Vampires & Witches: The CW Blood Line

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This season, The CW has brought us a coffin full of Vampire/Witch/Supernatural TV shows that have taken over the prime time spots. Theres The Vampire Diaries which started it’s fifth season this fall, and the first season of it’s sister show- The Originals.

I have to say, both shows started off slow, The Originals was highly anticipated but it hasn’t lived up to my expectations…until now. Even with The Vampire Diaries season opener, I was left questioning the outcome of this season. The first few episodes weren’t up to par, characters seemed like they had lost their ‘spunk’…we lost major characters who seemed promising…and I think overall the story was just stuck.

With last week’s episode…that all changed.  “For Whom the Bells Toll” was the best episode of the season- hands down. It had that authentic/original feel The Vampire Diaries had for so many seasons. They took us back to high school- all the way back to where Stefan and Elena met…it was so entertaining.


Here’s the thing, I think everyone was so excited for a Damon and Elena moment. Last season, she was going through a lot of trauma in her life and I think Damon was right for her, at that time. But now that the skies have figuratively  ‘cleared’ she’s seeing the truth…and the truth is that Stefan is her soulmate. And I’m totally fine with that.


Since the ancient witch fried his brains out, Stefan doesn’t remember who he was and has no idea who everyone is. Which means Elena’s job is to bring his memory back…even if that means going back to when they first fell in love. But what I really loved, was when Stefan has this new mindset. He discovers that he used to be with Elena, but now she’s with his brother…he realizes how f***** up it is and decides to leave! He’s ready to move on, to move out of the house…and I’m totally loving this new brain fried Stefan. It’s funny he never ssaid it before, how messed up this situation is that the love of his life is now sleeping with his brother! In fact nobody every came out and said it, but now that he’s a different guy…he’s not taking it.

Also, now that Tyler’s back, will there be a Stefan and Caroline romance? Because I totally want that to happen? What do you guys think?

Last night’s episode of The Originals proved how devoted Klaus is to his baby mama. I love him as a daddy! It was such an interesting episode, it took us back in time to when the witches had their ‘harvest’ ritual…basically a way to slaughter young witches so the older ones could keep their witch powers. Davina explains all of this to Elijah, she was the only young witch who made it out alive because of Marcel. It explains why she’s so devoted to him…and why she hates the witches so much. Her goal in life is to lose her powers and become a normal 16-year old. Elijah’s mission is to keep his family together and protect his unborn neice/nephew.


Elijah charms Davina to the point where she decides to trust him with her life. Marcel tries to whisk her away from the church but she plays it up and demands he take her back to her room.

What does Elijah have planned? Is there something romantical happening between Hayley and Elijah?

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