TVD: The Sire Curse RECAP

So we’re back with an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Finally, the episode of the season Delena fans have been waiting for- Elena comes to terms with her feelings for Damon…and they get it on. It’s been a slow season so far, the last 3 episodes have been lamer than lame, but Julie Plec has once again redeemed herself with this amazing new episode.

A lot happens in 46 minutes…so let’s start from the beginning.

What would a great episode be without a typical Mystic Falls event? The Miss Mystic Falls pageant is always a good episode in TVD history…and this one didn’t disappoint. Matt played the charming white knight to April who was confused as to why her real date Jeremy didn’t show up.


Jeremy is officially a vampire hunter and is having urges to kill other vampires, including his sister Elena. Luckily for him, April doesn’t see him seductively starring at his sister or she would’ve thought it was another kind of obsession…awkward. Stefan and Elena are no longer together since she told him her vampire alter ego has feelings for Damon. Stefan is determined to find a cure for ‘Vampireism’ and ultimately get his human Elena back. He forces Jeremy to kill another vampire so that the hunter tattoos on his arm reveal the answer to where the cure is ‘hidden’. What they don’t know is that the more Jeremy kills, the more he loses himself and becomes the vampire hunter. He attacks Elena at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, but thankfully Stefan shows up to save the day.

Jeremy and Elena

Caroline and Klaus, they’re relationship just puts a smile on my face because they are so cute together. Plus, if Caroline can change the most evil man in the world…then there’s definitely a story there to tell. Klaus asks Caroline to the pageant since he thinks her and Tyler are broken up. They’re not really, they’re just faking it, so Caroline has no choice but to agree. Tyler shows up with weird Werewolf girl who it turns out is secretly working with the hot new professor to gather a bunch of hybrids who have broken the sire bond from Klaus. Tyler is mucho jealous when he sees this: See Below.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 10.58.05 AM

They look so cute together! Caroline asks Klaus if he ever wishes he could be human again. He answers the questions 23 minutes later with a story about a Hummingbird’s heart beating as fast as a machine gun…all the while Tyler listens in on their conversation with his vampire creepin’ skills. He’s not buying any of it.

Stefan and Elena talk it out, but there’s not much to talk about since Elena refuses to find a cure for ‘Vampireism’ if it means Jeremy has to give up his humanity. She understands that Stefan wants the old Elena back, the Elena that was in love with him. But, she’s a vampire now…and she’s in love with Damon..and there’s really nothing Stefan can do about it. It was literally the saddest scene- ever.

Elena moves out of the home she shares with Jeremy. Really who pays the mortgage and utility bills? Matt moves in…and Elena moves into the Salvatore residence. Stefan offers to spend the night somewhere else since most likely Damon and Elena will be getting it on. That’s way too fast BTW.


Stefan goes over to Caroline’s to take a few shots. There’s this cute/weird relationship forming between C and S over the last few episodes, it’s almost as if something is going to happen between the two, and I would totally want that to happen- except I want C and K to happen more. While they’re chatting, Elena and Damon are busy getting it on and listening to Ed Sheeran. Caroline and Stefan are listening to the same song, but Caroline freaks out when she discovers something. It’s not everyday a vampire can sire another vampire…but it definitely isn’t impossible. Caroline wonders if Elena is sired to Damon…since they’ve been acting like the same person since she’s become a vampire. Once Caroline says it, Stefan realizes it might be true…and that there might be a way to get Elena back without finding a cure for ‘Vampireism’. Sounds good to me!

**Bonnie is still missing. She is presumed to be off somewhere trying to get her magic back up and running.**


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