Rihanna ‘B*itch Better Have My Money’ – VIDEO

If it’s the first thing you do today, be sure check out Rihanna’s new music video for ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’. I mean it’s not the greatest music video that ever lived but it’s Rihanna’s attempt at getting some attention before her next album drops.

Obviously, the video, which Rihanna promoted at the BET Awards with a 1-minute snippet, looks to be a video about some white basic b*tch owing her money. So RiRi kidnaps her. Let me just say this for real. If kidnapping is the only way I can spend a day with Rihanna and her crew – I’ll take it! So she kidnaps this woman, and does a whole bunch of fun stuff with her, and then in the end the video takes a huge literal turn and she literally is about to murder her ACCOUNTANT. Because HE stole her money! Even though I know RiRi wasn’t talking about some scam artist accountant when she wrote the song, I do appreciate her not inflicting a chainsaw on another woman! Girl power. As for my general opinion of the entire video, it sort of repeats itself, and for most of it you’re wondering what the f is going on? But she’s got some cool moments in there, but like what was the point of being on a boat for 3 minutes? LOL Rihanna you kill me.

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