Real Housewives of Miami

So I promised myself I wouldn’t get hooked onto Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Miami just because the first season sucked. The only normal housewife I did like was Alexia Echevarria who isn’t a full on housewife this season. She’s still involved in the show because she’s friends with most of the housewives, but since her youngest son was in a fatal car accident- she decided not to join as a cast member. Also, Larsa Pippen and Cristy Rice are no longer on the show. Which doesn’t really matter because this season is full of new ladies…and new drama.

Joanna Krupa who is a model and was on Dancing with the Stars is the new ‘young’ housewife, although she’s not really a housewife. She’s not married, she doesn’t cook or clean but- she is engaged to Romain Zago who owns one of Miami’s hottest nightclubs ‘Mynt’.

Then we have the ultimate housewife- Ana Quincoces. She’s a lawyer by day…and a housewife by night. She’s in the middle of a divorce, her ex husband is also a lawyer and the father of her two girls. She’s one of the older housewives, but her dynamic with her ex husband is one of the funniest elements of the new season.

Karent Sierra is known as the ‘dentist to the stars’. Not sure who calls her that, she probably refers to herself as that because she is a full out wannabe! Karent lives in her beautiful Miami mansion with her parents, and long distance relationship boyfriend Rodolpho…who by the way is a Spanish soap opera star. Rumours surrounding her and Rodolpho say that her relationship isn’t ‘real’…and that he cheats on her. The last part is probably true. Sorry!

Last but definitely not least fakest housewife is Barbie Doll Lisa Hochstein. She’s married to boob surgeon Lenny Hochstein who is known as the ‘boob god’. Lisa refers to herself as her husband’s calling card…since she is his creation. Wow.

Plus we have original cast members Lea Black, Adriana De Moura, and one of my faves only because she is the complete opposite of a housewife, I don’t even know why she was casted for this show- Marysol Patton. Marysol is in the process of divorcing her very charming and handsome ex Phillipe. Apparently, because of her busy schedule- they both decided the marriage would have never worked. Because she is the complete opposite of a housewife!!! The show is incorrectly categorizing her as something she’s not!

What’s interesting about this season is that they’ve picked women who are all in different stages of their lives. Joanna is just beginning her life as a housewife- she’s a full time model but dreams of becoming Romain’s wifey. Then there’s Ana whose a full time housewife…well aside from being a lawyer she’s also trying to date again. Also, she knows how to cook mushroom risotto. Then there’s Lea whose entering early stages of menopause. So the show really touches on all demographics…even if you’re not a housewife and never will be a housewife like Marysol…the show is still fun to watch!

The season kicks off with a ton of drama…from cheating boyfriends to fainting mothers- this season will definitely bring us some housewife entertainment while we wait for RHOBH to start up.


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