The Vampire Diaries: Into The Wild

If you’ve ever wondered what the hype is surrounding The CW’s The Vampire Diaries– last night’s episode will explain it all. Ever since the return from Christmas hiatus, TVD has been shockingly insane…and last night was not an exception.

Shane and Damon

So, the gang is on the brink of finding the cure for ‘vampireism’…they’ve agreed to go on a camping trip with Professor Shane to find Silas and find the cure. Klaus is still locked up in Elena’s living room from the spell Bonnie put on him. Tyler is over there taunting Klaus, and trying to make himself feel better for Klaus murdering his mother.

The episode gets right into it when Caroline comes over to ask Tyler to come home. Caroline gets angry at Klaus and gets a little too close to him, he grabs her and somehow brings her into the space he’s confined to and bites her! He’s a werewolf…so any bit from a werewolf can kill a vampire in the matter of hours. The only cure is Klaus’ blood. Tyler freaks out and begs Klaus to give his blood to her, we all know how much Klaus loves Caroline, but he hates Tyler even more…and he’s willing to give up Caroline just to spite Tyler.

It was a funny episode because really a bunch of vampires going camping…who does that? They even had tents and sleeping bags when we all know they don’t sleep! Okay so we learn a lot more about Shane and where he’s come from and his motivations for this entire resurrecting Silas journey. When his wife tried to use magic to bring back their son, the magic killed her. Shane found the tomb/caves and in the magic well, found his wife. It was as if she had come back to life…she told him resurrecting Silas could bring back bother her and their son. If Silas were to come back, he would bring back all the dead people that helped him. Sounds a little cray cray but Shane was grieving from the death of his family…if anyone was going to believe it, it was him.

On their way to the camp site Jeremy is attacked by someone and then saved by another mysterious someone. So this scene was really weird because Jeremy gets attacked right before commercial break, when we come back Elena and him are sort of recovering from Jeremy almost being killed…but the rest of the gang continue on like nothing happened! Nobody mentions it…it’s as if nobody else witnessed the attack- but they did. Weird, did anyone else notice  that?

Tension is high within the group, Elena is still dealing with the fact that Stefan and Rebekah hooked up, Rebekah hates Elena…and we really don’t know what’s going through Damon’s head. There is obviously more to the forest then Professor Shane leads them to believe. The forest is armed with vampire booby traps, Elena almost gets stabbed by one but surprisingly Rebekah ends up protecting her. Big shocker there…Stefan is impressed. Overnight, Jeremy goes missing he’s taken from his tent without any noise.


Everyone decides to split up…well not really…Bonnie’s busy with a locator spell, Damon is keeping an eye on Professor Awkward…so that leaves Stefan Elena and Rebekah. Their hunt leads to nothing, Elena makes a return for camp earlier…it gives Stefan and Rebekah a moment to relinquish in their sexual tension. Love them together! We’re beginning to see the real Rebekah, she’s admitted to Stefan that she’s wanted to be human all along, the cure means everything to her. There was a really amazing scene between the two lovers, Stefan begins to see the real Rebekah…Rebekah is kind of annoyed with him that he’s going to take the cure for Elena…but he’s quick to tell her if he takes the cure it’s for himself…not for Elena. I think this is the best thing to come out of the whole Elena and Stefan break up. Everyone expected Damon and Elena to go through this amazing romantic time together…and they had their moment…for like an episode…but now it’s more about Stefan and how his feelings have changed towards Elena. He’s got to see a different side to Rebekah…and he’s realized he can be a sexier vampire all on his own! Trust me, I think we all enjoy the new solo Stefan more.

In the midst of looking for Jeremy/really waiting for Bonnie to do all the work, Damon starts beating up the professor to get some information out of him. Damon doesn’t trust him for a second and he has every right. Shane has been sketchy since day one and he obviously has his own motives for this camping trip. Damon is beating Shane to death until Elena breaks up the fight. Outside, her and Damon have a chat about their relationship. She tells him how excited she is about finding the cure, being human again…and being able to spend the rest of her life with Stefan…I mean Damon. Damon is in one of his moods, he admits he doesn’t care about the cure, he doesn’t want to take it, he would never want to be human again…and reminds Elena that, the dream of growing old together is Stefan…not Damon. He walks away and leaves Elena more confused than ever.

Bonnie starts following the fire that sprung out of nowhere from her locator spell. At the camp they realize Shane slipped out…and stole the magic headstone!! Rebekah is freaking out, she accuses Stefan of stealing it and helping out the rest. He admits he had nothing to do with it, he wants to find the cure and be human just like her. Elena overhears this and suddenly realizes ‘Holy **** I’m with the wrong guy’ duh Elena…your dumb.


Tyler’s only idea is to bring a dying Caroline to Klaus and let him witness her death. Tyler leaves, Caroline is sitting on the couch beside Klaus. This was one of the most amazing scenes ever…we get to see the Klaus we always knew was there. Caroline’s dying, Klaus admits that he can’t save her, he needs to teach Tyler a lesson. Caroline with her amazing death bed speech tells Klaus she knows he’s in love with her, and that anyone who can love…can be saved. So amazing. Klaus starts to form tears in his eyes…I mean we all know he’s going to save her but it really was an amazing scene. I would’ve been satisfied if it was just that scene in the episode. Caroline admits that sometimes she has to remind herself of all the bad things Klaus has done, just so she won’t have feelings for him. That sends him over the edge and he lets her have his blood…saving her life. Yay.

caroline and klaus

In the woods, Shane meets up with a random dude that has Jeremy, Bonnie ends up walking right up to them, Shane admits that her locator spell was meant to lead her to them. Shane had this all planned out to get Jeremy and Bonnie alone…and make his way with them to see Silas. In the end, Damon is walking alone..until he comes across one of the 5 vampire hunters.

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