Battle of the Seasons: Team NOLA BayBay!!

Last night was another crazy episode of MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. Things get crazier with this week’s ‘insane challenge’ which basically consisted of 3 mini challenges. The first race was a chariot race, one team member had to pull a chariot with the other team members across a finish line…with a plastic horse mask over their heads. Team Cancun ended up winning that one. Brooklyn came in last.

The next challenge was an egg toss, one team member throws an egg across a wooden fence, the other team member tries to catch it in a doggy collar. St. Thomas lost that round, which meant for the last place title it would be a final battle between Brooklyn and St.Thomas.

The third challenge was an ear battle…whoever ripped the string off the other persons ear first would win. Somehow, Team NOLA won this round, putting them in first place. There was no strategy…it was just timing and luck. The final round was for first place and power team. Team New Orleans ended up beating Trishelle and Dustin. Power team went to the only team with 2 members- NOLA. Love it!

The battle between the last two teams was a fish fight, team members stood on a small wooden plank, basically beating each other up with a 15-pound fish. St. Thomas’ Trey and Laura went in. Laura lost against Sarah. Trey beat out Chet, but the tiebreaker between the two girls pushed St.Thomas into last place…and a one way ticket to the elimination round.

For some reason, Alton was being a Debbie Downer the entire time. He talked about leaving the show, and using the challenge as a reason for a ‘vacation’. He didn’t really care about the money, and wanted to go into an elimination round. Frank has been getting on everyone’s nerves, he’s the biggest s*** disturber since Johnny Bananas. Him and Alton have a tiny battle while working out in the gym, later Alton tries to be the ‘man’ and says he isn’t afraid of an elimination. But he basically volunteers Team Vegas to go into the elimination round and doesn’t go in!! It wasn’t really up to him though, Nany convinces Dustin to go in it with her so Alton can’t sabotage their team.

The final challenge was a strategy round. The one with the big heavy rope…and you have to loop it around and make an impossible puzzle to solve. Most of the teams were rooting for St.Thomas, since Vegas went against the alliance. Dustin and Nany ended up pulling through, I don’t know how they did this one, it’s such a difficult challenge, both physical and mental. Just when your body is giving up…your mentally frustrated at the thought of untangling a giant rope. St.Thomas is down to two players, thankfully the more useful side of their team- Marie and Robb. It’s still a huge deal that St.Thomas is in the game, they’re the Rookie team and I don’t think anyone saw them staying around this long.


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