American Horror Story RECAP

It’s been a few episodes since we last wrote on the spine chilling new season of FX’s American Horror Story. A lot has happened, but it really feels like nothings happened since all the characters keep going around and around in a circle of doom.

The episode for this week is titled ‘Deliverance’. The ‘angel of death’ or as she called herself, ‘Shachath’  which means ‘destroy’ or ‘spoil’ in Ancient Aramaic, makes an appearance numerous times to save our main characters from the tragedy that is their lives. Shachath is the same woman that played the grandma maid last season (loved her storyline). Anyways, she’s back in black and appears whenever anyone is in despair/finding a way to kill themselves. Like Lana who as it turns out hasn’t suffered enough, now she is being sexed up by Briarcliff’s pshychiatrist/secretly Bloodyface.

We find out that when Dr.Thredson saves Lana from the asylum, he has another plan for her.  Apparently, he’s had his eye on her since the beginning of the Kit Walker prosecution. She reminded him of his mother, more so because he is psychotic and holds his mother who abandoned him responsible for everything in his life. Apparently, he’s always wanted to have sex with his mother who Lana is pretending to ‘play’…and it’s here where she begs for her life to just end. It’s American Horror Story so obviously something much worse is about to happen to Lana. When Thredson comes back downstairs Lana is ready to attack him, she gets away and escapes the house. We find her back on a dark and empty road until a car pulls up and she doesn’t hesitate to get in. The driver is played by the burnt guy from last season, he’s playing another crazy person this season. Lana soon realizes he’s violent and has a hatred for women- mainly his wife who just left him. Before Lana can jump out of the car he shoots himself and the car goes crashing.

Jude gets booted out of Briarcliff and can finally take off the hideous smelly looking polyester black nun uniform. Lady in Red is back again, but she’s suffering from flashbacks of the night she ran over the little girl. Still doesn’t make sense to me why a little girl was walking on a street on her own but whatevs. Jude ends up tracking the home of the girl she thought she had killed. She pretends to be an old teacher of her’s…but finds out the girl is alive! She was never dead…she’s alive, a nurse and a mother. Welp, now that that’s settled it’s time for a drank!

So there’s a whole lot that happened in this episode. And like always, it’s hard to explain what went down, why it went down and WTF did those bloody letters mean? From the beginning of this season it’s obvious a lot of the storylines were driven from different aspects of religion. Early on we got to see Sister Mary basically get trampled by the ‘devil’. As the audience we know that the devil is living inside her, but nobody else knows this. She’s been sort of MIA throughout the season, but once Sister Jude is thrown out she resumes the roll of head nun at Briarcliff. Her evil is in full force, she attacks Dr.Arden threatening him to fix up whatever he ‘did’ to Grace, and freaks out when she sees three bloody letters on the wall in the kitchen. Oh, and her and angel of death are long lost cousins. Say what?

Somehow, the bologne cutter dude summoned the angel of death…and Sister Mary aka The Devil is super angry/secretly scared there’s another supernatural presence lurking around. Unless the blood read ‘Hey ‘Cuz!’ sister Mary has got a serious problem on her devilish hands.

Grace is on the verge of death and it’s alright because there’s really nothing else for her. Besides, she really did kill her entire family so she is a complete looney serial killer! Something crazy happened to Grace- she was probably abducted by the aliens because she’s had a mysterious hysterectomy…and Dr.Arden wasn’t behind it. Her womanly insides are gone and she’s about to die, the angel of death is all ready to spread her wings and let her be gone…but Grace is brought back by one of the nurses. Dr.Arden is presumed to be the sloppy surgeon, he wasn’t, but instead of having a bad track record he fixes Grace up and gives her a shot so her infections heal. Duh, it’s obviously the aliens sloppy work with their slimy long fingers.

Grace is in the kitchen because she can’t sleep anymore. Kit is on the run and he returns to Briarcliff to see Grace via the secret underground entrance. It’s also where the mysterious Briarcliff monster resides, so Kit has to make a run for it while the monster chases him. Kit makes it into the kitchen, him and Grace reunite but not for long. One of the nurses walks in on them, but just then the monster pounces on the nurse and kills her. The monster runs toward Kit but he’s obviously trained at killing monsters so it wasn’t an issue for him. A security guard runs in and sees Kit holding the monster’s guts, he  shoots Kit but Grace jumps in front of him and takes the bullet. She’s dead.

The police have no other choice but to bring Lana back to Briarcliff after the accident!! Sister Mary explains Jude is no longer with them, Lana tells Mary that Dr.Thredson is Bloodyface but she doesn’t really believer her. She forces Lana to take her pills…and it feels like Lana is right where she started off. Because really whose going to believe her crazy ass over the handsome Dr.Thredson.

So what I really want to know is what happens to Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan…is retired Dr.Thredson still living in Briarcliff?

When are we going to see the aliens? Because they definitely are aliens as we saw a shadow in Grace’s eye (yes I played back frame by frame).

Lastly, with Season 2 of American Horror Story:Asylum coming to an end which season was more O-M-G worthy?

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