It is Sunday September 29th 2013 which means in a few hours we will finally get to see the end of one of TV’s most talked about shows- Breaking Bad. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, two characters that will surely live on in the TV galaxy as two of the greatest characters ever created. They will hopefully get the ending they each deserve. It’s something TV fans around the world hope for…we all want to see our favourite characters have an ending they truly deserve.

walter White

With the disappointment of Dexter’s finale last week, I’m assuming everyone is on edge praying for a brilliant and well deserved outcome for our two meth cooks. At least I am. I never in a million years expected to be let down like I was last Sunday…especially because the writers had done such a good job with Dexter’s story up until that point. Of course there were some seasons and plot twists that were a little questionable (Deb thinking she was in love with Dex?)…but for the last season they absolutely killed it every week.

Then there was the finale…and Dexter fans everywhere expressed their anger and disappointment after the finale aired. It just wasn’t the ending we wanted…and it wasn’t an ending that made sense. Everything in the final season was leading up to his new life, a new side of Dexter…and I get it…there point is that nobody really changes…but he did…and that should have been the outcome of the entire show!! A serial killer changes for the good!…hello! Isn’t that a better message for humanity?

Okay…enough Dexter. I finally had closure this morning when I deleted the show from my TV Show Tracker App. Yes…it’s one of the few apps that actually makes a difference in my life.

Back to Breaking Bad…I literally have no idea where the show is headed. All we know for sure is Saul Goodman will survive everything (because of his spin-off show)…but I mean that doesn’t really count for a juicy spoiler. I really thought Jesse would be dead by this point. I love him but I think his character has exhausted his time…either he needs to be shot or he needs to kill himself…or in a perfect world he needs to find Walter so they can ride off into the sunset together. Wouldn’t that be something?


As for Walter…Mr W.W….we saw him at the beginning of the season with a mega gun in the trunk of his car. He’s obviously prepared to wipe out some trailer trash. We’ll see  how that goes down…will his family even forgive him? Will Skylar make it out alive? I think two people are going to die tonight…aside from the trailer park crew…I feel like Walter has to lose someone and I think it might be Skylar.

My bets are on…

Jesse Pinkman: Suicide

Skylar White: Caught in the crossfires.

Let me know what you guys think…the possibilities are not endless as some characters are past the point of no return. There is no coming back for Jesse after he watched his woman get shot in the head.

And for Walter…he has completely discarded the Walter White chem teacher figure…he is utterly and eternally Heisenberg.



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