On the Set of…S U I T S!

It’s official…we are having major Suits withdrawals. The final chunk of the third season resumes sometime in January 2014…but don’t worry- we’ve been busy tracking the show in Toronto. Here are some pics from the set (on location at the Pearson/Specter offices).

Angry looking Mike Ross
Angry looking Mike Ross

Also, spoiler alert? According to one of my sources – Harold is on set and apparently there is some big argument that goes down between him and Mike. Harold was apologizing to Mike but Mike was next level pissed off.

A. It’s kind of weird that Harold has a major recurring role

B. What is up with the Louis/Harold/Mike story…does it have something to do with Louis finding out about Mike’s secret?

That’s all we can assume…don’t forget to check out our pics!

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