Drake Lashes Out on Twitter!

What’s my man up to now? Well, after Rolling Stone featured Philip Seymour Hoffman on this month’s cover instead of Drake, he took to the Twitterverse and let his fans know just how he felt.


Two things to say about this:

1) Drake, you are one of my favourite artists the other being a close tie between RiRi and Yonce. You’ve been in this game a while now so you should know how this all works. Even though we all want to hear what’s in your heart, you don’t need to get on Twitter and act like a 15-year old.

2) I get it, Hoffman was a genius/amazing actor/friend/father/whatever he can be praised for, but the man killed himself. Why do we idolize these celebrities when the reason they’re gone is literally because they wanted to be gone? Did they really have to change this month’s cover last minute to feature Hoffman instead of Drake? Probably not, but they’re Rolling Stone so they can do whatever the f*#@ they want.

Drizz, next time just call me -we’ll talk about it together.



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