The Walking Dead: Mid-Season Finale Recap

I guess this is the part where we recap last night’s episode of The Walking Dead ‘Start to Finish’ which was the mid-season finale. So now that we’re halfway through another nail-biting season, I can officially announce that this has been the most ‘blah’ season of all time. I know, people will disagree, people will riot, but people are allowed their own opinions people! So let me finish.


To be fair, my slippery slope didn’t start at the beginning of this season, in fact it started after the mid-season finale of last season where Beth is brutally murdered in front of the people that just spent an entire half season looking for her! And if that wasn’t bad enough, the only potential love story between Daryl and Beth was now over, so I was like wtf?

But you know, for the sake of all work related Walking Dead conversations and Twitter-verse debates, I tuned in and kept up with the show. Just so you have an idea, I cried more over Beth than I did for the Red Wedding. Which brings me to why I had trouble believing this season. Now that we’re (hopefully) over ‘Is Glenn dead or not dead’ waste of a storyline, it became this huge ‘Glenn Snow’ debacle because much like the popular Game of Thrones character Jon Snow, nobody believed Glenn was really dead. Which in my opinion, made this show a joke for the way Glenn did escape from that deathly alleyway. Read our rant about that here: But really, how the F did he survive that thing? And how did the zombies retreat so quickly? I’m still wondering about that, because in comparison to Alexandria, those zombies didn’t let up on the wall, they were just chillin’ out. Seems a little too convenient. Which is the perfect word to describe this entire front half of the season – convenient. Convenient for Rick’s stupid ass plan to herd the zombies away from Alexandria and that stupid horn goes off, convenient for Glenn to magically land under Nicholas and then crawling under a dumpster, convenient for the mid-season finale that the entire tower falls, and finally convenient that our entire veteran cast is tripping over themselves as if they’ve never walked before. What was up with that? Carol dropping her ammo? Like no, our characters are smarter than that and stop creating all these fake intense moments that shouldn’t be happening.

I don’t mean to rant, The Walking Dead was one of my favourite shows, but when I start to feel like I’m being duped and forced to feel a certain way  that isn’t authentic to our characters, that’s when I get annoyed, and that’s when I rant. The Walking Dead has never been cheesy, it’s been gory, it’s been ‘comic booky’, but it’s never been cheesy, and that all changed this season. Please comment and argue with me if you disagree!

Now, about that mid-season finale. Some people were freaking out because nobody died, I think it’s pretty sad that you’ve created a show where people only get excited when people die. It shouldn’t be about that, but that just means you’re writing is on a downhill slope. Nevertheless, we did have one death, albeit someone who we didn’t really care about – Deanna. I love her, I’ve loved her character from the beginning, and her finals words last night were beautiful. She goes out admitting she had a great life, she did what she loved to do right up until the end and there’s nothing more you could ask for. It was sad, but it was like ‘meh’ someone had to die, glad it wasn’t Maggie.

The episode was definitely intense, but there were some moments where again I felt like they were forcing me to feel some type of way. Like when Maggie’s crawling to the ladder and then the ladder falls off and then she’s clinging on and it’s like 45-seconds of intense music and obviously they’re not going to kill her! Stop trying to kill off the entire Greene family, and stop trying to kill Glenn! And don’t you dare try killing Glenn when Negan comes a knockin’! And then we had Carol running and she trips and all her bullets go flying – like wtf is going on? Is cobblestone that hard to walk on? They’re walking like they’re in 6-inch stilettos on cobblestone in the meatpacking distract.

Things get a whole lot worse when everyone is separated, Rick/Michonne/Deanna/Gabriel/Carl/Jesse/Ron run into Jesse’s house, but after Carl and Ron fight it out in the garage the walkers respond to the noise from the fight and run straight for the garage. Obviously time is of the essence and Rick FINALLY, FINALLY brings back the genius idea of covering themselves with zombie guts to walk through and escape the zombie herd.

So this is where things go really bad. Carol is locked up with Morgan after she finds out about that Wolf guy hiding in another home. She’s furious with him but he won’t let her kill the wolf guy. She pretends to be sleeping and she escapes and runs into the house that the wolf guy is tied up in. Except wolf guy is all busy with doctor girl because he’s totally trying to sneak attack her, but when Carol walks in you’re all like ‘phew all is good now’ but then Morgan catches up to her and they fight it out until Morgan knocks out Carol, and then wolf guy (surprise he’s not chained anymore) hits Morgan over the head and knocks him out. So you’re all idiots, basically. Then Tara/Army girl/Eugene stumble in and they’re all like pointing their guns to the wolf guy, but now he’s got the doctor girl in a headlock, and they’re idiots to so they drop their guns and let wolf guy run out with doctor girl. So we’ve established that we all hate Morgan now, but what about the others? Why can’t anyone except for Carol get sh** done??!!


The final scene of the mid-season finale is a shot of the gang walking out of Jesse’s home covered in zombie guts, this is always a favourite scene of mine to see the zombies sort of sniffing at the humans unsure if they want to eat them or not. It’s totally nerve wracking and probably the best scene of the episode. It draws on a bit, and then in the end sissy boy aka Sam blurts out ‘mom, mom’ is this kid stupid? Does he not realize they’re surrounded by 50 zombies who might be tricked by smell but definitely not sound. Should be fun to see how that resolves when The Walking Dead returns in February.

But also, it’s important to mention there was a sneak peek of the February premiere a few minutes into AMC’s Badlands. Check out the promo below. It’s a chilling scene as we see a group of bikers who force Daryl to stop the truck (why didn’t they just run them over?), one of the bikers has a monologue in which he states everything that belongs to them now belongs to Negan. And there you have it, the baddest and biggest villain from the comic books will make his appearance in the back end of this season.

What do you guys think? Those bikers didn’t have W’s on their foreheads, does that mean the wolves is a complete separate gang from Negan’s? Why didn’t Glenn tell anyone else Maggie was pregnant? And why is Gabriel still on the payroll?

Hopefully these questions and more are answered when The Walking Dead returns on AMC in February 2016.



The Walking Dead: Season 6

The season six premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead is this Sunday October 11th and with a bunch of released trailers we can already tell it’s going to be a psychotic ride. Do we expect anything less?

Check out the trailers we’ve compiled below.

Published July 10th 2015

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Published September 27th 2015

TV Fall Preview

It’s about that time of the year when all the good shows are back in business (exclude: Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black) with a full schedule lined up, it won’t be a surprise when the streets seem a little emptier.

Here are some of the upcoming shows we’re excited about and when you can expect them to premiere:

fox,scream queens

Scream Queens (Sept 22)

The only show on this list that’s a series premiere this season. It is the highly anticipated new series by AHS creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. There’s a murder, there’s a college campus and a bitchy sorority, mixed in with a star studded cast and we’ve got a potential hit on our bloody hands. Look out for Nick Jonas, Emma Roberts and Ariana Grande.

How to Get Away with Murder (Sept 24)

Last season’s explosive and shocking finale left us all wondering who dunn’ it…again! How do these people keep killing people and making it all so shocking? I’m going to blame Shonda Rhimes because she’s the genius behind this show (also Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy) I really appreciated the storytelling of the first season, it’s such a smart show and very thought out. Once you figure out what’s a flashback and what’s not…you’re good to go.

Empire (Sept 23)


Arguably the most popular show of last season, Empire follows Lucious Lyon (sort of a Puff Daddy or Russell Simmons persona) as he continues to run his empire with his three sons and cray cray ex-wife Cookie played by Taraji P. Henson. Although the show’s on FOX, okay I really shouldn’t say that because they brought us The O.C and that was the greatest gift from God. But for a primetime show that doesn’t have a big budget like HBO or Showtime, it’s pretty freakin’ entertaining! The writing is borderline soap opera but still fun to watch. And the music is on point people! Also, the drama is always hot and Cookie is always crazy.

Homeland (Oct 4)

I feel like Homeland continuously blows minds, and it has been since the first season. Homeland has evolved into really, a completely different story and I love that the writers were able to do that in the aftermath of a major character death. There is definitely a challenge in keeping this show as entertaining as it is. It takes place in present day, within the confines of reality. It’s not in a mystical world, it doesn’t depend on zombies or dragons to bring that greater than life feel. It’s straight up real world drama, politics, war…and motherhood. Which leads me to Claire Danes, who is phenomenal in this series. I honestly believe she’s crazy in real life, because nobody can play crazy that good and still be faking it.

The Affair (Oct 4)


One of my favourite picks from last seasons line up. The Affair also proved that HBO and Showtime are full out going head to head bringing us the most diverse and entertaining shows on our screens. The Affair follows 2 couples, the man from the city falls in love with the girl from Montauk, that sort of thing. But here’s what they did differently, and what makes the show that much better. You know how everyone has their own version of events, or you notice something that the next person doesn’t notice. The Affair cuts between ‘his story’ and ‘her story’ one coming after the other in the episode. They’re never being juxtaposed. And you notice things in his version that never happened in hers. (eg. In his version she is much more aggressive and wants to pursue him even though he’s a married man. In her version he’s the pursuer and she’s holding back) It’s a very unique way of telling the story, even though we’ve seen our fare share of affairs on screen.

American Horror Story: Hotel (Oct 7)

Lady Gaga kicks off the new season of AHS playing a matriarchal figure in the season, aka the boss ass bitch. Which comes at a good time as our usual ‘mama dearest’ role was played by Jessica Lange who left after last season. So what do we know about all the characters this season? Not a whole lot, but we do know there are a ton of new actors filling up roles. Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett are back again, and the whole season is taking place in a hotel. Hello, The Shining, this season is going to be crazy. But I said that about last years Freak Show and it turned out to be my least favourite.

The Walking Dead (Oct 11)

If you haven’t been watching Fear the Walking Dead you’re missing out on a whole new experience in zombie watching. It is such a different show, the world is completely different because we get to see what went down before all the zombies. It’s been nice watching Fear as it’s become like the appetizer dish to the full course meal that is The Walking Dead. So apparently everything’s going down this season, Morgan’s back and those wolf people know about Alexandria. So yeah it’s probably going to be a crazy season. Just please don’t kill Beth, oh right you guys already did that and ruined everything.

Kingdom (Oct 14)


If anyone wants to see Nick Jonas perma sweating and half naked this show is for you! But for real, this show has an amazing first season, taking place in an MMA gym in Venice Beach. Trust me just watch it, the drama is all good.


So what do you guys think? Will you give any of these shows a shot? Let us know what you think or what you think we should be watching this fall.

The Walking Dead Mid Season Finale

I don’t think I’ve been this upset over a character’s death since probably Sophia back in season 2. Even looking back on some of the epic deaths in HBO’s Game of Thrones doesn’t compare to the absolute disheartening feeling watching Daryl carry Beth’s lifeless body out of the hospital. I just couldn’t believe this entire half season led to this moment, and I found myself more angry than sad as the hours went by.

First of all, I’d like to say that I haven’t always been a Beth supporter. I mean realistically, who has? Some people didn’t even know who she was until this season when she became a key focus in the show. This season, saving Beth was the main mission, alongside Eugene and his hopes of finding a cure in Washington. But let’s put aside all the useless characters The Walking Dead has adopted over the last little while (after last night’s boring sibling conversation I’m looking at you Tyreese) I want to talk about why I felt Beth’s death was unjust.


Looking back over the past year, our characters have really been all over the place. Since the prison’s downfall, stories have been all over, and last season’s Terminus checkpoint was the biggest waste of the entire series. They spent all this time building up to it, and then it was over in a blink of an eye. Yes, they moved on from it quickly, and yes we saw the return of Carol but I just felt like it was another wasted step. Having watched last night’s episode, and seeing what the end result of all this was, I feel like this to was a waste. Someone on Twitter mentioned that for this hospital storyline to end this way, was truly a waste of time. Nothing was solved, nothing got done, why did Beth have to die? It was supposed to be a rescue mission, this wasn’t supposed to happen. This is where my allegiance to the show is truly tested. Did they kill Beth off because they wanted this big bang for their mid-season finale? Or did they legitimately have to kill a character because it was time and that character’s arc was fulfilled?

I’m choosing to believe the first option because I don’t feel like Beth’s character was anywhere near being done. She had so much potential, I really loved the idea of her and Daryl, she brought a sense of hope to the show and the way it all went down just didn’t feel right. There are so many other characters who I would’ve been okay to let go, even in that moment as they were trading people I was okay with Carol not making it through. I told myself she’s been through so much, she saved the entire gang at Terminus, she’s had an amazing run and it’d be okay if she didn’t make it. Same goes for Hershel and Andrea, when they died it felt like it was the right timing. As I was discussing last night’s finale with a friend, the idea of Beth going through something more traumatic than she experienced would’ve made for a more meaningful ending. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but if Beth suffered more at the hospital, the audience might’ve understood her intentions and rationale when she attacked Dawn with the scissors. Instead she was left with a few stitches, and not a whole lot of reasons to put her life and her crews life in jeopardy when she attacked Dawn. It seemed like it was for nothing.

For some reason there was a higher stake on Beth’s head, and looking back on it now there were some signs pointing to her death. The way Michonne smiled at Maggie when she told her Beth was still alive. Um, have you seen Michonne? That girl never smiles, finally she’s smiling and finally Maggie is remembering she has a sister, oh but don’t get too excited because she’ll be dead in minutes! Of course it was coming, how did we not see this? Everything about that ending in the hallway was absolutely gut wrenching.

What’s next for the gang. For me, I am totally okay with letting my emotions have some time off before the remaining half of the season resumes in February. But when it does, will the gang be able to move on from this? I’m wondering if there will be any backlash from the decision between trading people or just attacking the hospital (which was Rick’s original plan) I have no idea what’s going to happen when the show returns, as of right now my little inner Walking Dead fire has burnt out and I’m pretty let down.

What’s the verdict people? Is there ever a good time/moment for a character to die? Did it make sense for the writers to kill off Beth the way they did? Pauly D has it all right.


Side Pieces:

– Beth you really showed your inner Beyonce this season but girl wtf? were you trying to accomplish by stabbing Dawn with a pair of scissors!?

– As soon as the episode started off with Rick running Bob over with the police cruiser, I knew someone was going to die by the end of the episode. The writers on this show never give us anything satisfying without a pinch of something absolutely devastating

– Noah and Father Gabriel the most useless and ‘extra’ people on this show. If the writer’s think they will somehow get us to like them next season, they are actually delusional. It’s going to be hard not to blame Noah for Beth’s death

– Maggie I’m glad you finally realized you had a missing sister, but it’s too late ( Lauren Cohan’s interview on The Talking Dead about losing Beth’s character was too emotional to watch. Waterworks.)

– I love how the show ended off with Morgan, and by love I really mean are they really trying to distract us from KILLING BETH by showing creepy Morgan. Get outta here!

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The Walking Dead: Season 5 Trailer!

Here it is! Fresh off the Comic-Con press the new season 5 trailer of AMC’s The Walking Dead.



The Walking Dead: ‘Infected’ RECAP

Episode 2 of the fourth season of The Walking Dead, really it should be called “everyone dies” because everyone dies.

We find out that someone’s been sabotaging the prison’s defenses by feeding the zombies dead mice. No idea who this can be…honestly my guess is on the little girl Lizzie.

Tyreese and Karen have got it going on. They are totally inseparable, finding any downtime to cuddle and get funky. This is The Walking Dead, nobody’s allowed to be happy, nobody’s allowed to find love, unless you’re Maggie and Glenn. The scene in the beginning of the episode with Karen was the craziest 45 seconds of TV. We know that Patrick has turned into a zombie, and he’s probably somewhere in the bathroom. She walks through the shower area and you’re just waiting for Patrick to pop out and eat her! But he doesn’t….what she does do is wake him up which leads to the massacre of D-Block. Karen

Like the worst thing that can happen in the prison basically happened. While everyone is sound asleep, Zombie Patrick makes his way through the dark halls, basically to any cell of his choosing. He lurks behind Karen, and you’re holding your breath as she gets into bed for what she thinks is going to be a good night’s sleep. Patrick passes Karen’s cell and goes to another where he bites into some guy whose sound asleep. The worst part is, the guy doesn’t even scream so nobody else knows anything is wrong. I spent 15 minutes debating whether or not you could still scream when a zombies biting into your neck. I feel like he could’ve at least made a yelp, and why aren’t people closing their cell doors?? These are the things I think about.

So one guys down, and of course Patrick gives up on him just in time for that guy to turn into a zombie. And then the feeding frenzy continues. In the other block, Rick is already up feeding his baby girl. He wakes up Carl so they can go feed the pigs. Michonne is already outside ready to take on her daily journey. We also find out that guns are prohibited in the prison,

Rick has taken Carl’s gun away as well as his own. Michonne’s already outside at this point, they hear gunshot’s from the prison, Rick turns around and makes a run for it. Carl hangs back with Maggie as they try and get Michonne back inside. There’s zombies all around her and I don’t even know how she gets out of this one. She leaves her horse at the gate and then two zombies jump on her, she trips and falls back, but Carl has got his hands on a rifle and thankfully shoots one in the head. They manage to get Michonne in but she’s injured. Not like zombie injured, she just has a sprained ankle.


Beth and Michonne have a surprising moment. There aren’t many scenes I enjoy with ninja girl, but this one had me in tears. Beth is tending to Michonne’s sprained ankle, and Beth can’t take care of both of them so she hands baby Judith over to Michonne. At first, she’s cold and holds the baby back, but after a few seconds she brings the baby closer and holds onto her. She starts sobbing, and this is the realest we’ve ever seen Michonne. She’s such a comic book character that I think it’s easy to forget she was a real person before all of this. She’s always been strong and cold, so it’s refreshing to see her vulnerable and real. But there’s no time for tears because everyone is dying!!

Everyone is going crazy inside D-Block, the boys are already there with their weapons trying to get everyone out. By this point there’s like 5 zombies…more people dead…more people trying to escape. Once the zombies are dead, Rick and Daryl walk through the cells to kill anyone that’s been bitten. Carol is with Lizzie and Mika’s father, he has a bite on his arm and Carol is all ready to amputate. Then she turns him around and he’s got a bite on his neck. So basically it’s over for the big guy. She calls his two girls in to say goodbye, Lizzie volunteers to be the one to kill him, but then she chickens out and Carol does the dirty.

On The Talking Dead Executive Producer Greg Nicotero said that there were about 45 people in the prison, up until the massacre which brought it down to about 30 people. That gives us a better understanding of how many people were lost, and how many people were brought over from Woodbury. I didn’t think it was that many people.

The bodies are wrapped up in blankets, and the council comes together to discuss the outbreak. They think it might be an airborne infection, in which case everyone needs to be isolated, people can’t be sleeping in close quarters. It seems like the virus starts off with bad flu like symptoms and then escalates rapidly into death and then into zombie form. As if on cue, they hear someone coughing down the hall. It’s Karen and she’s all white and sweaty. Tyreese gets defensive and says it’s probably just a cold. Hershel doesn’t buy it, he tells them that’s how this infection can start. Karen needs to be isolated, she gives a name of another cell mate who was coughing earlier.

Meanwhile, outside, Daryl and Rick are putting the bodies into graves. Just when they thought they were done with the drama of the day, they hear a shout coming from the fences. There’s a huge swarm of zombies piling into the exterior fence and it looks like it’s coming down. They rush over but there’s way too many zombies. Rick has the idea of luring them away from the fence with his pigs. Ugh, it was just too much sadness going on in this episode. Sitting on the back of a pickup, Rick would take a pig cut it and then leave it for the zombies. basically making a trail that led away from the fence. It worked but now we have no more piggies…wah!


In the end I don’t think it mattered if the pigs lived or died, Rick was worried the pigs were infected, so he was going to kill them anyway. Rick just doesn’t look good, he’s covered in blood and sweat, he looks horrible…I mean he doesn’t look horrible but he just looks miserable. He pours gasoline over the pig area and sets it on fire. BTW, I really enjoyed the shirtless shot…we never get to see that! If it takes a massacre for Andrew Lincoln to take his shirt off…I’m all for infestations and airborne diseases.

Tyreese is holding a bouquet of flowers as he’s on his way to visit Karen in isolation. When he gets there her cell is covered in blood, and there’s a trace of blood leading to a door. That door leads to the outside where he finds two bodies completely charred, someone set Karen and the other dude on fire… but nobody knows who. My bet is on Hershel.

Breaking Bad Spin Off!

Yesterday, the network announced officially that AMC will have a spin off show based around the character of Saul Goodman. The show, unofficially titled ‘Better Call Saul’ will be a prequel to the Breaking Bad series.


The network and studio said in a joint statement, ‘Plans call for Saul to be a one-hour prequel that will focus on the evolution of the popular Saul Goodman character [played by Bob Odenkirk] before he ever became Walter White’s lawyer’.

I think there are other characters they can do a prequel on….but I’m sure this will be just as impressive.

Vince Gilligan will not be the captain of the new show, instead Breaking Bad writer and producer Peter Gould will be running things, and we’re sure he’ll do a fine job.

The Breaking Bad series finale will air Sunday September 29th 2013.

Until then, happy Breaking Bad Sundays!

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Trailer

Straight from the San Diego Comic Con, The Walking Dead Season 4 trailer has arrived! It’s our first glimpse at the new season that is set to premiere on AMC October 13th.


The highly anticipated new season will have a bigger cast, all the left over survivors from Woodbury shacking up in the prison. Rick is no longer the ‘leader’ of the group, he’s stepped down from his position to focus on his children, especially Carl. Carl ended off on a “Dexter-ish” level last season, and Rick’s main mission will be to save his son from becoming a sociopath.

Take a look at the trailer, it is absolutely insane, and be sure to check back with us and our Walking Dead countdown!

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Magic City Miami

I’ve been struggling to find a new TV show to get hooked on, especially now that most of my favourite  shows are on hiatus. I came across the ad for Magic City in a Vanity Fair issue, and thought it would be my kind of show- who wouldn’t be attracted to a little Mad Men meets Boardwalk Empire?

Magic City is a show that centers around Ike Evans  (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who plays a hotel owner turned half mobster. That’s always the story isn’t it? The good guy trying to make a good man out of  himself but the only way to do that is to become what he’s always hated- a slimy,cheating, murdering mobster. Okay so I might’ve jumped the gun on the murder part, Ike is a good Jewish boy through and through. He started from the bottom as a cabana boy, and now he owns his hotel. He’s done pretty well for hismelf and tries to avoid getting  involved with the Miami mobsters.


Ben Diamond is his evil maniacal counterpart. After Ike asks Ben to help him keep the hotel, Ben agrees to help him out by buying most of the shares, but reminds Ike that he owns him now. You know how these things work. Ben Diamond is the head mobster in the city, and he’s got his claws right in Ike’s Miramar Playa Hotel. After Ike  realizes asking Ben for a favour usually ends up with someone being murdered, Ike starts to find otherways of buying Ben out of his hotel.

The show is charming, it is visually accurate of the times. Magic City takes place in 1950s Miami, with its swanky hotels, beautiful palm trees and boat loads of money floating around. The show starts off right before Castro takes over Cuba, most of the money that was in Miami during that time was affected by the revolution. That’s obviously going to be a huge element of the show as it moves forward.


For me, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will always be the dead guy who was in love with Katherine Heigl’s character in Grey’s Anatomy. It’s hard to see him in this role as hotel owner Ike Evans. He definitely looks the part…but when he opens his mouth it reminds me that Jon Hamm and Don Draper are probably the same person…and that Morgan  is just playing the character of Ike Evans. Do you get me? I’m not saying Morgan’s acting is terrible, because it isn’t (most of the time)…I think it’s the way the show is shot that adds this element of pure ‘I’m just putting this cigarette in my mouth because it looks cool not because I actually smoke a pack a day’.  The little things that make the show are the elements that prove to the audience these characters are from the 50s…this is something Mad Men blends in seamlessly…but is so obvious in Magic City.

Some scenes are just dragged on with weird close ups…there are scenes that point deliberately to another plot line, and it makes you feel dumb as the audience. It’s like let me figure it out on my own, in Boardwalk Empire they leave everything for the audience to figure out, sometimes you’re left wondering what just happened?  But it’s better then being spoon fed the story. Am I right?

Overall, I think it’s a good show, it’s sort of like last year’s flop The Playboy Club with Eddie Cibrian. At least Magic City is on Starz which gives the show a higher budget, and they do well on visual style. If you’re stuck on finding something new to watch, give it a try, like I said if you’re a fan of Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire you’ll probably enjoy the show, just don’t expect more.

 The second season of Magic City premieres June 14th on Starz.


The Walking Dead: CLEAR

There’s so much to talk about with last night’s amazing episode of The Walking Dead. It was arguably the best episode of the season, if not the entire series. There were a lot of questions to be answered throughout this 3rd season, and I think some of the more important ones were answered last night.


The big theme of this season is the idea that you can’t make it on your own in a zombie apocalypse. In the first and second season, the group is busy fighting off herds of zombies and just learning how to stay alive. Now, having suffered through this zombie apoc. for over a year, some of our characters are struggling to remember who they were before this all started. In last night’s episode Rick,Carl and Michonne go for a ride…they come across different graffiti signs of help/warnings including one that read ‘Erin: We Tried for Stone Mountain’…the first thing I thought of was the similar message the group left for Sophia after she went missing in the forest. Clearly, Rick and the others aren’t the only group of people that have used these survival tactics, and the fact that all these strangers are in the same boat should prove to Rick that not everyone has an evil agenda, some people just need help.

A few seconds later the car passes a hitchhiker screaming for help. They don’t stop to pick him up, they continue driving. Somehow Rick gets the car stuck in a ditch. This was one of the great moments of this episode. In the midst of the chaos, Rick still has time to teach his son Carl how to get a car out of a ditch. It reminds us that Rick is still struggling with being a parent, and Carl is still a damn kid! The straggler catches up to them begging for them to pick him up, they run into the car and drive off. I really thought they would pick him up.


They roll up onto a main street of an abandoned town, which turns out to be their old neighbourhood street. It’s filled with all these wooden spikes, rats in cages, and it’s obvious somebody has spent the time to booby trap the street. There’s a sniper on the roof who asks the gang to leave. They decide to stay for a little while, Michonne and Rick conclude that he probably has weapons stashed somewhere. Carl ends up shooting the sniper, they uncover his body and realize he’s not dead because he’s wearing a bulletproof vest. Rick goes to take off the man’s head gear and reveals the identity of the man. It’s Morgan! The man from the first episode, the man with the son, they save Rick as he’s walking randomly down the street. They bring Morgan back up into the apartment he’s made for himself, there’s traps everywhere so they have to be super careful. Michonne advises them to just leave the guy and take all his guns. Once Rick realizes it’s Morgan, he doesn’t want to just leave him and tells the two they’re going to stay until he wakes up. It was a real emotional moment for Rick, as he’s digging through the weapons he comes across the walkie-talkie he gave Morgan. They had agreed to turn it on everyday at dawn, but Rick could never get reception because he kept getting pushed farther into the countryside.


Carl decides he’s going to look for a crib for his baby sis. And since there’s no Baby R’ Us around, the closest place is his mom’s friends store around the corner. Carl is up to something, you can just tell. Michonne agrees to accompany Carl on his search while Rick waits for Morgan to wake up.

Outside, Carl is angry with Michonne for tagging along. He reminds her that she’s just part of the group for a short time, she’ll probably leave as soon as things get better. While Michonne is busy with a zombie, Carl tries to sneak away, but it’s no use because Michonne is a beast and catches up with the 10-year old. They pull up to a cafe/bar…at first it looks empty but inside there’s a swarm of zombies hanging around. On last night’s episode of The Talking Dead, Aisha Tyler made an interesting point. If you haven’t read the comic books, you wouldn’t know this, but because they’re farther into the apocalypse, the zombies don’t have anything left to eat, because of this they’re more dormant. Explains why there were 20 zombies just lying there inside the bar. Fun Fact.

Michonne and Carl use one of the rat cages to divert the zombies attention, Carl makes his way to the bar where he finds a picture of Rick,Lori and Carl. This entire time he’s tried to secretly find something of his mother’s for his baby sister, after all she needs to know what their mom looked like. So cute.

Finally, Morgan wakes up, he’s all violent and tries to kill Rick. Rick’s screaming at him reminding him who he is, and that he saved his life a year ago. Morgan has completely lost it, he stabs Rick with a knife, Rick doesn’t mind because he just wants his friend back. After a few minutes of fighting, Morgan realizes who Rick is. Rick shows him the walktie-talkie, Morgan remembers, but he’s actually angry at Rick for never using it! Rick explains he used it every single day, but after a while he could no longer find reception at the farm.


This scene is probably one of the most important scene in the entire series. Rick is talking to Morgan telling him he needs to come back from this, he needs to survive, we all know that Rick is talking about himself in that moment. He’s the one that needs to come back from this, he needs to survive for his son and daughter, he needs to be the man he was when this all started. We realize Morgan’s son isn’t around, most likely dead. Morgan explains the story in the beginning, when Rick gave the gun to Morgan and told him to shoot his wife who had turned. They were sitting in the upstairs window, he was about to pull the trigger but Morgan couldn’t do it, he couldn’t kill her. He tells Rick that one day he had been out checking a cellar and when he came back out there she was, standing right in front of their son Duane. Duane had his gun up but he couldn’t shoot her, she ended up killing the boy, and all he could see was red, until he killed them both. Morgan is so far gone, he no longer has anything to lose. His mission is to ‘clear’ everything and everyone, that’s why he’s set up all the traps on the street, that’s his mission and he’s going to stick to it until his day comes.

While Michonne and Carl make their way out of the restaurant,they come across the group of zombies chasing the tiny mouse, after a small battle they make their way out but Carl drops the picture on the way. Dumbass. Michonne tells Carl the only way they’re going to get that picture is if he waits outside, so like the heroine that she is, she goes back in retrieves the picture and picks up the ugliest piece of decor while inside. They laugh. Important scene, Carl is grateful to Michonne for getting the picture, his sister is going to love it, and his feelings for Michonne are changing.

Rick begs Morgan to join their group, Morgan is weak but smart. He questions Rick as to why they need all the ammo, he knows they’re in the middle of a war, regardless Rick promises he’ll be safe with the rest of them. Morgan doesn’t buy it, and Rick walks out with a few bags of guns and ammo.

Just in time, Carl and Michonne make their way back carrying the baby crib. Rick is loading the truck, happy to see Carl and Michonne alive. As they’re walking away, Carl apologizes to Morgan for shooting him, Morgan stops, walks up to Carl and tells him to never be sorry. Of course, Carl is nothing like his son Duane, when Duane couldn’t shoot his mother, Carl volunteered to kill his.

In the end, Carl admits to his father that Michonne is good and hopes she sticks around. Carl jumps into the car and Michonne meets Rick at the back. She knows he’s been seeing things, and tells him that it’s okay. She used to talk to her dead boyfriend all the time, saying that ‘it happens’. Their relationship has changed in the last 45 minutes, he trusts her, and asks her to drive back because obviously someone who sees dead people shouldn’t be driving. It was cute. Before they leave town Rick spots Morgan loading the zombie bodies and burning them in a pile.

On their way back they come across blood and the remains of a dead body that belonged to the hitchhiker. The car drives by, then stops, backs up, they pick up the hitchhikers backpack…and continue to drive off. How amazing would it have been if Destiny’s Child ‘Survivor’ was playing during that scene?

What did you guys think? With only four episodes left of the season, it’s going to be a helluva ride. Are we going to see the war between the Grimes gang and Woodbury? Or will Rick and his new found enlightenment try to save the war with words?

And more importantly, will Morgan come back?

My opinion, I don’t think so. A. Because Morgan (Lennie James) is a super busy actor and I don’t think they signed him on to do the rest of the season. B. I think Morgan’s speech will have a longer lasting impression on Rick and the audience if this episode was his only platform for an epic monologue.

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