RIVALS II: Who Got Eliminated?

On this week’s episode of MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals II the girls were up for elimination. This is the point in the game where friendships and alliances are tested. We’re past the halfway mark…and there are only a few more teams to choose for eliminations. At this point, everyone is trying to stay out of the jungle…and just make it to the final challenge. Drama meter is boiling.


Cara and Cooke are sent into the elimination round when they come in last place during the challenge. Cara can’t swim…and this proves to be fatal for their team…but no worries because these two girls are survivors and have come back a few times from elimination rounds.

After Jemmye and Camila win immunity…the guys are stuck deciding who to vote into the elimination round. It was the best week for J and C to win first place…most likely they would’ve been chosen. The guys don’t have any other choice but to choose Jonna and Nany. Jonna is furious with Frank because he had promised her he would never say her name in the game. But Jonna trusting Frank proves once again why she’s a ….you know what I won’t even say it. I just don’t get how anyone would even bother trusting Frank.


In the elimination round Cara and Cooke are teamed up against Nany and Jonna. Teammates are blindfolded with a stick in a circle…they have to break the stick on their opponent by listening to the commands of their teammate on the sideline. Jonna isn’t loud enough and Nany can’t figure out where to go with the blindfold on her. Cooke and Cara win the first round. Second round, Jonna just stands there in the circle, she can’t even figure out where to go….this one’s in the books.

Jonna and Nany are eliminated.


I don’t even know how many teams are supposed to be in the final race but here are my names.


Johnny and Frank

CT and Wes

Marlon and Jordan


Emily and Paula

Diem and Aneesa

Cara and Cooke (I’m hopeful)

What are you guys thinking?

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