10 Things We Learned From Season 3 of GIRLS

This third season came and went and it’s easy to forget what exactly went down this year. Here are the TOP 10 things we learned from this season of HBO’s Girls.

10. Don’t look to Shoshana for any hair inspiration. She will only make you look cray


9. Don’t go to your bosses funeral and beg his wife for another job


8. Don’t just assume rehab is the solution to all your problems


7. Do partner up with a hunkie theatre whore if you’re planning to start a band

Marnie Desi

6. Don’t date anyone you meet in rehab. Especially if they’re over 55


5. Don’t take your grandparents for granted!


4. Do have a night with your besties where you all lay it out on the table


3. Don’t let your boyfriend’s bi polar sister crash at your crib. Relationships will be destroyed


2. Don’t change the narrative of your kinky role play mid sex


1. To be a good friend you need to find the right moment to tell your bestie you just slept with her ex. DON’T ever do as Marnie does.


And that’s it, hopefully we can take what we learned this season and actually use it…buuuut we’re not that cray so probably not.

Tweet or comment below if you think we missed anything!

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