Battle of the Seasons: Recap!

Cray Cray in Africay! Tonight’s episode of MTV’s The Challenge:Battle of the Seasons started off with the challenge between the final 4 teams.  You know it’s about to be a cray episode when the challenge starts off right at the top of the hour!

The final challenge before the ‘final’ challenge was the one where they get shot off some sort of slide into the water, the one in the previews where we see Zach flying into the air screaming at the top of his lungs. Yep, it sure was a good one to end off with. Teams had to pair up, one person driving the four wheeler that pulls the other teammate who is being shot out from the slide- into the water, and swimming to a dock. The swimmer has to then get onto the dock, which proved challenging for Sarah…ring a bell…and then swim back to shore.

Teams with 4 people would do it twice..and obviously the two person teams (Cancun & Vegas) would use their one score. Dustin and Trishelle go first, which proves to their advantage because Dustin absolutely kills his time, coming in first and winning Team Vegas power team.


Cancun does pretty bad, Derek is winded by the first leg of the swim, he’s slow getting back to the shore. The biggest surprise was Team San Diego. For some reason Ashley stalls the four wheeler, so Frank doesn’t really get shot out of the slide, which has him swimming an even longer distance than everybody else. This causes a huge set back for their team, but they manage to come in second last.


It’s been a BIG turn of events for Team Vegas, after Nany and Alton got booted off, it looked like Vegas was on their way out. Dustin refused to continue on with Trishelle…and Trishelle just blamed Dustin for everything. It comes as a HUGE surprise that they were power team, and had opportunity to choose the other team to go into eliminations with Cancun. Obviously, Vegas chooses San Diego because they hate them and vice versa. It is a pivotal moment for SD because they’ve been running the game thus far, but are now facing the possibility of being sent home.

Team Brooklyn is lookin’ good at this point, with SD being the only other 4 person team and going into the final eliminations, they might start off the final race with the only 4 person squad! They’ve definitely come a long way…and I’m rooting for them.


San Diego (Ashley & Frank) end up beating out Cancun (Jonna & Derek) after a grueling strategy game in the middle of the African desert. Apparently, Jonna let the ‘voices’ get to her head…or maybe because…oh never mind I won’t say it. Chet said it better anyways.

So now that there’s only 3 teams left, they head back to their swanky new apartment, with a bunch of free new Under Armour gear. I swear I would do these challenges for the sole purpose of getting free Under Armour. The next morning is the final race…teams get ready for the hardest thing they’ll ever do in their lives.

I don’t know how this seasons final race is going to top last season’s challenge in freezing Iceland!! I don’t think it can get much worse than having to sleep over night in the middle of the arctic…in a tent. But we’ll have to wait and see.

The teams will start off in the air…Devyn is super excited because she thinks she’s going to fly her way to the finish line. (For your sake Devyn…we hope that’s true). I know TJ was exaggerating the difficulty of this challenge, he says that every season, I have a feeling it will be extremely difficult, but it won’t be as bad as we think. But I’ve been wrong…soo…tune in next week for the finale!



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