Now that Heroes is signed to come back for a mini series and Veronica Mars is being made into a movie, it’s only fair we enjoy a relaxing Sunday and remember all the shows we wish would come back.


Okay so I know it’s only been a few months since the series finale but it left on such a disappointing note, I wish the writers would come back with a ‘resurrection’ season. It doesn’t even have to be about Dexter, I’m really up for the show going on with Harrison. I mean realistically his is unique enough to be the title of a hit show. He’s a good looking kid so I don’t see why he won’t turn into a sexy serial killer adult. The show won’t take place in Miami anymore, it’ll probably be in some ‘shi-shi’ part of Europe, or wherever Hannah decided to raise him. It would totally work.

9. Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Yes, yes I am. This popular 90s hit TV show set the bar on tween horror shows, sorry Goosebumps you were never scary enough. First, I loved the characters on the show. They seemed like normal young teens who were lucky enough to have a fire pit just steps away from their backyard. They really should bring this back- maybe with a little more umph?

8. Dawson’s Creek

Loved the way this show ended, but I feel like every girl out there could use a little DC in their life. I feel like One Tree Hill had the same look and feel, definitely the closest show to a modern day Dawson’s Creek but it’s never as good as the real thing. Not that they were trying to copy it.

7. 7th Heaven


The fact that they got rid of this brilliant family drama and introduced us to Keeping Up With the Kardashians says everything about pop culture today. We used to love a show about a priest and his fam-  even his sermons were entertaining. Now, there’s Kim Kardashian. Also, if they brought it back (okay maybe Reverend Eric Camden would be retired or dead) but we could still watch the lives of the kids. Like yummy Simon Camden, or perfect little housewife Lucy. And the best part,  maybe Mary Camden marries a famous pop singer and he’s obligated to make an appearance on the show. JT, how cool would that be?

6. Entourage

I know, I know there’s a movie in the works- but it’s never the same. I feel like the ending was bittersweet and it set up the perfect platform for a film, but this show could’ve gone on for another 5 seasons. They could’ve fast forwarded in time to change it up a little, whatever the format I think it would’ve been a hit. I’d rather watch an episodic show than one big most likely mediocre movie.

5. Friends

I shouldn’t have to elaborate on this. It could’ve gone on forever. Literally.

4. MTV Cribs


Nobody EVER changes the channel when MTV Cribs is on. It was the most educational show on the network, and it was about nothing. The best part was it would always air as a marathon so you’d waste your entire Saturday watching Cribs- we all did it. They still show the old episodes, the other day I saw the one with Nelly back when he still wore dew rags and bragged about his jacked up GMC Yukon (circa 2002). Dear MTV, we want new episodes!

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


This was probably my favourite show of all time growing up. I don’t know how they would bring it back, SMG is old now but I feel like they need to at least attempt a remake. Everyone knows the high school era was the best, if they blended a little American Horror Story with Vampire Diaries, I think the show would be a smash reborn hit. All new cast, ooh who would be your Angel?

2. The O.C

Looking back on The O.C always makes me feel like I failed at life. I loved the show from the beginning, it made me angry/depressed my parents didn’t decide to raise me in some suburban Southern California town. It was so hard to watch the show fall a part- I do think the departure of Marissa (Mischa Barton) was a huge reason the show went down, but I still think the show could’ve gone on. The writing was witty and shocking, there was no other teen drama like it on TV. I loved One Tree Hill but it had way more cheese than The O.C. Hopefully in the future, when someone casts for The O.C sequel, they won’t choose a 5’4 leading man, and an awkward coked up princess as the leading lady.

1. Friday Night Lights


This is the most underrated show- ever. The movie was amazing, but forget that the show was absolutely brilliant. With the platform of football, Friday Night Lights was able to dive into a specific subculture of the American spirit so accurately. Yes the show was about sports, but it was much- much more than that. Friday Night Lights has been over for a few years but I still find myself watching old episodes and reliving the excitement as it was when the show aired. The best part is, out of all the shows we’ve discussed here, I think a FNL continuation is the most realistic. The characters might change, but the importance of football and the significance a town has on shaping all these different characters still makes sense. Football is so important to Americans, this show took that ran with it, scored a touchdown and made everyone in America feel like they were rooting for the same team.

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