TVD Recap: The Rager

So we’re on the third hour of the new Vampire Diaries season. What we’ve learned so far is that the production clearly suffered from budget cuts in their green screen department and Bonnie is as useless as the White Oak Dagger.

It’s obvious that Damon is now more suited to take care of Elena, Stefan isn’t strong enough to deal with all the changes she’s going through. In the end of the episode, Stefan has a cute friendly chat with Caroline about how he’s trying to deal with Elena…and how he can’t because he’s afraid he’s going to turn into The Ripper. This is definitely going to be the main factor with the relationship between Stefan and Elena falling apart. Right now, he’s just not good enough for her, he can’t be the support system that she needs and Elena is starting to realize that.

Getting into this week’s episode…Tyler is recovering from his ‘injuries’ at the hospital. They put one guard outside his door…hello this is Mystic Falls…pretty sure anything supernatural can beat down a fat lazy security guard. Tyler hears something going on outside, Connor walks into his room but Tyler’s faster and is ready to chop him down. But, Connor The Vampire Slayer is faster and somehow gets Tyler on his back, sticks a needle into his gums, and extracts whatever werewolf DNA he has.

Back at the school, Elena and Matt meet up in the grungy back alley so she can feed from him once again. Seems like they’ve been doing this on a daily basis, because realistically she needs human blood…and she doesn’t want to kill anyone. Matt is one of the more useless characters…so why not take part in the blood donation?

It’s back to school for everyone, including Elena. She doesn’t see a reason to stay indoors, it would make Connor more suspicious that she’s a vampire. But maybe staying home and calling in sick would have been better, because Connor is everywhere, including Mystic Falls High. Connor corners Matt in the hallway, threatening to kill him if he doesn’t give up one of his vampire friends. He’s not too happy with Rebecca since she did almost kill him, so he blurts out her name. Close Call. Bonnie is still nowhere to be found…even on the first day of school?

So Julie Plec and her minions took a page out of the Mean Girls script…and pumped it with some Mystic Falls allure. Rebecca is the mean girl at school and she only has it out for Elena. She’s literally the only Mean Girl in the history of the world that doesn’t have a possy of other mean girls circling her at all times. How do they end up having the same class schedule? Anyways, it’s the first time Elena and Stefan are back in Alaric’s old classroom. Rebecca walks in and mentions how he’s the one that killed him- ouch. Then, Elena is furious (because everything is heightened, and no Stefan didn’t say it this time) she throws a perfectly sharpened pencil at Rebecca, but she’s an original vampire and she’s super fast. She throws it back at Elena and it stabs her right under her shoulder….ruining her perfectly clean cashmere sweater. She makes a run for the bathroom, when they see Connor chatting it up with Jeremy. Stefan says he’ll take care of it if she takes care of her stain…evidently girl problems aren’t as severe as vampire problems. When Elena is cleaning herself up in the bathroom, another girl walks in holding her neck. She asks if Elena is okay…Elena says that she is…but random girl says she isn’t. She reveals the bite marks on her neck and the blood gushing out of her. Clearly all the drama happens in the bathroom, Rebecca walks in and tries to lure Elena into killing the girl…which would prove to Connor who the vampire is.

Connor is having a chat with Jeremy and explains more about who he is. He tells Jeremy the tattoos on his arm are actually invisible and only vampire hunters/potential vampire hunters can see them. He asks Jeremy to bring him a vampire, and he will mentor him.

Meanwhile, Damon finds Connor’s trailer in the woods, but is confronted with a huge problem when Connor’s booby trap nails Damon, if he tries to take the arrow out, the trap will self detonate. He calls Meredith since he’s too proud to call Stefan and ask for help. She comes quickly, while removing the arrow from his back, she gives him some words of advice, and sympathizes with him that he’s doing all the dirty work, while his brother is with the girl he loves. He finds the paper Pastor Young wrote that is a warning for the evil that’s coming to Mystic Falls.

Mean Girl Rebecca decides to throw a house party in light of the new curfew law in Mystic Falls. Her party probably sucked because it was still daylight outside, and Connor spiked the Keg with werewolf DNA. Elena shows up anyway, she wants to ‘get back’ at Rebecca and show her how strong she is. After a brief conversation with April, Rebecca interrupts for some more mean girl antics. Elena tells April to take a tour of the house- because why wouldn’t you want a tour of someone’s house during a house party? Lame. Rebecca ends up stealing Elena’s daylight ring and throws it into the garbage thing in the sink. Elena is forced to sit in the corner of the kitchen that’s not in the sun- until she retrieves her ring. The party resumes but not for long because Stefan offers Elena a better idea…to ride his motorcycle. His actual vintage motorcycle…right after Elena does the ultimate keg stand in front of the entire party. Everyone goes nuts, and Rebecca is fuming with jealousy…even though she could probably do a better keg stand since she is an original.

Caroline doesn’t feel like attending Rebecca’s party she would much rather spend time with Tyler. Unfortunately, Tyler’s in a sticky situation when a werewolf friend from the Appalachian Mountains pays him a visit. He had a brief fling with this other werewolf during his trip away, and never told Caroline about it. When Klaus is upstairs talking to werewolf girl, he hears the conversation between Tyler and Caroline at the front door. It’s obvious that Tyler is trying to cover up the fact the werewolf girl is upstairs. He covers up by telling Caroline he’s on house arrest under Klaus’ orders.

While Elena and Stefan are riding in front of a horrendous green screen, Elena decides to play the daredevil and stand on the motorcycle while Stefan is casually driving with his ugly looking helmet. She’s definitely having a lot of fun enjoying her new vampire abilities. The two lovebirds take it into the bedroom…and almost get to the Vampire Sex we’ve all been waiting for. But things get awkward when Elena sees Damon’s face instead of Stefan’s. She pushes him off her…and then gets sick because she just did a keg stand with contaminated werewolf beer. Klaus agrees to save her life by letting her drink his blood, all is back to normal.

Not so much, because Damon has the brilliant idea of luring Connor to the hospital to meet one of Meredith’s vampire patients. Really, him and Klaus have a storage room ready for Connor- they used the same booby trap Connor had in his trailer. While Connor is tied up, he mentions he has a tattoo that’s invisible…and Klaus interrupts him by asking him if he’s one of the five. Evidently, Klaus knows more about Connor’s past then Connor does. Just then, the trap detonates, Damon jumps out in time, and thinks Connor is dead. But, he’s not, because Klaus is faster and ends up saving Connor. Clearly, there is something important Connor has, and Klaus knows he can make use of it.

In the end, Elena and Matt meet up at her place for a quick sucking session. Only this time Elena loses control and nearly kills Matt. Damon arrives just in time to throw her off Matt, Matt was in shock that he nearly lost his life…again. Damon compels him so he forgets anything even happened. Elena is shocked and disgusted in herself that she would let herself go that far. Elena asks for Damon’s help during her transition into a full fledged vampire. She knows Stefan isn’t capable of it, and of course Damon loves the fact that he can do something for her Stefan cant.

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