her- calling her a b**** and a c*** obviously Teresa doesn’t hear him saying those things! Doesn’t he know he has a mic on him? But he was talking really low, I think he thought he might be able to get away with his conversation. Nobody at the table really notices that they’ve both left, they’re busy taking pictures with Caroline. Teresa literally waits in front of Joe until he’s done with his phone call- he pretends to continue talking about some work stuff in Italian. She hangs over him like she knew who he was talking to, or she had a feeling he was being shady. I’m sure it’s not the first time she’s caught him doing something like this.

Anyways, in the end they walk off into the vineyard- Joe just wants to get back to the food, but all of a sudden Teresa wants to get it on in the vineyards! Out of nowhere she starts jumping on him, and he’s trying to pull her off, it’s just a really weird and awkward moment, obviously she had a feeling he wasn’t talking to his co-worker, and she’s just trying to make their marriage look legit on camera. Teresa might be a dumbass, but when it comes to putting on a happy face- she is the master of it all. Trying to make it look like her and Joe actually get it on, and that they’re love life is so hot and heavy that they got it on in the vineyard- it’s all BS. The best part was when Richie spots them getting it on from where he was sitting at the dinner table.

When Teresa and Joe return to the table some comments are made but nobody really talks about what they’ve just witnessed- they don’t want to give any attention to Teresa, which is exactly what she wanted. It’s just really sad, and I actually feel sorry for Teresa who is pulling at every string to save her marriage and keep her family together. Melissa has a conversation with her about the tabloid stories and explains that anything she talks about they will turn into negative comments, and it’s not worth the damage she causes to her family and friends. But Teresa doesn’t care what the tabloids write, because at the end of the day she needs to get paid.

While Kathy is doing Caroline’s hair, the ladies have a conversation with Jacqueline about Teresa. Kathy admits she kind of feels left out because Teresa is now focusing repairing her relationship with Melisa and Joe. Kathy expects this from Teresa, but it still hurts realizing Teresa just calls Kathy family whenever it suits her. Then, everyone meets for a fancy last night dinner. After Chris makes a beautiful toast, Teresa obviously has to step in and make a toast of her own. She thanks Chris and Jacqueline for inviting them to Napa, and thanks them for repairing the relationship with her and her brother, and then wishes Caroline a happy birthday. Meanwhile, Kathy is literally sitting beside her, and Teresa totally forgets to mention Richie and Kathy! Caroline is stunned and infuriated because they were just talking about that a few minutes before. People start whispering around the table, even Greg is angry with Teresa for not thanking Kathy. Kathy just puts on a happy face and goes along with it, seriously she is my favourite housewife, she is everything I want to be as a housewife, Richie on the other hand is angry at Teresa and hurts for his wife because he knows she will care for Teresa no matter what.

Tune in next week because Caroline and Joe have an argument out of nowhere, Jacqueline is drunk on the couch…and Caroline’s son Chris gets involved…it’s getting good!

RHONJ: Beginning of the End

This season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been non stop drama drama drama, it seems the housewives can’t go 42 minutes without yelling or cussing at each other. Fortunately, for us, that makes great TV, and trust me I have no problem with it.

So I think I missed last week’s episode where Teresa and Jacqueline have an argument, I guess Jacqueline accuses Teresa of lying to her, and Teresa accuses Jacqueline of being a bad friend. Anyways, it all makes sense now because during last season’s reunion, Jacqueline refused to attend and said something had happened between her and Teresa while they were filming this season. So now we know what it is, but I have to admit I was expecting a little bit more drama from Jacqueline, instead she gets emotional and tries talking it out with Teresa! Like, really Jacqueline, you’re dealing with a crazy woman, there is no talking to her, just get over it and move on with your amazing family.

Melissa seems to get caught in the middle of everything because her husband Joe is Teresa’s brother, and now all of a sudden Teresa wants to mend the relationship with her brother through therapy. In this episode, she actually reaches out to cousin Kathy who she’s been hating on forever, and says they should reconcile. Kathy is all for it, she’d rather have her family than be fighting over nonsense, but nevertheless Kathy is skeptical about Teresa’s intentions, and the reason for her sudden ‘change of heart’.

Caroline is no longer friends with Teresa, after the tabloid magazines came out with Teresa’s cover article discussing her relationships with Caroline and the rest, it showed how far Teresa will go just to sell a good story. She claims the magazine just took what she said and ran with it, which I’m sure they did, but she must’ve said something along the lines that Caroline wasn’t a good friend, and that Melissa was jealous of her life. Anyways, Caroline has had enough, understandable because who could live with that woman anyways- oh right her loving husband Joe. He’s actually the funniest man ever, I don’t know if he intentionally wants to sound like an a** but when Teresa is pouring her heart out to him about the drama in her life, he gives his two cents and tells her to stop talking because he’s heard enough of her problems.

Joe Gorga holds another release party for wife Melissa’s song ‘On Display’, the evening looks like it’s a good time, Rosie’s completely hammered, Kathy and Rich show up hand in hand as always, and Jacqueline can’t keep her eyes off Teresa. The entire time Jacqueline is afraid to confront Teresa, in the end she does, and Teresa isn’t having any of it. She refuses to admit she’d done anything wrong and just blames Jacqueline for being a bad friend. Melissa shows up to save the day, but that goes sour when Teresa basically tells Jacqueline to f*** off, and that’s the end of that.

Fortunately for Jacqueline, it looked like she had a better time without Teresa anyways, taking a few shots at the bar with some random housewife.

Until next week, seems like things are getting even wilder!

RHONJ: Battle of the Sister-in-Laws

This season of Real Housewives of New Jersey is so crazy it’s probably going to go down in history as the best Housewives Season ever! There’s only been 3 episodes so far, and it’s crazy!

It’s summer in Jersey which means once again the crew decide to visit the Shore for a night. Somehow Joe Giudice get’s a fancy boat and decides to takes all the adults for a cruise…while Rosie and Kathy’s mom are stuck taking care of the children.

When they return, Jacqueline gets everyone together to attend some Summer Solstice party…obviously everyone’s down to go but nobody knows the drama that’s about to unfold. Seriously, we all know Teresa is crazy- she refuses to believe her husband did anything wrong and instead of admitting he was in jail for a week…continues to say he was ‘away’. So she’s trying to be a good mother-fine, but you can tell how jealous she is of her brother Joe and Melissa’s marriage. Everytime Joe tries to do or say something nice to Teresa she gets defensive and starts throwing punches at them (not literally).

When we first met Melissa at the beginning of last season, I didn’t like her. She seemed like those annoying housewives that don’t really do anything, but really I friggin’ love her. She’s so normal and so real, the fact that Teresa continuously starts arguments with her, it just proves how insanely jealous Teresa is. Teresa brings Melissa over at the party to ask her something, when Melissa is answering her question she mentions how Joe was in jail for a week, hearing this Teresa freaks out and starts leaving the party!

Melissa could care less, she’s been amazing so far with Teresa everytime she’s insulted by her sister-in-law she just turned her cheek, because really all she wants is a happy family. So the random woman that gets involved in their argument tells Jacqueline to bring Melissa out so her and Teresa can talk it out.

Really, nothing gets resolved because Teresa doesn’t apologize for calling Melissa a goldigger. Melissa basically destroys Teresa in the argument, everything she said was just so real and so true- why would Teresa even tell her brother that his wife only wants him for money? Does she want things to turn out bad for the couple? For the kids to see their parents go through a divorce?

Melissa was on key, and you could tell Teresa does all these hurtful things because she’s so miserable in her life, and she’s extremely jealous.

Keep watching because I can’t wait to see why Jacqueline decides to turn her back on Teresa.

Real Housewives of Vancouver!

So I don’t know if the episode I watched last night was the series premiere, regardless the housewives of Vancouver are really boring. Of course, Canada had to come up with their own version of The Housewives saga, and I guess Vancouver was the chosen city. It is a beautiful city, and I’m not even hating on the look of the show. These women are definitely well off, and the homes they live in are stunning.

But, they literally are bat s*** crazy. Each and every one of them. It’s not like  the American versions like RHONJ where Caroline is so normal she could be my mom, or Lisa and Kyle from RHOBH who are mentally stable. Each one of these housewives from Vancouver have serious mental and emotional issues, first of all I don’t even know how they all know each other.

The one mom- Mary, who looked completely normal in the beginning, invites her ‘best-friend’ Ronnie to this girls weekend in Whistler, except Ronnie completely embarrasses Mary in front of the other girls, she was SO rude to her, and Mary just sat there taking it all in. What’s wrong with you!

The other one, I don’t even know her name but we can call her ‘Golddigger’ since she clearly states her income is from her past 2 divorces. That actually makes me sick, this is why women are underestimated. We’ve worked hard to make a place for us within the work field, earning salaries that compete with our male counterparts. But women like her give us a bad rap. (That was my feminist rant for the day).

Anyways, there’s one housewife that’s half Asian I think, she seemed a little normal. She had a family, and a cute house and a dangerous obsession with fast cars. Meh.

Realistically, I probably won’t watch this show again. Nothing made me want to tune in for next week’s episode, aside from the fact that somebody needs to knock out Ronnie. Asap.

RHOBH: The Final Reunion

Last night was the final reunion out of the 3 part special for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The drama was definitely present each and every time…especially with host Andy Cohen instigating most of the conflicts. Each housewife had their own turn to sort of reflect on what’s happened in the season…and by far Taylor’s experience was the craziest one.

As most people know, her husband Russell committed suicide a few weeks before the second season premiered. On the season opener, Bravo had posted a note saying that the entire season was filmed before Russell’s suicide. Throughout the season, we see Russell with Taylor, but it’s really weird because we all know he’s really dead.

When Taylor talks about her ex-husband, she’s definitely in a lot of pain, but she has gotten better. She’s definitely a stronger women…and she regrets a lot of things that happened with her and Russell. It’s such a unique story…I don’t want to say it but Bravo did get really lucky that they had all of this on tape. It definitely contributed to the ratings of the show this past season.

Anyways, she just talks about how crazy Russell really was, how abusive he was. She explains one story about being at a friends place with him, he leaves early because he doesn’t care about staying. Little do they know, he’s legit hiding in the bushes outside of the house…he never left..and when Taylor finally leaves…the couple walk her to her car- Russell jumps out and legit starts beating on everyone! How crazy is that!

Out of the 3-part reunion…I think 1 and 3 were the one’s with the most drama. Towards the end of the 3rd we finally get to see Kim, whose definitely looking much healthier. She’s out of rehab or she was in rehab…not sure but Andy has a private conversation with her…and then Kyle shows up.

Definitely something to see!


RHOBH: Youz A Liar And A Wh**e!

This season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is almost coming to an end, but there’s still a ton of housewife drama to last an all inclusive paid for by producers vacation. The vacation in Hawaii for Mauricio’s birthday (Kyle’s husband) continues…as Kyle’s sister Kim (recently admitted into rehab)…makes a mockery of herself…and straight up lies to everyone!

Originally, Kim had told Kyle she won’t be on their flight since she lost her passport and her drivers license had expired. Understanding younger sister Kyle, tells Kim to make sure to get on the next flight- and that she’ll see her in Hawaii. After 36 hours…and a few more excuses Kim alongside her weird boyfriend- Ken arrive in Hawaii…only to spend a few hours by themselves. Kyle, a little upset when she hears her sister moving into the room next to hers- and doesn’t even knock on their door to say hello.

It seems like everyone is having a good ole’ relaxing time- without crazy Kim…and the couple that enjoyed themselves the most was probably Adrienne and Paul. They had a lot of alone time…which apparently was much needed. They’re such a cute couple…and I truly hope Hollywood doesn’t get the best of them.

In the evening, everyone heads to dinner and Mauricio confronts Kim about her excuses for being late. When they get to the dinner table, Kim says that they were late because Ken had to work. Kyle finding this weird because Ken doesn’t work…and Mauricio did not believe one word out of Kim’s mouth. Anyways, they’re such a weird couple, Kim kept defending her lies by saying Ken had to run into work quickly…how would you still have to work when you know you’re supposed to be on a plane? Mauricio calls her out…but nothing really happens- I guess everyone knows that Kim is legit crazy and they can’t do anything about it.

The next morning, Kyle and Mauricio rent a catamaran for the day…and as usual Kim is late. Kyle and Lisa try getting into their room to wake them up…but they’re still asleep and apparently ‘missed the alarm clock’. Kyle gives up…and returns to the bus. They leave without Kim and Ken. At the docks, they’re again waiting for the arrival of Kim and Ken…who show up- but too late since the boat has already left the docks. Oh well, sucks for them…I think they were giving free drinks on the boat!

Everyone else spends the day on the catamaran, snorkeling and having a good time. Ken and Kim head back to the hotel and enjoy a romantic (if you can call it that) lunch by the pool area. Lame.

Again, that evening they have another dinner. Mauricio and Kyle both lose it on Kim this time. Kyle just wants an answer, and she doesn’t want to be lied to. Especially because Kim was acting like she did nothing wrong…Kyle just wanted her to own up to her mistakes. Since it was Mauricio’s birthday week, they both felt like Kim was disrespecting his birthday plans…and bla bla. Ken freaks out and says on behalf of Kim that they ‘don’t care’…and a few minutes later end up leaving the dinner table. Awkward.

In all of this, Brandi seems to be having a good time with her healed ankle. Also, they throw in a quick scene with Taylor and random housewife Dana. Taylor talks about her divorce with Russell…how she’s in the process of leaving him. Make sure you watch next week’s episode, the ladies are back in Beverly Hills and the talk about Taylor’s divorce is going to be huge!



RHOBH: Housewives In Hawaii

After the holiday break, the housewives from Beverly Hills are back in business…and ready for a vaca in Hawaii. As if their lives were completely hectic..and as if Beverly Hills was such a terrible place to live in…the couples plus Camille and Brandi decided to head to Hawaii for Mauricio’s birthday.

After the craziness of Kyle’s White Party…Taylor and Russell were no longer invited to Hawaii. When Russell threatened Camille with a lawsuit for repeating things about his and Taylor’s marriage (that were only said to her by Taylor)…the rest of the gang didn’t find it legally responsible to be hanging out with the dude that might serve them up with papers if they were to say the wrong thing.

Kyle’s party looked like a ton of fun…if you didn’t count the part where Taylor was disinvited…or the part where Kim was making out with her boyfriend on the dancefloor.

Everyone’s at the airport…and as always they’re waiting for Kim who is running late. It’s 45 minutes until departure and she’s still at home looking for her passport. Clearly, she’s going to miss the flight…and starts looking for the next available one. Paul (Adrienne’s husband) is on the later flight as well since he had a business meeting to stay back for. Everything seems to be going smoothly…until Brandi whose afraid of flying…takes too many Xanax…and she’s literally slurring her words. She can barely keep her head up in the airplane…she looks like she’s dying. Although it probably wasn’t as bad as when she used to roofie herself just to get through the plane ride. (Yes, she told that story)

Finally, they land in Hawaii…where they have to take a bus ride to their hotel. During the bus ride…Brandi can’t stop talking and is literally the funniest person ever. She’s intoxicated…she’s high…I don’t know what she is but she can’t seem to keep her mouth closed. I still don’t understand why she was on that trip. Who invited her?

The Four Seasons (Waikiki) is beautiful…when is the Four Seasons anything but beautiful. This episode actually made me want to go to Hawaii…it looked stunning. Too bad the ladies didn’t think the same…all they did was sit around, lay on the beach and admire the view! Girls, get in there! The water looked stunning, I don’t even know how the ladies managed to sit there looking pretty. The true Hollywood Housewife.

Everyone gets settled in…Brandi gets a little too cozy with Ken…and Lisa marks her territory! Ken is frigin’ adorable…he clearly knows Brandi’s trying to hit on him…but he starts playing innocent- he’s just so funny. I actually wish Lisa and Ken were my parents.

Camille and Brandi seem to bond over a tanning session…but mostly because they were once married to actors. Once on the beach, the drama heats up when Lisa receives a phone call from Taylor back home. She tells them that her and Russell are officially over, they’ve both decided to end their marriage and just focus on being parents to Kennedy. The season’s coming to an end, and we know it was around that time when Russell committed suicide. Even though Taylor thought she was beginning to turn her life around, it was about to get a whole lot worse. Lisa started tearing up…and I can’t imagine how supportive the rest of the women were for Taylor.

Never leave a housewife behind.


RHOBH: Vegas Baby Vegas!

This week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa’s daughter Pandora has her bachelorette party in Vegas…and Adrienne decides to take the rest of the women who weren’t invited…to Vegas anyways. Adrienne’s family owns the Palms resort…so obviously she has all the hook ups. Lisa has an old friend that owns Planet Hollywood so her and her daughter’s friends got to stay there, while Adrienne was a little upset at Lisa because she didn’t choose her family’s hotel for Pandora’s party.

Anyways, the ladies minus Kyle head to Vegas…Taylor awkwardly stays with Lisa…Kim is absent once again- having some lame excuse that she was moving and hurt her neck…seriously woman how long does it take to move!?…they all go to Chippendale’s and Lisa wins the award for best lapdance.  Adrienne and the ladies have their night out, which doesn’t look as fun…they spend it mostly in the hotel…which was probably Adrienne’s idea of plugging the Palm’s, knowing Lisa would be promoting Planet H. Brandi gets awkward as she grinds up on Camille…who finds it weird at first…but then blows it off because heck she loves to dance!

Kyle stays back in LA because she has a photo shoot for her book (it’s easy these days to land your own book deal)…and plans for her big ‘white themed’ party that they’ll be showing next week. While Kyle is shopping with her mother-in-law…she runs into her sister Kim. They start talking, Kim gets emotional when she opens up about her kids not liking her boyfriend. Kyle is worried about her because she’s lost a ton of weight, either way it’s a sad situation…and I’m sure it’s really hard on Kim.

Not much else happened, except for Dana showing off the crazy amounts of money she has…from doing nobody knows what…and proves to us that spending $1million on a diamond lollipop holder is worth every thousand.

The previews for next week look ah-mazing!