The Walking Dead: Mid-Season Finale Recap

I guess this is the part where we recap last night’s episode of The Walking Dead ‘Start to Finish’ which was the mid-season finale. So now that we’re halfway through another nail-biting season, I can officially announce that this has been the most ‘blah’ season of all time. I know, people will disagree, people will riot, but people are allowed their own opinions people! So let me finish.


To be fair, my slippery slope didn’t start at the beginning of this season, in fact it started after the mid-season finale of last season where Beth is brutally murdered in front of the people that just spent an entire half season looking for her! And if that wasn’t bad enough, the only potential love story between Daryl and Beth was now over, so I was like wtf?

But you know, for the sake of all work related Walking Dead conversations and Twitter-verse debates, I tuned in and kept up with the show. Just so you have an idea, I cried more over Beth than I did for the Red Wedding. Which brings me to why I had trouble believing this season. Now that we’re (hopefully) over ‘Is Glenn dead or not dead’ waste of a storyline, it became this huge ‘Glenn Snow’ debacle because much like the popular Game of Thrones character Jon Snow, nobody believed Glenn was really dead. Which in my opinion, made this show a joke for the way Glenn did escape from that deathly alleyway. Read our rant about that here: But really, how the F did he survive that thing? And how did the zombies retreat so quickly? I’m still wondering about that, because in comparison to Alexandria, those zombies didn’t let up on the wall, they were just chillin’ out. Seems a little too convenient. Which is the perfect word to describe this entire front half of the season – convenient. Convenient for Rick’s stupid ass plan to herd the zombies away from Alexandria and that stupid horn goes off, convenient for Glenn to magically land under Nicholas and then crawling under a dumpster, convenient for the mid-season finale that the entire tower falls, and finally convenient that our entire veteran cast is tripping over themselves as if they’ve never walked before. What was up with that? Carol dropping her ammo? Like no, our characters are smarter than that and stop creating all these fake intense moments that shouldn’t be happening.

I don’t mean to rant, The Walking Dead was one of my favourite shows, but when I start to feel like I’m being duped and forced to feel a certain way  that isn’t authentic to our characters, that’s when I get annoyed, and that’s when I rant. The Walking Dead has never been cheesy, it’s been gory, it’s been ‘comic booky’, but it’s never been cheesy, and that all changed this season. Please comment and argue with me if you disagree!

Now, about that mid-season finale. Some people were freaking out because nobody died, I think it’s pretty sad that you’ve created a show where people only get excited when people die. It shouldn’t be about that, but that just means you’re writing is on a downhill slope. Nevertheless, we did have one death, albeit someone who we didn’t really care about – Deanna. I love her, I’ve loved her character from the beginning, and her finals words last night were beautiful. She goes out admitting she had a great life, she did what she loved to do right up until the end and there’s nothing more you could ask for. It was sad, but it was like ‘meh’ someone had to die, glad it wasn’t Maggie.

The episode was definitely intense, but there were some moments where again I felt like they were forcing me to feel some type of way. Like when Maggie’s crawling to the ladder and then the ladder falls off and then she’s clinging on and it’s like 45-seconds of intense music and obviously they’re not going to kill her! Stop trying to kill off the entire Greene family, and stop trying to kill Glenn! And don’t you dare try killing Glenn when Negan comes a knockin’! And then we had Carol running and she trips and all her bullets go flying – like wtf is going on? Is cobblestone that hard to walk on? They’re walking like they’re in 6-inch stilettos on cobblestone in the meatpacking distract.

Things get a whole lot worse when everyone is separated, Rick/Michonne/Deanna/Gabriel/Carl/Jesse/Ron run into Jesse’s house, but after Carl and Ron fight it out in the garage the walkers respond to the noise from the fight and run straight for the garage. Obviously time is of the essence and Rick FINALLY, FINALLY brings back the genius idea of covering themselves with zombie guts to walk through and escape the zombie herd.

So this is where things go really bad. Carol is locked up with Morgan after she finds out about that Wolf guy hiding in another home. She’s furious with him but he won’t let her kill the wolf guy. She pretends to be sleeping and she escapes and runs into the house that the wolf guy is tied up in. Except wolf guy is all busy with doctor girl because he’s totally trying to sneak attack her, but when Carol walks in you’re all like ‘phew all is good now’ but then Morgan catches up to her and they fight it out until Morgan knocks out Carol, and then wolf guy (surprise he’s not chained anymore) hits Morgan over the head and knocks him out. So you’re all idiots, basically. Then Tara/Army girl/Eugene stumble in and they’re all like pointing their guns to the wolf guy, but now he’s got the doctor girl in a headlock, and they’re idiots to so they drop their guns and let wolf guy run out with doctor girl. So we’ve established that we all hate Morgan now, but what about the others? Why can’t anyone except for Carol get sh** done??!!


The final scene of the mid-season finale is a shot of the gang walking out of Jesse’s home covered in zombie guts, this is always a favourite scene of mine to see the zombies sort of sniffing at the humans unsure if they want to eat them or not. It’s totally nerve wracking and probably the best scene of the episode. It draws on a bit, and then in the end sissy boy aka Sam blurts out ‘mom, mom’ is this kid stupid? Does he not realize they’re surrounded by 50 zombies who might be tricked by smell but definitely not sound. Should be fun to see how that resolves when The Walking Dead returns in February.

But also, it’s important to mention there was a sneak peek of the February premiere a few minutes into AMC’s Badlands. Check out the promo below. It’s a chilling scene as we see a group of bikers who force Daryl to stop the truck (why didn’t they just run them over?), one of the bikers has a monologue in which he states everything that belongs to them now belongs to Negan. And there you have it, the baddest and biggest villain from the comic books will make his appearance in the back end of this season.

What do you guys think? Those bikers didn’t have W’s on their foreheads, does that mean the wolves is a complete separate gang from Negan’s? Why didn’t Glenn tell anyone else Maggie was pregnant? And why is Gabriel still on the payroll?

Hopefully these questions and more are answered when The Walking Dead returns on AMC in February 2016.



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