Vampire Diaries: Memorial

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of Vampire Diaries…then you need to. No recap can sum up the amazingness of this episode, it was crammed with a bunch of drama, blood sucking, and mourning. To start off, it was one of the best TVD episodes I’ve ever seen. I was expecting a lot, last week’s season opener wasn’t that great, but they definitely made up for it in this episode.

The entire theme for this week’s Epi was the memorial for the town’s council that were killed last week. Elena is struggling with her new transformation as a vampire. Stefan is trying to get Elena on that animal blood…but of course Damon thinks it’s not a good idea, she’s a new vampire…she needs real human blood. Along with the blood cravings, everything is heightened (they used this word way too many times)…Elena feels grief, hunger, pain and most importantly her excitement is through the roof when Stefan lays a finger on her. This almost happened #VampireSex.

Elena can’t keep the animal blood down, so instead of telling Stefan, she goes to Damon and asks for his help. He offers his own blood to her, letting her suck from his arm…which in the Vampire world is a very special moment. Read more about this here. Damon knew how much it meant to Stefan, but he didn’t care. He offered his arm, and Elena took it. Later, Stefan obviously finds out and he’s hurt and upset. Elena doesn’t know the severity of the situation, Stefan tries to explain it to her, but you can tell from the look on Stefan’s face she’ll never understand.

There’s a new sheriff in town..not really more like the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the male version. What happened last week was that the town council actually blew themselves up…well the one guy did, exposing a gas line and then lighting the house with a match. So this new guy ‘Buffy’ is on a mission to find all the vampires in town and kill them. The memorial is a HUGE part of the episode, so much happens while they’re all at the church. Elena throws up blood in the bathroom, getting blood all over her pretty dress. She calls Damon to go and get another one for her. Meanwhile, Buffy is literally waiting outside the door while Elena is inside trying to clean up all the blood. Obviously, Buffy knows something’s up, but he’s not quite sure. He’s soaked his hands in vervaine, and when he goes to shake Damon’s hand…Damon refuses blaming it on his germaphobia. Smart.

So Connor aka Buffy, sets up an entire sniper rifle on the church balcony. He stabs the new girl, using her blood to basically draw out the vampires in the room. Damon knows right away that it’s a trap, Elena can’t hold herself, she’s hungry and losing her mind. Matt has the greatest idea in the history of the series, he tells Elena to drink from him, in church, making it look like she’s just crying into his neck!! It was friggin’ brilliant, I was in awe.

After Elena quenches her thirst, Tyler decides to go up on the altar and say a few words for the dearly departed. Connor recognizes Tyler right away, since he shot him in his own house a few hours before. He shoots Tyler in the chest, luckily Tyler is a hybrid, so he survives the attack, if he was a regular vampire he would’ve been dunzo. This time everyone runs out of the church screaming, Connor takes his stuff and is out before anyone else. Damon is quickly at his side, but Connor is definitely prepared and shoots Damon several times before jumping into his pickup and driving off. I loved how Tyler’s mom ran over to him and said she needed to call 9-1-1, Tyler was okay, but the entire town just saw him get shot, she needed to at least pretend like he needed help!

The thing is, not everyone knew what Connor looked like. Jeremy and Matt are back at the grill, Connor is sitting at the bar right next to them and they have no idea who he is. Connor asks Matt what happened to his neck (where Elena bit him)…he covers it up by saying his girlfriend went crazy on him. As they’re leaving, Jeremy turns around and compliments Connor on his tattoo…Matt goes up to him and asks Jeremy what tattoos? The camera pans over to Connor’s arm and the tattoos are gone! This must be another one of Jeremy’s secret talents, we don’t know much about what Jeremy can see, but obviously there’s something more to this Connor guy. Connor knew right away something was up, he quickly looked over to Jeremy in disbelief.

Since Elena is sad over everyone dying, Stefan has the cutest idea to get everyone together, light a few Japanese lanterns, and mourn the loved one’s they’ve lost. Damon isn’t having any of it, he thinks the entire idea is stupid, but this is typical Damon, trying to run away from his feelings. He ends up visiting Alaric’s grave with a bottle of whiskey. It was such an amazing scene, we actually get to see Alaric for a few seconds…one last time. I was tearing up while Damon was talking about losing Alaric…the entire time Alaric’s ghost was sitting right next to D.

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