The Walking Dead: ‘Infected’ RECAP

Episode 2 of the fourth season of The Walking Dead, really it should be called “everyone dies” because everyone dies.

We find out that someone’s been sabotaging the prison’s defenses by feeding the zombies dead mice. No idea who this can be…honestly my guess is on the little girl Lizzie.

Tyreese and Karen have got it going on. They are totally inseparable, finding any downtime to cuddle and get funky. This is The Walking Dead, nobody’s allowed to be happy, nobody’s allowed to find love, unless you’re Maggie and Glenn. The scene in the beginning of the episode with Karen was the craziest 45 seconds of TV. We know that Patrick has turned into a zombie, and he’s probably somewhere in the bathroom. She walks through the shower area and you’re just waiting for Patrick to pop out and eat her! But he doesn’t….what she does do is wake him up which leads to the massacre of D-Block. Karen

Like the worst thing that can happen in the prison basically happened. While everyone is sound asleep, Zombie Patrick makes his way through the dark halls, basically to any cell of his choosing. He lurks behind Karen, and you’re holding your breath as she gets into bed for what she thinks is going to be a good night’s sleep. Patrick passes Karen’s cell and goes to another where he bites into some guy whose sound asleep. The worst part is, the guy doesn’t even scream so nobody else knows anything is wrong. I spent 15 minutes debating whether or not you could still scream when a zombies biting into your neck. I feel like he could’ve at least made a yelp, and why aren’t people closing their cell doors?? These are the things I think about.

So one guys down, and of course Patrick gives up on him just in time for that guy to turn into a zombie. And then the feeding frenzy continues. In the other block, Rick is already up feeding his baby girl. He wakes up Carl so they can go feed the pigs. Michonne is already outside ready to take on her daily journey. We also find out that guns are prohibited in the prison,

Rick has taken Carl’s gun away as well as his own. Michonne’s already outside at this point, they hear gunshot’s from the prison, Rick turns around and makes a run for it. Carl hangs back with Maggie as they try and get Michonne back inside. There’s zombies all around her and I don’t even know how she gets out of this one. She leaves her horse at the gate and then two zombies jump on her, she trips and falls back, but Carl has got his hands on a rifle and thankfully shoots one in the head. They manage to get Michonne in but she’s injured. Not like zombie injured, she just has a sprained ankle.


Beth and Michonne have a surprising moment. There aren’t many scenes I enjoy with ninja girl, but this one had me in tears. Beth is tending to Michonne’s sprained ankle, and Beth can’t take care of both of them so she hands baby Judith over to Michonne. At first, she’s cold and holds the baby back, but after a few seconds she brings the baby closer and holds onto her. She starts sobbing, and this is the realest we’ve ever seen Michonne. She’s such a comic book character that I think it’s easy to forget she was a real person before all of this. She’s always been strong and cold, so it’s refreshing to see her vulnerable and real. But there’s no time for tears because everyone is dying!!

Everyone is going crazy inside D-Block, the boys are already there with their weapons trying to get everyone out. By this point there’s like 5 zombies…more people dead…more people trying to escape. Once the zombies are dead, Rick and Daryl walk through the cells to kill anyone that’s been bitten. Carol is with Lizzie and Mika’s father, he has a bite on his arm and Carol is all ready to amputate. Then she turns him around and he’s got a bite on his neck. So basically it’s over for the big guy. She calls his two girls in to say goodbye, Lizzie volunteers to be the one to kill him, but then she chickens out and Carol does the dirty.

On The Talking Dead Executive Producer Greg Nicotero said that there were about 45 people in the prison, up until the massacre which brought it down to about 30 people. That gives us a better understanding of how many people were lost, and how many people were brought over from Woodbury. I didn’t think it was that many people.

The bodies are wrapped up in blankets, and the council comes together to discuss the outbreak. They think it might be an airborne infection, in which case everyone needs to be isolated, people can’t be sleeping in close quarters. It seems like the virus starts off with bad flu like symptoms and then escalates rapidly into death and then into zombie form. As if on cue, they hear someone coughing down the hall. It’s Karen and she’s all white and sweaty. Tyreese gets defensive and says it’s probably just a cold. Hershel doesn’t buy it, he tells them that’s how this infection can start. Karen needs to be isolated, she gives a name of another cell mate who was coughing earlier.

Meanwhile, outside, Daryl and Rick are putting the bodies into graves. Just when they thought they were done with the drama of the day, they hear a shout coming from the fences. There’s a huge swarm of zombies piling into the exterior fence and it looks like it’s coming down. They rush over but there’s way too many zombies. Rick has the idea of luring them away from the fence with his pigs. Ugh, it was just too much sadness going on in this episode. Sitting on the back of a pickup, Rick would take a pig cut it and then leave it for the zombies. basically making a trail that led away from the fence. It worked but now we have no more piggies…wah!


In the end I don’t think it mattered if the pigs lived or died, Rick was worried the pigs were infected, so he was going to kill them anyway. Rick just doesn’t look good, he’s covered in blood and sweat, he looks horrible…I mean he doesn’t look horrible but he just looks miserable. He pours gasoline over the pig area and sets it on fire. BTW, I really enjoyed the shirtless shot…we never get to see that! If it takes a massacre for Andrew Lincoln to take his shirt off…I’m all for infestations and airborne diseases.

Tyreese is holding a bouquet of flowers as he’s on his way to visit Karen in isolation. When he gets there her cell is covered in blood, and there’s a trace of blood leading to a door. That door leads to the outside where he finds two bodies completely charred, someone set Karen and the other dude on fire… but nobody knows who. My bet is on Hershel.

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