The Walking Dead: Killer Within Recap

So the title for this week’s episode of The Walking Dead ‘Killer Within’ is an appropriate reflection of all the things that went down last night. It’s the first episode where we get to see the story of The Prison and Woodbury simultaneously. It’s obvious now that the greatest danger to Woodbury is actually living inside its walls- The Guvernor. Michonne has been suspicious of him since day one, Andrea doesn’t really care because she totally has the hots for him. After Michonne inspects the army truck she finds bullet holes and a bloody finger…and realizes something terrible went down and The Governor is probably the one to blame. He shows up out of nowhere, Michonne already has her guard up and asks him a few questions that he answers without hesitation. She knows he’s shady, he knows that she knows he’s shady, but he can’t really do anything other than pretend like he cares about her. He mentions that Andrea told them they were leaving, he wishes her all the best but something tells me he’s not going to let them go that easily. And a huge shock to everyone watching, but apparently The Prison had a killer within this entire time. Read more below.

Since we didn’t get to see them last week, most of the focus for this episode was The Prison. Things are going good…well sort of. The two abandoned prisoners- Oscar and Axel are pleading with Rick to take them back. They can’t live in the cell all by themselves with the ghosts and bodies of their old jail buddies. Rick and the crew are skeptical, they’ve made it this far and they don’t want to risk their safety by adding two prisoners to their group. T-Dog was the only one that felt bad for them. Daryl,Rick and Glenn are doing work at the front of the prison…in between the two fences. The rest of the group is enjoying a nice day out in the prison yard, all they needed was a basketball…Hershel is back on his…foot…using the crutches Lori found for him. Seems like things are getting back to normal, Rick glances over at his pregnant wife whom he is starting to love again. Well, we don’t really know that but by the look of his stare you could see he was genuinely happy. Everyone is just in this awkward happy state, starring at one another, you just know something bad is about to happen. The camera goes back to Carl and Hershel and you see an entire swarm of zombies walking their way.Somehow one of the gates had been opened, and to make matters worse, the prison alarm system was going off. I’m not one to talk since I’ve never lived through a zombie apocalypse, but why didn’t they all run towards Rick and the men who were behind the fences? The zombies were only coming from behind them or else they would’ve spotted them, they still had time to run to the gate where Rick would’ve met them and opened it up. Hmm.

Everyone is in panic mode, Carl/Maggie/Lori run towards one of the doors and make their way inside. Hershel and his daughter hop to one of the closest gates so they’re safe. Rick/Daryl/Glenn run their butts off towards the gate entrance shooting as many zombies as they can. The two abandoned prisoners try helping out but they don’t have weapons, and they’ve never killed zombies before.

Carol and T-Dog are doing their thing killing zombies, Carol finds a door but just then a zombie comes from behind T-Dog and bites into his shoulder. He knows he’s going to die but Carol forces him to run into the prison with her. They run into a corridor that’s blocked by two zombies. At this point, T-Dog has accepted the fact he’s going to heaven, he runs towards the zombies pushing them into a corner and yells for Carol to run through. The zombies eat at T-Dogs neck while he says his final goodbye to Carol.

But do not worry, the token black guy has been replaced by none other than- Oscar. Oscar charms Rick and the crew when he leads them to the generator room so they can turn off the alarm. On their way, they see T-Dogs body minus all his skin, and they have a brief moment of silence for him. Surprisingly, Andrew the prisoner who Rick left for dead on the roof…wasn’t actually dead. Somehow he escaped, and decided to open all the gates and set off the alarm. Oscar has a gun in his hand, Andrew tells him to shoot Rick and the others, but Oscar does the smartest thing and kills Andrew. Oscar has gained Rick’s trust and is now part of the crew. Another huge blow for Rick, it was basically his fault all of this happened, if he had just killed Andrew instead of letting him die in a pack of zombies- none of this would’ve happened…and Lori would still be alive.

Carl, Maggie and Lori are hiding in a random room. Lori yells out that her water broke and she’s going into labour.Sucks for her because the only person who practiced delivering the baby was Carol- and she’s watching T-Dog get eaten. Lori tries to push the baby out but Maggie stops her when she sees blood. Lori is unable to give birth the easy way- and tells Maggie she needs to cut her open and get the baby out. I didn’t even realize Lori was going to die until she started her ‘Do the right thing’ speech to Carl. This poor kid has seen so much, and the fact that he stayed so strong in last night’s episode made it even more sad. Maggie is crying while cutting through Lori’s belly. As soon as she starts cutting Lori passes, she loses way too much blood, and the look on Carl’s face is just heartbreaking. Maggie pulls the baby out of Lori’s still body, and Carl just looks at it in disgust. They both wait to hear a cry from the baby, and for a few seconds the baby looks like it’s dead. Then it screams out and Carl can’t do anything but smile at his new baby sister. Then the worst thing ever, Carl tells Maggie they need to kill Lori for good so she doesn’t come back a zombie. Maggie tries to give the baby to Carl so that she can do it, Carl refuses and says he’ll do it. Maggie walks away with the baby, the camera staying on her the entire time, after a brief pause, we hear a gunshot and Carl comes out around the corner with his head down and walks off camera. It’s such a sad moment, I think every single viewer last night was in tears, I don’t think anyone was expecting her to die- especially during the child birth.

In the end, everyone meets in the prison yard, Rick is in shock at what just happened, Hershel and his daughter are the only ones that didn’t lift a finger. Then, just when you thought things couldn’t get worse. Maggie and Carl come out holding the baby, Rick is in shock, but his shock turns into a laugh/cry when he realizes Lori isn’t there.

Amazing episode.

So what does the group do now that they have a naked baby with no formula…and an old crippled man.


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