VOTE: Who Will Be the Next Supreme Witch?

Let’s get right into the down and dirty of this week’s American Horror Story:Coven. The title pretty much says it all- we’re going to see a witch burn! The episode was jam packed with craziness, Zoe fights off the swarm of zombies, Delia recovers in the shadiest hospital and Queenie uses her voodoo to set up big bad Red.


After all that, I think the burning question is still- Who is going to be supreme?

In this week’s episode, all the girls get the chance to show off their fighting skill. At different moments it’s easy to assume one girl might be supreme…but then the guesses are put aside when Jessica Lange graces the screen and proves once again she’s a boss ass b****.

So we’re taking in votes- Who do you think will be the next Supreme Witch?

AHS: COVEN “Burn, Witch Burn!”

Wednesday’s are my new fave day because of American Horror Story. Tonight there is an all new episode called ‘Burn, Witch Burn!’…we’ll find out what happened to Delia in the bar bathroom, maybe more about her psychotic husband, it looked like he was really pissed off at whoever burned her face.

American Horror Story: Coven airs Wednesday nights on FX / FX Canada at 10pm/EST.

American Horror Story: ‘The Replacements’ RECAP

Okay, we need to talk about this. WTF went down last night on American Horror Story? Is this episode called ‘The Replacements’ because everyone is being replaced? Oh- guess I should mention…SPOILER ALERTS!

The Fam

It’s 1971, and Fiona is a young, beautiful witch. She’s having a conversation with an older woman who we find out is the supreme witch of her generation. Fiona doesn’t partake in activities with the other witches, her focus is being a supreme and proving to the elderly she has what it takes. But the old woman laughs Fiona off, reminding her what she had to go through to become a supreme.

Then Fiona fights back, the old woman is dying she says, she has diabetes and heart problems, she’s not fit to be a supreme anymore. Then Fiona cuts the old woman’s throat and kills her on the living room floor of Miss Robichaux’s. The camera zooms out and we can see Spalding (the butler) watching over her.

Jump back to the present, Fiona’s sitting at a bar looking stunning as always. Her voice drifts in with a beautiful monologue voice over I wish I could remember. Then we see a handsome guy, he looks over in her direction, then starts walking towards her. She talks about being young and being sexy, how every man wanted her, “My partners have been princes and starving artists, Greek gods and clowns.” All the men she had, thought they were leading her, but to Fiona they were just ‘primitive, beautiful animals’, so she led them by the collar. And then the camera zooms out and the handsome man has arrived at his target point, a group of young girls, while Fiona is in the background by the bar, watching them. It was such an amazing scene, everything she is, everything she is about is literally summed up in that 20 second monologue. I love this show.


After Delia finds out she for sure can’t have any kids, her only option is to visit Marie (Angela Bassett). Marie tells her she can do the fertility spell, then the episode cuts into a video montage of Marie acting out the spell in a weird ‘dancing circle with semen on a fire act’. It cuts back to her salon and Delia is worried but excited. Then Marie tells her it will cost 50k…Delia swears she will somehow come up with the money. Then Marie tells her…she won’t do the spell. Ever. Marie tells Delia she will never do anything for her because Delia’s mother is her sworn enemy. Delia sits there with tears in her eyes.

After Zoe meets Kyle’s mother she decides she’s going to bring Kyle back to her. The mother admits she was ready to hang herself when she got the phone call from Zoe. Meanwhile, Misty and Kyle are back inside the cabin. Misty is blasting Stevie Nicks, who apparently made all these songs about witches and spirits and is Ryan Murphy’s close friend, so now they’re using her music. Zoe arrives to pick up her boyfriend, Misty shows off Kyle’s scars- or lack there of. He’s almost fully healed, well his body, he’s still a mute motionless man. Zoe picks him up and promises she’ll return for Misty. Only Misty doesn’t believe her.

Back to Miss Robichaux’s house, there’s a new neighbour in town and he is smokin’ hot! The girls are spying on him while he’s shirtless, until his mother walks up and sees them watching. She yells at him to come back in the house and put a shirt on. It sparked an interesting conversation between the girls. Nan confidently admits she’s not a virgin, Queenie on the other hand proclaimed she was saving herself for someone special. And Madison…we already know the answer to that. Later, Nan decides to bake a cake for the hottie and take it over. Her and Madison show up at the house, the mother is apalled by Madison’s wardrobe, Nan is too cute, she totally reads hot guy’s mind. (I think I want that superpower) He loves the cake and hates the attention Madison is craving. Ohhhh yeahh, hot guys a good guy!


Hot guy’s mom is a crazy church lady, after Madison uses her witch powers to throw the knife to the wall, the mother demands the they leave her house immediately. On the way out, Madison lights the curtains on fire, Nan looks at her, “I didn’t know you could do that” Madison replies, “Me either”. Does this mean Madison could be the next supreme? She can throw things and light things on fire…she has two powers…this isn’t looking good for Fiona.

Kathy Bates was by far the funniest thing on last night’s episode. She’s starring at the TV…balling her eyes out as she watches President Obama deliver a speech. She’s not crying because she’s proud, she’s crying because a black man is being named President. She doesn’t believe it until Fiona walks in and tells her what she’s missed over the last century.

Zoe returns Kyle back to his mother. She leaves them alone. Kyle’s mother is crazy, after seeing him in the shower she asks him where his body came from. He looks bigger, he doesn’t look like the boy she knew. And boy did she ‘raise’ him…she starts touching Kyle in all the wrong places and we see a better picture of Kyle’s background. Later, when he can’t take it anymore, he whacks his mother to death with an old sports trophy. Zoe visits him a few hours later, she sees his mother’s dead body…and then sees him covered in blood.

Back at the house, Kathy Bates and Queenie are fixing dinner. Correction, Kathy Bates is now a house slave for Queenie….oh how the roles have been reversed. Queenie demands Kathy bake her a peach cobbler…while they’re busy yapping away at each other, they hear a grunt coming from outside. Kathy Bates knows right away who it is. It’s the half bull half man guy at her door!

Queenie yells at Kathy to go upstairs, she’ll take care of this. Queenie steps outisde, at first it looks like she’s got everything under control- and then she starts looking afraid. She calls the animal over, and lures him into the backyard area. Then out of nowhere, she starts touching herself!!! I guess she tries to turn the bull on? It looks like he’s feeling it, until the bull gets behind her…and then grabs her face. Cut Scene! Whaaaaaaaat?!?!!?

Finally, Fiona decides to spend some quality time with Madison. She finds out that Madison lit the curtains on fire and is immediately suspicious new girl might be the new supreme. They spend a night on the town getting hammered, except Madison is actually downing the shots and Fiona is just pretending to drink. [Side Note: Fiona visits her doctor earlier and finds out she has cancer, her immune system is shutting down, she’s dying.]


Then, the unthinkable happens. Fiona and Madison return home, they start talking and Fiona admits to Madison that she might be the next supreme. Madison laughs it off. Fiona grabs the knife (they’re standing in the same spot where Fiona killed the elderly supreme) she begs Madison to kill her. She’s already dying and wants to die. Madison calls her crazy she refuses to grab the knife, in the scuffle of screaming and pushing, Fiona slices Madison’s throat and the young girl falls to the floor. Spalding is standing in the doorway, in the same spot…watching Fiona. She walks over to him, he hands her a tissue to wipe the blood away from the knife. She takes seat and says, ‘We don’t need a new supreme, we need a new rug’.

The End.

WTF? So wait are all the young witches except for Nan about to die? Is Madison really dead? What are your thoughts?

New Season of American Horror Story!

american-horror-storyWe got word yesterday surrounding the new season of American Horror Story. Every season has a new theme and apparently this season is titled, American Horror Story: Coven. It’s said to be filming all over the country but will take place in New Orleans.

New Orleans witch stories? OMG this is going to be good!

Along with the new theme, is a lineup of famous actors joining the cast. There’s Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe and Patti LuPone.

Season 3 of American Horror Story will premiere on FX sometime in October 2013.

American Horror Story RECAP

It’s been a few episodes since we last wrote on the spine chilling new season of FX’s American Horror Story. A lot has happened, but it really feels like nothings happened since all the characters keep going around and around in a circle of doom.

The episode for this week is titled ‘Deliverance’. The ‘angel of death’ or as she called herself, ‘Shachath’  which means ‘destroy’ or ‘spoil’ in Ancient Aramaic, makes an appearance numerous times to save our main characters from the tragedy that is their lives. Shachath is the same woman that played the grandma maid last season (loved her storyline). Anyways, she’s back in black and appears whenever anyone is in despair/finding a way to kill themselves. Like Lana who as it turns out hasn’t suffered enough, now she is being sexed up by Briarcliff’s pshychiatrist/secretly Bloodyface.

We find out that when Dr.Thredson saves Lana from the asylum, he has another plan for her.  Apparently, he’s had his eye on her since the beginning of the Kit Walker prosecution. She reminded him of his mother, more so because he is psychotic and holds his mother who abandoned him responsible for everything in his life. Apparently, he’s always wanted to have sex with his mother who Lana is pretending to ‘play’…and it’s here where she begs for her life to just end. It’s American Horror Story so obviously something much worse is about to happen to Lana. When Thredson comes back downstairs Lana is ready to attack him, she gets away and escapes the house. We find her back on a dark and empty road until a car pulls up and she doesn’t hesitate to get in. The driver is played by the burnt guy from last season, he’s playing another crazy person this season. Lana soon realizes he’s violent and has a hatred for women- mainly his wife who just left him. Before Lana can jump out of the car he shoots himself and the car goes crashing.

Jude gets booted out of Briarcliff and can finally take off the hideous smelly looking polyester black nun uniform. Lady in Red is back again, but she’s suffering from flashbacks of the night she ran over the little girl. Still doesn’t make sense to me why a little girl was walking on a street on her own but whatevs. Jude ends up tracking the home of the girl she thought she had killed. She pretends to be an old teacher of her’s…but finds out the girl is alive! She was never dead…she’s alive, a nurse and a mother. Welp, now that that’s settled it’s time for a drank!

So there’s a whole lot that happened in this episode. And like always, it’s hard to explain what went down, why it went down and WTF did those bloody letters mean? From the beginning of this season it’s obvious a lot of the storylines were driven from different aspects of religion. Early on we got to see Sister Mary basically get trampled by the ‘devil’. As the audience we know that the devil is living inside her, but nobody else knows this. She’s been sort of MIA throughout the season, but once Sister Jude is thrown out she resumes the roll of head nun at Briarcliff. Her evil is in full force, she attacks Dr.Arden threatening him to fix up whatever he ‘did’ to Grace, and freaks out when she sees three bloody letters on the wall in the kitchen. Oh, and her and angel of death are long lost cousins. Say what?

Somehow, the bologne cutter dude summoned the angel of death…and Sister Mary aka The Devil is super angry/secretly scared there’s another supernatural presence lurking around. Unless the blood read ‘Hey ‘Cuz!’ sister Mary has got a serious problem on her devilish hands.

Grace is on the verge of death and it’s alright because there’s really nothing else for her. Besides, she really did kill her entire family so she is a complete looney serial killer! Something crazy happened to Grace- she was probably abducted by the aliens because she’s had a mysterious hysterectomy…and Dr.Arden wasn’t behind it. Her womanly insides are gone and she’s about to die, the angel of death is all ready to spread her wings and let her be gone…but Grace is brought back by one of the nurses. Dr.Arden is presumed to be the sloppy surgeon, he wasn’t, but instead of having a bad track record he fixes Grace up and gives her a shot so her infections heal. Duh, it’s obviously the aliens sloppy work with their slimy long fingers.

Grace is in the kitchen because she can’t sleep anymore. Kit is on the run and he returns to Briarcliff to see Grace via the secret underground entrance. It’s also where the mysterious Briarcliff monster resides, so Kit has to make a run for it while the monster chases him. Kit makes it into the kitchen, him and Grace reunite but not for long. One of the nurses walks in on them, but just then the monster pounces on the nurse and kills her. The monster runs toward Kit but he’s obviously trained at killing monsters so it wasn’t an issue for him. A security guard runs in and sees Kit holding the monster’s guts, he  shoots Kit but Grace jumps in front of him and takes the bullet. She’s dead.

The police have no other choice but to bring Lana back to Briarcliff after the accident!! Sister Mary explains Jude is no longer with them, Lana tells Mary that Dr.Thredson is Bloodyface but she doesn’t really believer her. She forces Lana to take her pills…and it feels like Lana is right where she started off. Because really whose going to believe her crazy ass over the handsome Dr.Thredson.

So what I really want to know is what happens to Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan…is retired Dr.Thredson still living in Briarcliff?

When are we going to see the aliens? Because they definitely are aliens as we saw a shadow in Grace’s eye (yes I played back frame by frame).

Lastly, with Season 2 of American Horror Story:Asylum coming to an end which season was more O-M-G worthy?