ARROW: CW’s Finest!

My newest TV obsession is CW’s sexy superhero drama Arrow. After the family yacht goes down at sea Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his billionaire father are two of the last survivors. Fast forward five years later, Oliver Queen is found on a remote island in the Pacific. He returns home to his mega mansion, his mother and younger sister. They soon realize Oliver went through a great ordeal while on the island, he isn’t the same boy that left with his father for a yacht trip. Oliver’s taken on this ‘Robin Hood’ alter ego, he’s learned a lot through his time on the island, and through the episodes we get to see what happened, who he met, and how he has a superhero strength. We also learn more about his mission and why he’s taken on this mission. He hides his secret from everyone, which means he puts on the ‘playboy’ persona he was known for before he left. He doesn’t want anyone to know his motives, which as we find out is a list of people his father asked him to bring to justice. His entire outlook on life also changed on the island, which means he feels compassion for all those he’s hurt in the past. It’s kind of like Batman, there are similarities like his family owns the city and he’s trying to do good now that he’s back. And that is long time love Laurel…is the city’s new hot shot attorney. Laurel found out that while they were dating, Oliver was sleeping with her sister…who was also on the yacht…but she didn’t make it out alive. Talk about drrrama.

It’s surprising that a CW show is done this well. Like my other fave CW hit The Vampire Diaries, Arrow doesn’t feel like a teen drama, it’s darker…and not as corny as some other shows….90210. So, it’s not surprising to learn that the two producers from Game of Thrones and The Vampire Diaries are also backing up Arrow.

And it doesn’t hurt that Stephen Amell is smoking hot, especially during his superhero sans t shirt work out scenes! Plus, he’s Canadian!


90210: Watch Your Step!

This week’s episode of 90210, Dickson returns home in a wheelchair and a neck brace, Teddy and Silver have a moment, and Naomi throws herself the classiest wedding reception.

So I love that 90210 has taken a much more ‘adult’ theme this season. The cast is dealing with grown up problems…especially since nobody seems to be going to class anymore. Liam’s bar went up in flames, but his crazy ex-girlfriend somehow had planted cameras in the bar…which caught Liam running away from the fire instead of putting it out. Vanessa threatens to hand over her footage to the insurance company if he doesn’t promise to be with her, he can kiss that huge return cheque goodbye. But what didn’t make sense to me, if the bar burnt down wouldn’t the cameras go with it? It doesn’t take much to ruin a good roll of film, and I’m pretty sure being engulfed in flames would destroy any evidence. Another reason why I love this show-it never makes sense!

Dickson is finally home, and Annie doesn’t let him out of her sight. She explains (mostly to us the audience) that their mother Lori Loughlin returned to Paris only because Annie promised to take care of him? Like really? A mother would leave her child when he’s almost been paralyzed to go to another country!? Doesn’t seem right, and where the F was their dad??? Anyways, Annie is so annoying, Dickson is frusturated with her, he feels useless. He goes to rehab, there’s a somewhat cute guy in a wheelchair who throws some snarky comments at Dickson. Annie is infuriated with this guy, literally she walks over and starts cussing at him. Clearly, she’s going to fall in love with him this season. So predictable. Adriana is tripping out in front of Dickson because she cheated on him with this new ‘club promoter’ character. The guy is totally in love with Adriana, even though she told him it was a one night thing. Besides, she didn’t know her boyfriend was lying almost dead in the hospital.

Then you have Silver and Teddy who I friggin’ love to death. I wish Teddy could go back and be straight because I loved him with Silver! So Teddy’s decided to have Silver’s baby (since she might have the cancer gene). They have an awkward moment at Naomi’s wedding party, Silver tries to kiss Teddy…and then brings up the fact that he was gay during their relationship…did she even mean anything to him? There so cute together, in the end they make up.

Naomi has to throw a classy wedding party for Max’s company. Apparently, since Max and Naomi got married his company’s stocks have gone down. They decide to choose the same location that was in Keeping Up With the Kardashians . Member when Rob surprises Kris with a beautiful mountain view dinner? Same place.

So Vanessa in all her craziness makes it known that her and Liam are engaged. Liam literally spits his wine out and walk s away in frustration. Later, they have a huge fight in their new mansion. They’re on the patio that overlooks the ocean,and somehow Vanessa gets thrown over the balcony and dies? It was so stupid, just when I thought 90210 was getting better this ish happens? Liam goes inside to call 911, when he comes out she’s not lying in the sand anymore. Clearly she’s going to return from the dead and make his life hell. Or the writers had no other way to get rid of her.

90210 Season Premiere

This week was the premiere of most of CW’s primetime dramas, including one of our favourites- 90210. I completely forgot how last season ended, but thankfully for the opening refresher- I was caught up in 20 seconds. Last season was arguably the worst season for 90210, the writing seemed like it went downhill, and the stories didn’t make sense. I know it’s only the first episode of this season, but things seem to be going well, there weren’t any cheeseball moments (aside from the Annie crying her a** off part).

The one thing about 90210 that screams out crappy show…is the fact that everything is predictable. I can literally map out everything that’s going to happen in the episode, the dialogue…and sometimes even the location of the scene. But really, Dickson gets into a car accident- obviously he’s not dead…they would never kill off Dickson. For a few minutes they have you believing he is actually dead since his phone turns up at the morgue…and Annie is called in to see if her brother’s body is under one of the 3 sheets. Teddy,Silver,Navid and Liam accompany her, and she doesn’t have the emotional capacity to check herself, Silver and Teddy end up doing the deed. They don’t see Dickson’s body, so the morgue dude tells them he’s probably in the hospital. Duh.

Teddy and Silver end their conversation about having a baby together in the midst of all the Dickson drama. Silver asks him to have a baby with her (since she might have cancer)…he’s obviously hesitant and tells her he’ll think about it.

Adriana is off in Vegas for a music concert- seriously how long are they going to drag her music career story on for? Either she gets famous or put her on another career path- like social work or something. While Adriana was in Vegas for all of 1 hour she hooks up with a really hot guy…who is a club promoter. Anyways, it was just a quick hook up she obviously didn’t know about Dickson at the time. She leaves the hot dude and goes off to do her music concert. In the end, hot dude shows up at Liam’s bar…for some reason Navid feels it necessary to offer hot dude a business venture? Hot dude agrees…and he has something planned- probably to take down Adriana and Dickson. Just my guess.

Naomi and Max have the stupidest storyline, when Naomi breaks up his wedding he admits he’s still in love with her. They decide to drive the limo to Vegas and get married, on the way there Naomi pops a bottle of champagne and hits Max in the face causing him to swerve into a ditch- and now they’re stranded. Naomi gets a ride with a random, Max and her squeeze inside the car, but they soon realize he’s a gas station bandit…and they’re all arrested. Like really? I feel like they don’t know what to do with Naomi, they just keep sending her to jail..but it never matters because she somehow makes it out. This time, she has Max speak on her behalf, he confesses to the judge how they’re in love…and the judge lets Naomi go…and offers to marry them. Honessstly? Max’s business partner/college roommate/possible ex lover? shows up and tries to get Max out of jail. He has some anger towards Naomi, as he blames her for causing Max heart break in his first year of college. In the end, he opens a bottle of champagne for her (since she obviously can’t without hitting someone) and threatens to watch over her until Max realizes who she really is? Dumb.

Anyways, back at the hospital Annie starts praying, apparently something she’s never done before. But the best part of it was, she starts talking about herself and her ex boyfriend/priest Caleb. How are you going to pray about your brother…and then start talking about your love life! In a prayer!!! It was ridiculous, but Lori Loughlin came just in time to break up the nonsense. Dickson wakes up but all he’s asking for is Adriana, Annie has no choice but to call her while she’s chilling with Carly Rae Jepsen. Adriana hops on the next flight back to LA. Dickson ends up making it, but the doctors tell them he might not be able to walk only time will tell. The entire Adriana and Dickson story doesn’t fly with me, I think it’s really weird, and they look really weird together. She was Navid’s first love…and now Navid is trying to put A and D together? It’s weird!

Liam is confused about Silver, he ends up burning down his bar (by accident) and ends up getting a huge insurance pay check. The crazy ex girlfriend is somehow spying on his conversation with the insurance people…and forms a revenge plan in her head. You can tell what she’s thinking without her saying anything.

In the end, Teddy decides he’s going to have a baby with Silver and make her the happiest woman ever. Love Teddy.

At this point, most of the characters are heading in a pointless direction. Even though the writing seemed slightly better in the premiere, there is always room for this show to go off the cliff. Navid and Liam seem to be getting over their Silver phase…and begin a playboy living lifestyle- which probably could be fun to watch. Stay tuned.


90210 Season Finale

So in the midst of one of the craziest weeks of my life, I managed to watch the season finale of 90210, and I have to say folks- it sucked! Okay, well it didn’t completely suck and if you haven’t seen the episode yet beware because there are spoilers in this post.

The only storyline I actually appreciated was the final scene with Silver talking to someone, who we finally get to see is Teddy (yay)…and she’s asking him to have a baby with her since she really doesn’t want Liam or Navid to be her baby daddy.

The story connection between Annie and her priest- I was just not feeling it, every time they would show him in church almost crying because he wouldn’t know what to do with his life- choose Annie or choose priesthood…like really WTF? Who comes up with this ish? It just wasn’t believable, it was more funny to me than sad. In the end, he admits he misses praying more than sex (well he didn’t really say it like that but it does come down to that)…and Annie let’s him go with a long make out session in church…and that’s the end of that. I actually liked priest guy except for when he ruined Ivy’s life by deporting her man.

Which leads me to my next point, Ivy and her man- Juan/Javier have to say goodbye after there petition to keep him in America fails. He gives up and just says he’s willing to turn himself over and live in Mexico City because apparently the art scene is happenin’ down there. In the end, while having a serious discussion with Liam at Max’s wedding, Ivy finally realizes what she’s supposed to do- which is I guess drive herself to the airport (she had been drinking champagne) and book the next flight out to Mexico City…right after she explained her life story to the lady at the airport counter. Why would it take Ivy talking to Liam to realize she was supposed to do that? Ugh, it just all seems so cheesy and predictable. Seriously, s*** like this would never go down like that in The O.C.

So then, we have the weird love triangle with Adrianna and Dickson and Austin who’s Adrianna’s manager. Austin lands Adrianna a gig in Vegas to open up for his father (he’s a big time country singer and Miley Cirus’ dad). In the end, Austin lets Adrianna follow her heart…and open up her ears because she listens to a whole lot of voicemails from her ex Dickson (who left her to go on a tour with some American Idol contestant) it’s all very confusing. Anyways, Dickson says he’ll be in town at the Santa Monica Pier around 2pm…if she’s there he’ll know she loves him back…and then who knows what will happen. They probably won’t end up together so there really wasn’t a point to end his career as an on tour DJ to return home and reunite with the girl that will probably leave him for Miley Cirus’ dad’s son next season. She’s there- he’s not…the usual story..she decides to leave and get on the plane with Austin.

Dickson calls Navid to let him know he’s running late and they had a flat tire, he asks him to tell Adrianna bla bla bla you get the point. I can’t even write it, it sounds so cheesy! Anyways, while he’s on the phone a huge 18 wheeler comes slamming into the side of their car (don’t worry he wasn’t the one driving)…and Dickson’s probably not dead but injured. Also, the music they chose to play did not fit the mood at all, those last final scenes were the most awkward scenes I’ve ever watched, something was missing.

To top it all off, Naomi interrupts Max’s wedding, they end up together, he admits he never stopped loving her- wasn’t surprised there either. Everything was kind of predictable, except for the Teddy becoming a dad bit, and Dickson dying. They could have built up the Dickson car accident to be more of a cliffhanger, it all happened so fast that it leaves you confused, you don’t get to grasp the severity of the scene.

I was enjoying the final episodes of this season, but definitely let down with the season finale. I just remember watching finales from The O.C and they would be spine chilling good. They would leave you in tears, the music would build up (thank you Imogen Heap)…I mean really Marissa shoots someone!! The stories they have on 90210 aren’t intense enough, there’s something missing, season’s should come to this huge cliffhanger towards the end of the season and it definitely didn’t feel like that. Dickson’s been missing for so many episodes, I almost forgot what he looks like, now that he’s injured, I could care less if he comes back next season.

90210: Raj In A Container!

With the latest season of 90210 dwindling down…the final story lines are in full effect. Raj is dead, and the cast decide to throw him a funeral/wake with his ashes on the beach.

They all gather around a bonfire and remember the best times they had with Raj- surprisingly this scene wasn’t corny. Okay, maybe it was a little. Dickson lands a gig to perform on tour, he doesn’t tell Adrianna because she doesn’t answer her cell phone in time.

Navid is back with a beard and apparently crashing on Dickson’s couch.

PJ proposes to Naomi, if he isn’t married by 28 his trust fund will be void, his grandfather had made sure PJ made something of himself before handing over all their family money, so he basically decides to marry Naomi (without telling her the truth). Unfortunately for Annie, PJ tells her everything but begs her not to tell Naomi. In the end, Annie has a moment of clarity while she talks to her boyfriend priest. She runs off looking for Naomi in hopes of telling her the truth about PJ. When she gets to the house, Naomi already has the ring on her finger, and Annie can’t bring herself to tell the truth.

Liam dumps his crazy girlfriend Rebecca after he finds out she’s been scheming this entire time. Silver gets the results of her cancer test, and I’m assuming she tested positive because she runs to Liam…and they totally hook up!

In the end, Ivy is torn between feeling sad or mad about Raj’s death. He basically lied to her and told her he didn’t love her…and now that he’s dead she feels like she never had closure. She ends off with riding her surfboard into the night waves…probably to kill herself. We don’t know.

New episodes start April 24th…be sure to stay tuned for the season finale!!

90210: Who Is P.J?

I don’t even like writing about 90210…because frankly this season has absolutely SUCKED. At this rate, I doubt CW will bring the show back next season, unless they have nothing else lined up/maybe I’m too old for this type of teen drama and everyone else finds it extremely interesting.

Anyways, a few weeks ago they introduced a new character ‘P.J’ played by Nick Zano who I’ve been in love with since ever. He gets to play the role of some rich kid that is fed up with the Hollywood life…well sort of…and just wants to do charity work. The first character that encounters P.J is Annie, so it’s easy to assume he might be a new love interest for Annie, and I think we’re all totally okay with that because he’s extremely yummy.

When Annie learns about P.J’s fortunes, she decides to ask for his help in her ‘environment peace’ campaign thing that she’s doing, and he agrees. Then, Naomi spots P.J and she has an instant attraction. Here we go, another love triangle. Not so fast, because Annie hasn’t given any signs that she’s actually interested in P.J…but someone else has. Jen.

Seriously, Naomi and her much older sister Jen can never agree on anything, and Jen always returns to Beverly Hills at the worst moments. Clearly, she’s in love with P.J, he doesn’t really care for any of them, his role is actually very minimal (sad). Long story short, after a mud fight between Naomi and Jen (somehow Annie gets thrown in there)…Jen admits that she’s too old for P.J, and she doesn’t want to keep arguing with her sister over another guy. (She’s slept with two of Naomi’s exes)

Naomi is happy, Jen is out of her hair- literally. But when she returns home, Annie and her find a note on the kitchen counter. Jen has left for Napa Valley (where P.J is doing business) and she’s clearly not over him. Naomi is fed up with her sisters’ games…she’s extremely upset and hurt.

It’s a shame P.J never makes an appearance after he leaves for Napa. He’s barely there, yet still a huge part of the storyline. That’s how cool he is! So, we still don’t know if P.J and Annie will have a fling, or will P.J be the one guy to save Naomi?

Also, I have a feeling that Silver is going to die/find out she has cancer by the end of this season. She’s been accepted to NYU, and unlike Navid, she can’t just hop on a plane and begin a new school year…in the middle of the semester.

Liam’s girlfriend is on a whole new level of crazy, Liam and Silver look like they’re about to hit it off (random I know)…and Dickson gets a recording contract with La Toya Jackson.

9021Ohhh This Show Sucks!

Is anyone even watching 90210 anymore? I still don’t know why I am. I’ve been watching this show since it started (4 years ago). Honestly, at first it was really good. This season has been absolutely horrible. I feel like a teenage girl is writing the entire script, and frankly she’s running out of ideas! Their stories just get replayed in a circle, characters date each others best friends (which is quite normal in these shows but it seems to happen more frequently in Beverly Hills) Also, why is Navid totally okay with Dickson dating his soul mate Adriana? I must’ve missed that episode.  It’s just a really bad show.

I try comparing it to other teen dramas…and I guess since there’s nothing else that really motivates these characters or gives them a purpose…it leaves them to deal with really lame relationship issues. For example, in Vampire Diaries...they’re all trying to save Mystic Falls. Or in the Secret Circle they’re a bunch of weird witch kids that have this weird witch relationship/bond. The kids of 90210 don’t really serve another purpose except maintain their washboard abs…and keep up with the latest fashions.

Someone explain to me how Navid got accepted into Princeton in the middle of a semester? How does that even make sense? I understand, there’s a thing called TV magic…but there’s also a thing called ‘logic’ and really us viewer’s aren’t that stupid CW. You can’t just write a load of BS and expect everyone to believe it…or go along with it. No, that would never happen in Mystic Falls.

I’m devoted to the show, in a weird lame way it reminds me of my favourite teen drama The O.C which started off hot like 90210…but fizzled out in their 4th season. But I can’t just keep waiting around for the season to pick up and actually become interesting.

Speaking of interesting, this week, Nick Zano (the hottest man ever) made a cameo. I’m assuming he’ll be on for a few episodes…probably playing Annie’s new love interest. And then Liam gets jealous…he breaks up with blonde girl after he realizes she’s evil…and then in the season finale (or series finale)…Liam and Annie reclaim their love for one another.

See…I could write this on my own!

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9O21O: Your Weekly Update!

Last night was another new episode of 90210…unfortunately for Vampire Diaries fans we have to wait until January 5th for new episodes…but the people at 9O21O are bringing us new episodes every week! Which sucks…anyways.

Liam is suddenly enthusiastic about something…he is determined to cook an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for his friends. Since he has money…and never had any good holidays growing up…he wants to bring everyone together for the holidays. His mother shows up out of nowhere…and we later find out she only shows up because she wants money from Liam. (Now that he’s famous and rich)

Annie tells Dickson to keep his drug addiction a secret…but he doesn’t…instead he tells everyone. Annie is dissapointed…and she’s under investigation (maybe) because she’s been a prostitute for most of this season. She starts lying to everyone…obviously she can’t tell them the truth that she’s been sleeping around for money. Instead, she confesses to Silver that she received the inheritance money.

Silver meets a new guy…and finally realizes she’s over Navid and moves on to the next dude.

Ivy and Raj have a huge fight..mostly because in the beginning of the episode Raj knows he’s going to survive…and both of them want to live very seperate lives. They realize that they both never thought their marriage would be ‘forever’ since Raj had cancer. Now that he’s going to live…they’re debating whether or not they should be married. In the end, Raj receives a call from his doctor telling him the cancer isn’t gone…and that he’s probably going to die. Without knowing, Ivy comes back to him and tells hims she loves him and will always be there for him. He doesn’t want to burden her any longer and tells her they can’t be together…and he leaves. (so sad)

Adrianna and Dickson are officially a couple (weird).

What else…oh Naomi and Austin fight as usual…but in the end they makeup.


That’s it…are you surprised?


If 9021o isn’t cancelled after this season…then I will be extremely surprised. I don’t know where the writer’s have gone…because this show sucks! I keep watching it just because I’m a devoted fan…and still hope it’s going to pick up and take over the CW Network like Vampire Diaries. Anyways, Dickson gets A to drive him to rehab. The rehab facility that costs $40,000 but no problem for Annie because she’s a hooker! No, really…even when she found out her sugar daddy boyfriend cheats on her whenever he leaves LA…she still stuck around for that cash flow. Smart girl.

Noami…I have no idea where Austin was.

Silver finds out she accidentally sent the video of Teddy getting ‘married’ in Vegas to Brandy’s political campaign office. Brandy found the video and obviously leaked it. Teddy was working for the opposition.

Teddy and Liam have an awkward boys night out as they steal two race cars…and start racing on a closed track that is magically lit at night…but the police show up in the end…Liam breaks his ankle…and his modelling agency forces him to do some cheesy ad campaign. He has no choice.

Who else?

I feel like they write the show a few days before filming…it has no depth…everything is completely predictable…and there’s nothing that’s pulling you in to watch for next week’s episode.

Oh! And Raj is cancer free which means he’s going to survive…Somehow he’s a med student? We never knew this before…but apparently his dream is becoming a doctor…so now that he’s going to live he’s going to med school! Ivy enters a photography contest that’s giving out a prize trip to New Guinea. Obviously, she wins…and obviously the person she’s going with is her hot photography teacher. What a shocker.

I would say stay tuned…but for your own sanity. Don’t.


9O21O:The Walking Dead

Last night on 9O21O we find out that Alaska’s ex-husband who we thought was dead…is actually alive. Technically we found this out last week, but last night Liam and Alaska girl find out that he’s in fact alive and not dead.

When Liam and Alaska girl realize what’s going on…and that her ex-husband definitely still wants to be with her…Liam refuses to let her go but she doesn’t want to break her husband’s heart. Liam and the dude end up fighting each other…accidentally pushing pregnant Alaska girl over. They all end up in the hospital…and eventually hug it out. Liam agrees to give Alaska back to her Alaskan husband- where she belongs.

Dickson is clearly going to deal with some drug problems this season.

Naomi and Austin have a close encounter when they’re both caught trying to get back into Naomi’s house after being locked out. They end up taking off their clothes in the security truck (because it was hot)…Austin tells Naomi he really does have feelings for her…and right when they were about to kiss the doors open and we see Max with 2 security guards. Naomi confesses she slept with Austin before he showed up…but she doesn’t have feelings for him…Austin walks away with his head down…and Max forgives Naomi.

Annie has to take Navid’s rebellious/annoying kid sister with her to dinner (she’s an escort now)…and his sister quickly finds out what kind of ‘dinner date’ it really was. She promises not to tell anyone if she gets a cut of the action.

Navid and Silver break up because Silver finds the stash of the $100,000 Navid hid in their closet…(haven’t you ever heard of offshore banking accounts Navid?) Anyways, she tells him there must be another ‘legal’ way of making money…Navid says there isn’t so they break up.

Teddy finally makes an appearance…he’s joining the political movement under his uncle’s wing. His storyline was a little weird…and its obvious now that there really is no place for him in the show. Although I wish the writer’s would write something up for him!