S U I T S: “The Yoga Glow”

Ever since Donna started shacking up with Steven, she’s had a certain ‘glow’ to her, one that Louis can’t seem to ignore. I have to say, this entire Donna/Steven story has my attention peaked…it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a soap opera-ish story whisk us away.

Donna is on the cusp of telling Harvey about her and Steven, but Harvey’s ‘debbie downer’ phase has been putting Donna off. Unfortunately for Donna, Steven might make it to Harvey first, because they’re working on the Cameron Dennis case together. After Harvey bets Mike off the case, it leaves Steven and him alone working together, two handsome hunks using their handsome skills to claw away at Mighty Mustache Cameron. Sounds like a sexy western.

Mike’s off the case, which means he needs to find another way to kill his precious time. He enlists his gal pal Rachel, and they decide to tackle the case together, agreeing on the terms that Mike gets to play Harvey and Rachel gets to be Mike. But that’s not the only thing they’re working together on. When Rachel tells Mike she has dinner plans with her parents, Mike feels left out without an invite. Mike invites himself anyway and ends up having a wonderful evening with Rachel’s rents. Until…Rachel’s dad asks Mike how he feels about Rachel going to Stanford…Mike is caught off guard..and her dad realizes Rachel never told Mike. The next morning Mike is being weird with Rachel, and finally blurts it out that she never told him about Stanford. She admits she didn’t think she was going to get in, or at least not tell him until she found out for sure. Aside from that, they end up winning their case, which was obvious from the get go.

On the other side of the office, Harvey isn’t having any luck with Steven as a wingman. Steven ends up going behind Harvey’s back to make a deal that Harvey didn’t want. So Harvey does the only thing he can do, ask for Jessica’s help. Harvey and Jessica decide to ask Ava if she will let Tony Gianopoulos own the company, and still let her control it. This will free Ava of her murder charges and ultimately keep her out of jail. Jessica has a heart to heart as she relates to Ava’s case and admits she had to agree to a merger to save her company. It wasn’t what she wanted, but something she needed to do. Lady Stark will never listen to you!! Unless…maybe?

Don’t forget to watch next week’s episode…the show goes back in time ten years!! Which means Mike and Harvey didn’t know each other…and more importantly…Harvey and Donna knew each other very well if ya know what I mean! Woo!

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