The Challenge: Free Agents

It’s that time a year again! My favourite time is challenge time, yep a brand spackin’ new season of MTV’s The Challenge premiers on Thursday April 10th 10pmET.

So instead of being paired up in teams like they usually are, this season is all about going solo. It’ll most likely be one winner for the girls, and one winner for the boys. Either way, it’s going to be cray!

Check out the trailer below.

Battle of the Seasons: Recap!

Cray Cray in Africay! Tonight’s episode of MTV’s The Challenge:Battle of the Seasons started off with the challenge between the final 4 teams.  You know it’s about to be a cray episode when the challenge starts off right at the top of the hour!

The final challenge before the ‘final’ challenge was the one where they get shot off some sort of slide into the water, the one in the previews where we see Zach flying into the air screaming at the top of his lungs. Yep, it sure was a good one to end off with. Teams had to pair up, one person driving the four wheeler that pulls the other teammate who is being shot out from the slide- into the water, and swimming to a dock. The swimmer has to then get onto the dock, which proved challenging for Sarah…ring a bell…and then swim back to shore.

Teams with 4 people would do it twice..and obviously the two person teams (Cancun & Vegas) would use their one score. Dustin and Trishelle go first, which proves to their advantage because Dustin absolutely kills his time, coming in first and winning Team Vegas power team.


Cancun does pretty bad, Derek is winded by the first leg of the swim, he’s slow getting back to the shore. The biggest surprise was Team San Diego. For some reason Ashley stalls the four wheeler, so Frank doesn’t really get shot out of the slide, which has him swimming an even longer distance than everybody else. This causes a huge set back for their team, but they manage to come in second last.


It’s been a BIG turn of events for Team Vegas, after Nany and Alton got booted off, it looked like Vegas was on their way out. Dustin refused to continue on with Trishelle…and Trishelle just blamed Dustin for everything. It comes as a HUGE surprise that they were power team, and had opportunity to choose the other team to go into eliminations with Cancun. Obviously, Vegas chooses San Diego because they hate them and vice versa. It is a pivotal moment for SD because they’ve been running the game thus far, but are now facing the possibility of being sent home.

Team Brooklyn is lookin’ good at this point, with SD being the only other 4 person team and going into the final eliminations, they might start off the final race with the only 4 person squad! They’ve definitely come a long way…and I’m rooting for them.


San Diego (Ashley & Frank) end up beating out Cancun (Jonna & Derek) after a grueling strategy game in the middle of the African desert. Apparently, Jonna let the ‘voices’ get to her head…or maybe because…oh never mind I won’t say it. Chet said it better anyways.

So now that there’s only 3 teams left, they head back to their swanky new apartment, with a bunch of free new Under Armour gear. I swear I would do these challenges for the sole purpose of getting free Under Armour. The next morning is the final race…teams get ready for the hardest thing they’ll ever do in their lives.

I don’t know how this seasons final race is going to top last season’s challenge in freezing Iceland!! I don’t think it can get much worse than having to sleep over night in the middle of the arctic…in a tent. But we’ll have to wait and see.

The teams will start off in the air…Devyn is super excited because she thinks she’s going to fly her way to the finish line. (For your sake Devyn…we hope that’s true). I know TJ was exaggerating the difficulty of this challenge, he says that every season, I have a feeling it will be extremely difficult, but it won’t be as bad as we think. But I’ve been wrong…soo…tune in next week for the finale!



Battle of the Seasons: Final 4!

Welp, I think we can officially declare Team San Diego as winners of The Challenge Battle of the Seasons. Not because they’ve won the final challenge, but because they’re 1 of 2 4-player teams left, and since they’ve controlled the game since day 1…it looks like they’ll go home with the biggest pay check.

Team Brooklyn is still proving why they’re in the final 4 with all 4 of their teammates. This week’s challenge basically ‘bumper ‘cars’ without the cars. Teams had to wear a big tube around them and try to knock the other teams off the big square grid. The first heat was the girls- Team Brooklyn came in first place as they battled with Marie who was runnin’ the show all on her own! Obviously, teams with only 1 male/female were likely to get thrown out first, but if your Team Brooklyn and can’t stand on two legs- then you’re out as well.

The Challenge1

The second heat was for the guys, for some reason JD and Chet couldn’t stand up with the tube around them, they fell down twice in the grid which forced them a DQ. Really sucked for them since the girls did so well, and Team Brooklyn really needed to win power team in this one. Team Vegas came in last place which was a straight ride into the elimination round. San Diego came in first winning power team, and leaving them to decide whose going into the elim. with Vegas.

It’s obvious that their time in Turkey is coming to an end with only a few teams left. It’s around this time where people start going cray and doing things they normally wouldn’t do. Marie goes balls to the wall cray when she finds out her best friend Frank (Team San Diego) is contemplating sending St.Thomas in with Vegas. Zach and Sam don’t care for Marie since Marie pushed Sam into a flowerpot last episode. Zach doesn’t want to get rid of Jonna because…it’s Jonna. And for some reason which I don’t understand, they don’t vote in Team Brooklyn. Team Brooklyn is literally the only team that could legitimately stop San Diego from winning first place. They have a 4 player team…why wouldn’t you try and throw them in one last time? Granted they will probably come back…but still it’s a chance you should be willing to take!

Marie and Frank go at it in what is apparently Jemmye’s old ‘peace’ room, seems like Frank and Marie don’t really care too much about keeping the peace. Also, I feel like Frank’s tears aren’t real. Frank tells Marie not to take it personally, which it isn’t personal, but at the end of the day you’re still a good friend to Marie, why vote her in when you don’t even have to?

Marie gets even ‘cornier’ when the group decides to go clubbing. Finally some fun! They continue their argument at the club…and then a few minutes later, on the bus ride home, the fighting continues. Marie calls Sam a few names I couldn’t piece together, she declares her and Frank are no longer friends and Robb has no choice but to get involved.


Back at the house, the fight is still going, except Marie forgets about Frank and starts pickin’ on JD! Poor little dolphin trainer JD, is just sitting in his cozy hoodie when Marie starts attacking him about his occupation! Then, things get even worse, because really who wants to make Derek angry? (love him) Marie and Derek go at it, until Robb steps in by ripping his shirt off and showing his incredible manly chest. It doesn’t do much because Derek is a firecracker and not backing down. In all honesty, I think Marie was right to be mad at Frank…but she should’ve kept it a teensy bit classier. I think this game really puts your friendships on the chopping block, and whoever were your friends coming into the game, are not necessarily your friends when you leave the game.


Anyways, San Diego puts St.Thomas into the elimination with Vegas. It seemed like a close game, but in the end Team Vegas ended up winning. Really though, St.Thomas should be proud of themselves for sticking around this long, even though they were protected by San Diego, they still held their own.

Next week, with the final 4 teams, they get a surprise from TJ that has them packing their bags, because they’re off to Namibia for the final leg of the challenge. I love that they had to pull out a map to see if it was in Africa.

Battle of the Seasons is coming to an end, but what do we think about the next season of The Challenge? I think it’s going to be a Rookie VS Veteran game, bring back Bananas and Kenny!!



MTV’S The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons CONFIRMED

It’s baaaaaaaaaaack, and it’s official- the new season of MTV’s The Challenge will be the Battle of the Seasons. There’s 4 cast members from a bunch of different Real World seasons- and it’s going to be a CRAZY time!If you watch the Real World episodes, you know the strangers  bring a lot of their drama onto The Challenge, and it usually becomes crazier than The Real World seasons. I’m rooting for one of my favourite seasons- NOLA, Jemm and Knight have some unfinished drama and I’m sure it’s going to blow up on camera. Also Cancun was an amazing season and I hope they end up getting far. I think Danny and his season will definitely be in the top 3 teams- Danny and Melinda were married, they’ve been doing these shows for a long time and will probably have most of the experience.

I can’t wait- the promos literally made my heart skip, I can’t imagine what kind of drama the cast members get themselves into while in beautiful Bodrum, Turkey. UM, also Zach (RW:San Diego) and Jonna (RW:Cancun) making out?!? They make a hot couple though.

Battle of the Seasons premieres on MTV September 19th at 10Pm.

Check out the exclusive TRAILER.


Last night’s episode of the Exes was quite disappointing. It seems every time Johnny is in one of these challenges, he walks away as the winner. Coming in first place, him and Camilla make a cool $150,000 between themselves, CT and Diem fall in second place…and Ty and Emily finish in third.

At least all the teams finished, at one point it looked like CT was going to collapse and die. Him and Diem had a good lead on Johnny and Camilla. I don’t know what got into CT, he just broke down and ran out of gas. Diem was hustling through the snow, and if he had kept up with her they would’ve won.

I have to say, I’m most proud of Ty and Emily who definitely earned their spot on top of the mountain. They went through like 4 or 5 DOME elimination rounds, won each and every one of them, and then fought their way to the finish line. Considering nobody thought they’d be in the final 3…they did amazing.

It looked like the girls were whooping a** last night, Diem was on a roll…her partner CT could barely keep up with her. And Emily was using those long legs to climb through the snow…seriously I thought at one point she would win it all, but her partner Ty was definitely holding her back.

I think if Johnny and Emily were partnered together…they would’ve won the race before any other team even got to the halfway checkpoint.

That’s it for this season,  check out The S**t They Should’ve Shown on or it was actually really funny.

Until next time! xo


The Real World: St Thomas!

It’s official! The 27th season of The Real World is going to be in sunny St.Thomas (U.S Virgin Islands). It should be an amazing season with amazing views, and we hope an amazing pimped out casa!

Production for the new season starts this month, and will probably air in Summer of 2012.

Originally, there were rumours spreading about the new season being in Pittsburgh, but I have to say that picture sells me on St. Thomas. Can’t wait for the new season!

The Jersey Shore Finale

Seriously, Waaaaaaaaaaaah! I’m really upset over the finale of Jersey Shore. This season was actually fun to watch, and it reminded me why we loved the crazies back in Season 1. I’ll admit, Season 4 in Italy was shameful, I think it just left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, and led people to believe Season 5 would suck. And some people still say Season 5 sucked, but merp not me!

The meatballs were in full effect this time around, Deena was as crazier as she’s ever been. Clearly, she wanted to lose it all at the Shore- and that she did. Although Snooki was handicapped by Jionni some nights, she still made sure to do her thang at Karma and Aztec. And although we might’ve thought we lost the V in MVP, Vinny made a quick recovery and returned to the Shore to ultimately have a threesome with 2 lesbians. Deena was right, one of them did look like Matthew Mcconaughey,

It seemed like Jenni was surrounded by ‘housewife problems’ she was always washing the dishes, or cleaning up after the roommates. It looked like she was always in the background, until she decided to take the front seat in Deena’s relationship with Joey.

Mike “The Situation” was legit crazier than ever. I actually don’t know how the roomies put up with him, especially after 5 seasons. He’s disgusting, he’s evil, and he clearly can’t take a joke. When Vinny and Pauly organize the biggest prank of all- turning the entire Shore house inside out…Mike has a hissy fit when his bed is on the upstairs deck. Finally, Pauly and Vinny agree to help him bring his things back into the house, he literally didn’t stop complaining. I mean, come on. The entire time Mike is freaking out that he doesn’t appreciate his belongings being tossed around, Pauly just stands there and looks at him in confusion. I don’t know how Pauly stays so calm.

Ronnie and Sam were pretty much a bore, but then again that’s no surprise. Even when they were fighting and throwing each other’s furniture out the window they managed to bore us all.

Discussing the end of the Jersey Shore is like discussing the end of time. You just don’t want it to ever happen. However, with Snooki’s pregnancy, I don’t see how the show will ever be the same. Deena and Vinny were on HLN the other night, and they were asked if they think MTV would do another season, considering Snooki has a meatball in the oven. Deena got a little defensive saying that the show doesn’t rely on one person, and that they could still shoot the Shore without the Snooks. I can’t see that happening, I love Deena, I was literally on the floor dying of laughter when she was running away from the Tornado. Somehow she thought driving away was a better idea than staying in the house.

But, I doubt the house will be the same without our tanned meatball. I mean, without Snooki, I would’ve never stolen the phrase “Parties heeeeeeeere!”. Vinny was confident that the show wouldn’t be the same either, in answering that same question, he said how the house sort of fell a part when he left, and he was only gone for a week. He said he didn’t think the house would function normally if one person was missing, it’s the dynamic they have as one that makes them so entertaining.

So, I guess we’ll see, hopefully MTV will think of something soon and develop another Jersey Shore season. Wah!

See you all at Karma! xo


Battle Of The Exes: CT and Diem

Best episode of this season!! Crazy, crazy..the episode started off with CT and Diem voting in another couple to face Ty and Emily in the DOME. My bet was on Paula and Dunbar, you could tell from CT’s face it wasn’t the decision he wanted, but obviously he loves Diem and he went with her decision.

They voted in Paula and Dunbar, and for some reason everyone was criticizing them for the decision they made…saying that voting in P and D was the worst decision they could ever make. I really didn’t understand that, but anyways.

Ty and Emily have really impressed me this season, they’ve been in 3 DOMEs and have pulled through, that to me, shows how much they want to be there, and they deserve to be there. Once again, they fight for their spot.

This season, Paula and Dunbar have not impressed me, Dunbar looks fat and bloated, and Paula looked extremely slow compared to Emily who was jetting it through the eliminated round. Ty beat Dunbar and Emily beat Paula, and it was amazing.

The final challenge was definitely the hardest one they’ve been through. A jet plane was parked in front of a grass field, and the exes would have to run through the crazy wind tunnels carrying patio furniture. CT and Diem were the power couple so they were allowed to choose the order of teams. They chose Johnny and Camila which was the smartest thing they’ve done thus far.

Johnny has no strategy, they just jump into it and fail miserably. They’re eliminated because they passed the 20 minute mark. Mark and Robin are next, they can’t finish in under 20 minutes so they’re DQed as well. Ty and Emily do pretty good, coming in around 10 minutes I think.

Finally, our favourite couple CT and Diem prove once again why they should be married. They work so well together, they finished under 20minutes…and then become power couple once again beating out Ty and Emily!

Personally, I wanted CT and Diem to vote in Mark and Robin because they haven’t done much thus far in the game. They’ve been coasting through, and Robin’s annoying excuses about having a son…and bla bla bla only work so far. Obviously, they wanted Ty and Emily to go in, which I didn’t see fair at all, they’ve been through more DOMEs than anyone else, they legit deserve to be there in the final.

CT and Diem vote in Mark and Robin VS Johnny and Camila. It should be an interesting match up since Mark and Johnny have been in an alliance since Day 1. Diem said she just felt so bad she couldn’t vote in Ty and Emily into another DOME, Mark and Robin need to show they deserve to be there. Just because you’re a vet doesn’t mean you don’t have to see an elimination round.

Can’t wait until next week!!

Here’s a look at whose left…

Battle Of The Exes:Meet Me At The Altar!

This season of Battle Of The Exes has been flyin’ by…most likely because we lost 4 teams in 2 weeks…and now the episodes are being dragged on…but meh we’re not complaining!

The season is just getting interesting, with only the best of teams leftover…and it’s really hard to choose a couple that goes into the Dome. This week’s episode had the cutest challenge ever…teams had to basically race to the altar…stopping off at different checkpoints before the big moment.

Obviously, CT and Diem won the challenge making them power couple, the best part was seeing them together at the altar…being the wonderful couple that they are. They were even trending on Twitter during the episode last night. Paula and Dunbar weren’t too far behind, but Dunbar couldn’t run fast enough while carrying Paula in his arms.

Johnny and Camilla were eliminated second to last, they couldn’t finish the two top tiers of the wedding cake…and had to sit out for the rest of the game alongside Ty and Emily.

Ty and Emily were automatically forced into the Dome…and later on CT and Diem debated on who to vote into the Dome with them. While they were deciding, Emily and Camilla decided to play a practical joke on Ty and Paula. Emily put chocolate on her face (disguising as Ty)…and Camilla painted herself white to play Paula. They were mimicking all the things Ty and Paula would say to one another, however nobody found it funny. Ty was instantly upset, Paula didn’t really care for it, and the rest of the house was a little confused. Right away everyone attacked Emily, which was ridiculous because she was just making a joke. It’s clear that she didn’t do it out of ill will, but Ty is clearly over emotional and took it the wrong way. Some people were saying it was extremely ‘racist’ which is crazy because you could tell they just wanted to make everyone laugh.

Ty ran to his room and started packing, saying he wanted to leave that night. The boys try to calm him down, and make him stay one more night. Emily is freaking out because she’s so close to the finals, she doesn’t want to see her partner go…which would probably send her home as well.

In the morning, Ty sees clearly, and he talks it out with Emily, they’re fine and still in the game. In the end, CT and Diem finally make their decision, however the episode finishes…and we have to wait until next week to find out who they vote in. My guess is Paula and Dunbar.

Here’s a look at whose left.


Battle Of The Exes: Las Vegas Shut Down!

I don’t understand how these episodes keep getting better and better. It’s probably because couples are getting disqualified at a very fast and abnormal rate!! Last week it was Sarah and Vinny who was sent home (after Vinny pulled down Mandi’s top in a club) Sucks for Sarah since she had no part in his creepy drunk ways.

This week, the episode opens up with Dustin injured and Heather by his side. We find out Dustin was just running around the house (I’m assuming for exercise) and he slipped on the rock-hard stairs outside. He cut his knee open…and there was blood everywhere! I couldn’t watch. Anyways, he gets sent to the hospital returns with some stitches…and all is good.

Um…no. Right before Dustin and Heather are about to compete, TJ tells them Dustin is unable to continue on with the challenge since his knee can’t be in water…so because he can’t compete he has to go home. Heather being his partner and because she has no other exes (Not true her and Nany made out in Vegas) she has to go home as well. This sucks!

So the challenge was the most amazing challenge I’d ever seen. Couples were put on this wooden board hanging on top of the cliff. TJ had to ask them questions, if they answered wrong the board would throw them off and into the water below. It was amazing! Some of the answers the couples gave were ridiculous. Couples couldn’t help each other out…TJ would ask one ex a question…and another question to the other ex. So you basically were on your own.

Seriously, Noami and LeRoy had the hardest questions!! I didn’t even know the answers to them. Anyways, LeRoy and Naomi fight out the last position with Abram and CaraMaria. The power couple competition was between Rachel and Aneesa (she was injured and Rachel was by herself in the final) and Dunbar and Paula. Dunbar and Paula win their round so they’re in first place.

Wah! LeRoy and Naomi lose to the craziest couple…and they’re sent to the DOME again.

Back at the house, Paula and Dunbar decide who to send into the DOME with LeRoy and Naomi. They choose Emily and Ty (since Emily is the strongest female competitor by far). Paula is obviously scared s***less.

Emily is totally pissed off that Paula would vote her in. I get that Paula’s worried and all, but I think it’s too early to be sending someone powerful like Emily into an elimination round. Now she’s out to get you Paula! I don’t get why they didn’t vote in Jaz and Tyrie.

Anyways, sad to see them go but LeRoy and Naomi were defeated in the DOME challenge which looked freakin’ hard!! Sucks for the Las Vegas season, both couples were eliminated in one episode! That’s crazy! God I love this show.

Here’s a look at whose left.