S U I T S: Luis Come Back!

Another fantastic episode of Suits… I don’t even know where to begin. It seems like Harvey is not recovering well from his failed weekend with Zoe…and he’s brought his sour mood into the office Monday morning…at 8 am. Donna is at the elevators to greet him, surprisingly she can’t fix his grumpy mood, especially when he finds out Mike isn’t in the office yet. He’s busy cleaning up his apartment. Are they going to move him into the swanky pad he bought his grandmother??

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 1.28.46 PM

When Mike gets to work at 8:30, Harvey is completely losing it on him. He threatens to fire him, and the only reason he didn’t was because Mike’s grandmother had died. We’ve never seen Harvey get this angry…oh but wait it gets worse. Harvey has a surprise meeting with a client at 8:02 am…this client was worried about his company…and uncomfortable with all the drama that’s been happening with Pearson Hardman. He wants to leave Harvey and find another lawyer.

It’s obvious that Harvey is hurt about the entire Zoe situation, he’s sort of taking it out on everyone else. Donna comes in to ask what’s wrong, he tells her that Zoe’s leaving the city to take care of her niece. Donna reminds him that beating up Mike about little things won’t make him feel better.

Luis freaks out when he finds out another client of theirs wants to find other representation. After Harold does the job Luis asks him to, Luis decides that he’s going to fire Harold anyways. Rachel pleads on Harold’s behalf that he did everything right…did even more than he was asked…but Luis wants him gone.

Mike tries to save the day and begs Luis to change his mind. Luis tells Mike the only way he’ll hire Harold back is if Mike oversees all his work and makes sure everything is done properly. We thought for a second that Mike would do the right thing since he always does…but I guess not this time.Besides, who cares about Harold!?

Mike walks into Harvey’s office to tell him that all the associates that are jumping ship are Luis’ top picks. Harvey immediately assumes that Luis is behind this and pays him a visit. This scene is another reason why Gabriel Macht is the perfect actor for the role of Harvey Specter. I was terrified of Harvey in this scene. He yells at Luis and tells him he will never trust him…even though they work together Luis is basically nothing to him. And Harvey does a little re-decorating with Luis’ desk. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Harvey this angry.

Harvey and Mike discuss why Trent isn’t returning Harvey’s calls. They conclude that Allison must control another company that Trent is interested in. Harvey meets with Trent on the rooftop of what looks to be The Thompson Hotel in Toronto…just guessing. Harvey convinces Trent to let him look deeper into the paperwork, holding him as a client just a little longer.


After Luis’ dramatic confrontation with Harvey, he meets with Allison to discuss a possible job opportunity at her firm. He feels like there isn’t anything left for him at Pearson…it’s the first episode in a while where you actually feel bad for Luis- even if he did just fire Harold. Luis meets with Jessica to sign his non-compete clause in order for him to join Allison’s firm. Jessica makes it clear that Harvey’s actions aren’t a reflection of her own opinions, and she is sad to see Luis leave. Nevertheless, she signs his paperwork and he walks away with his head down.

Harvey drops Mike off at the office to do some more research. Harvey’s car pulls away and Mike is approached by some stranger…and gets the beating of his life, which he was prepared to get.


Upstairs, Luis is cleaning out his office and is waiting to get on the elevator. Mike pulls up with his bruised and beaten face, Luis drops everything and runs to take care of Mike. So friggin’ cute. Luis pulls out an entire first aid kit, while he’s patching up Mike they have a heart to heart. Mike convinces Luis to help him on this case…as sort of an apology to Harvey. Luis agrees. Also, Mike just went from a 6 to a 10 with the sexy bruises on his face. Weird, right?


Mike learns that Allison never planned to hold on to Trent’s company, she just wanted him to step away from Harvey. Harvey asks how he knows all this since he doesn’t have an MBA…Mike admits that Luis helped him out. When Mike runs into an old colleague, he asks him for a big favour…to hire Harold at the new law firm. Yay Harold has a job! Not that he wouldn’t of found one he has a Harvard Law degree…jeesh!

In the end, Mike walks up to Rachel (doesn’t he get she doesn’t want to speak to him?)…to tell her he found Harold a job. Rachel knows right away that Mike’s bruises are from the ‘other man’. Mike tries to tell her that it happened after he broke things off…and she tells Mike that she really doesn’t give a s***. Nice one girl!


In the end, Luis is packing up his things, Harvey pays him a visit. No words were exchanged, Harvey pulls out Luis’ resignation letter…and rips it in half. It was the cutest scene ever…Luis is in shock after Harvey walks way he can barely stand on his two feet.


Also, check out my exclusive interview with Gabriel Macht on playing the dashing Harvey Specter.


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