The Walking Dead: Who Died?

It’s been a long and resentful 8 months, waiting around to find out who was at the end of Negan’s baseball bat. If you didn’t watch the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead last night, well then too bad, because here comes a bunch of spoilers. I mean at this point I’m not really spoiling anything, this sequence has been drawn out for months and frankly, made me feel nothing when the bat came swinging down…twice.

Read on and comment below, we want to hear what you guys thought of the premiere.

You so scary Negan.

This new world is going to suck without Glenn, but coming out of a season that saw Glenn in numerous close calls made this premiere easier to deal with. I prepared myself for his death like five different times last season, and last night I was just ready for the outcome and less worried about who he was going to kill.

So my money was on Glenn and Maggie, I suspected a double death just because the writers had to come back big with that horrible ending last season. Glenn was my first choice because he was a big enough character, they kept him around even after all those fake deaths, and he dies in the comic book in this exact scene. I suspected Maggie because realistically who wants to cast for a baby in a zombie apocalypse, and it would’ve looked uber tragic if she had reacted to Glenn’s death, and then Negan having to kill her. But that didn’t happen. Negan lands on Abraham after his ‘eeny-miney-moh’ bullsh** game, kills him, and then at some point Daryl gets so upset he punches Negan in the face, and then Negan punishes the group by killing Glenn.

In his final words, Glenn whispers to Maggie, ‘I will find you’ which is the cutest freakin’ thing ever, and is my favourite moment from this episode. Surprisingly, Maggie isn’t shrieking in hysteria, she’s oddly quiet, and quietly crying.  Glenn’s death comes as a surprise in that sequence, but you just had to know they weren’t going to leave us with Abraham as the only casualty.

the-walking-dead-negan_0My first issue with this episode was the first 30 minutes, when Negan takes Rick into the fog, I wasn’t feeling this sequence with Rick’s flashbacks, and Negan was just getting on my nerves with his drawn out monologues. He was freakin’ talking to Rick from inside the RV while Rick was on the roof, like come on dude just stop, stop for a minute! Also the writers totally make you wait until halfway through the episode to find out who Negan kills, which by this point I’m sure fans are already fed up with the 8 month wait time, and then another 30 minutes, it was too much. They should’ve started the episode off right where they ended it last season.

Am I the only one that’s bothered by Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of Negan? Like I don’t know if it’s his acting, or the lines they’ve written for him, he’s just really annoying. He’s way too theatrical for someone who is in charge of a biker gang, and he has these drawn out monologues that are so charming they’re almost boring. He just needs to be mean, kill, and move on, but he takes his time with everything and is conveniently the perfect character to fill up a 42-minute time slot.

Anyways, my next concern is at the end of the episode, when Negan and his crew leave the scene and our group is slowly getting up, Maggie is awkwardly calm. She looks like sh** and needs to see a doctor, but she insists the group leave her alone with Glenn so she can mourn, and then she’ll get her ass over to the hilltop. It just felt like something was missing here, can she freak out, can she have an emotional break down? Can some really sad Grey’s Anatomy type music start playing??  Nothing is happening, until Sasha stands up in a ‘I got dis we feminists now’ way and she tells the group she’s going to take Maggie to the hilltop and protect her. All the ladies are getting into formation and I’m so down for this, but still I’m not crying, and I should be crying at this point.

RIP to Abraham, there’s not much to say about him other than he went out like a mean SOB, ‘Suck my nuts’ he tells Negan after he gets his first blow of the barbed wire bat. And then his two wives find a nice place to bury him.

So that leaves me with two characters dead and gone, and I don’t really feel any way about it. You know I think the writers wanted to create this suspenseful cliff-hanger, a cheap cliff-hanger, and fans didn’t respond to it nicely. They’re killing off two great characters, there doesn’t need to be any suspense, it just needed to happen and I think the fans would’ve loved it regardless. But, 8 months later you feel cheated as a viewer, and those emotions of losing a character are overpowered by disappointment and intolerance.

Basically sums up Maggie’s existence

Shoutout to the quick scene of the entire group having a peaceful outdoor dinner with Glenn, Abraham, and Maggie’s unborn baby (why was the wine untouched??). But of course Negan had to ruin it with his stupid echoe-y narration, ugh get outta here! I’m out, wake me up when Maggie becomes the leader of the feminist uprising.

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