VMAs 2014: Yonce Saves the Show

The VMA’s are always a staple award show for young people in the movie/music/tv world. It’s not just a show for music’s finest, a lot of movie stars and TV actors show up and usually it turns out to be a really funny and entertaining show. Historically, musics biggest moments have been displayed at the VMA’s – we have Britney who made headlines more than once with her Madonna makeout session and her performance with the ‘snake’. Then there was Taylor Swift and Kanye West, member that? Britney with her Madonna performance, there was the Taylor Swift / Kanye West incident..Beyonce revealed her baby bump during a performance at the VMA’s (my favourite) and of course the Miley Cyrus twerk of 2013.


But with all of this hype around this award show- last night kinda sucked. I was waiting for Queen B the entire night, and obviously she was in the last slot because she was accepting the Vanguard award. The show was just really awkward, I don’t know who was directing in the control room but the show was riddled with technical difficulties, the audio was weird in the beginning, they would take to a camera and the camera would be moving around…it just wasn’t good. The 3 things that saved the show:

1. Beyonce singing her ENTIRE album in 20 minutes

2. Jay Pharoah impressions (Drake,Jay-Z,Kanye West)

3. Jimmy Fallon with the kiss cam, hug cam, give the person beside you $5

Some other memorable moments, Nicki Minaj had a huge wardrobe malfunction when she was performing on stage with Jessie J and Ariana Grande. After he ‘Anaconda’ performance she returned to the stage in a black jumpsuit but was holding what looked to be the broken front zipper of the outfit. She was using two hands the hold the outfit together so she looked extremely stiff on stage. Thankfully, Jessie J got her 15 seconds of fame by dancing around. Nicki went on to write about her malfunctoin on Twitter: “God is good. As long as a nipple didn’t come out to play, I’m fine. Love my team,”

Artist to Watch award didn’t go to Sam Smith…it went to….um what’s their name? The 5 girls that looked like they got styled at a more ratchet version of Forever 21. It was absolutely ridiculous, nobody knew who these girls were (Ok I did some research they’re called Fifth Harmony) Sam Smith is one of the biggest names out there right now, he probably has the song of the summer, and Katy Perry couldn’t take her hands off of him last night. MTV you should be ashamed.

Beyonce VMA 2014

Beyonce’s performance was amazing. She started off with ‘Mine’ ok I almost thought Drake was about to get on stage (even though he wasn’t their to accept his award earlier). And then she moved on through her entire secret album singing about a minute from each song, and then finally ending off with ‘XO’. Jay-Z and baby Blue walked on stage right after and Bay couldn’t even look at them without crying. Jay-Z called his wife the greatest entertainer of all time, Blue tried to say ‘mama’ into the microphone, Kim looked extremely jealous…and the show closed out to this. Thanks Bay for making that 2-hour wait totally worth it.

Honourable mentions: Video of the Year award went to Miley Cyrus who accepted her award by bringing a young man onto the stage, he spoke about his story and the story of all the homeless youth in Los Angeles. It was a very moving speech, and a surprising one from Miley, I mean one year ago she was grindin’ on a married man and now this? Maybe she redeemed herself? I don’t know.

What did you guys like about the show/ what didn’t you like? Tweet us or comment below.




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