The RHONJ Reunion Part II

There’s honestly more drama in a Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion than the actual episodes! Part II of the reunion aired last Sunday and things get crazy when Teresa insults Kathy and Rosie’s late father. The reunion resumes where things ended off last time which was when Rosie loses her cool backstage as she listens to Teresa talk about their father being an absent dad. Kathy and Teresa go at it for a few minutes, Kathy apologizes to Teresa for calling her mother a liar, but Teresa doesn’t accept her apology. They start fighting even more until Andy steps in and introduces Rosie.

Rosie comes out and explains how she came out of the closet to her family. Teresa claimed that she was the only ‘supportive’ family member Rosie had, and that Kathy never accepted Rosie as a gay woman. Obviously, it wasn’t true, you can already tell Kathy would never treat a family member like that, much less her own sister. Rosie admitted Kathy was always there for her, even though it was a difficult time in her life, Kathy never once made her feel like she wasn’t included in the family. Teresa said she would always ask Kat why Rosie wouldn’t hang out with them, Rosie denied any of that, calling Teresa a liar and full of s***. It’s obvious that anytime there’s drama, Teresa has to put herself in the middle of it, and make herself ‘Mother Teresa’. It’s so ridiculous, and I don’t understand how this woman isn’t in an insane asylum, she literally is so blind and stupid, I think she legitimately believes the stories she creates.

Anyways, Rosie doesn’t stay on stage for long because there is a whole lot more drama going on between the housewives. The name calling continues as Teresa calls Kathy’s face ‘fake’, Jacqueline is confused because that comment wasn’t about her, and Caroline mistakes the set for The Twilight Zone.

It seems like anytime a housewife starts off a story with ‘honestly…?’ it’s most likely not the honest truth, so don’t believe anything they say. I’ve always liked Melissa and Joe Gorga, they’re hilarious, and it seems like Melissa genuinely wants her brother to work things out with Teresa. Recently, Melissa and Joe have put their mega mansion up for sale…and it’s most likely because they ran out of money. When Andy asks Melissa why they put their house on the market, she responds, ‘honestly…?’ and says how their family is moving because she doesn’t want her daughter going to the same school as Teresa’s girls, she feels like once they’re older they’ll make fun of her daughter, and she doesn’t want that for her family. I don’t know how much I believe it, there are articles where there is speculation the move was instigated because Joe couldn’t pay for the mortgage anymore. Then again, Melissa says they are not in debt on the reunion, and admits to being able to buy their mega mansion 10x over. Honestly……?

Melissa also feels the heat from Teresa when Teresa calls Melissa a bad singer and says she lip sings all of her songs. Melissa fights back by singing a few lines from a song, she doesn’t have the greatest voice, but it’s obviously better than Teresa’s. Then Teresa starts singing Melissa’s hit ‘On Display’…and she repeats the same lines over and over again, mostly because the song is repetitive. I admit, Melissa isn’t the greatest singer, and probably wouldn’t have the attention if she wasn’t on a reality show, but as her sister-in-law why would you bash her dream? Teresa is clearly jealous of them all…and actually tells Andy that the song ‘On Display’ was about her life as a trophy wife….honestly…….? That was probably the craziest thing Teresa said in the 45 minutes, she is so delusional that she legitimately believes Melissa wrote a song about Teresa’s life? As if Joe would ever put Teresa on a pedestal.

Caroline and Jacqueline stayed quiet most of the time, I think Caroline is fed up with everything and there is no hope in saving Teresa. Even if you try to talk to her, she’ll just fire back with insults that don’t make sense…because she is stupid. Jacqueline admits to not really sleeping on the couch in Napa. She just wanted to escape the bull**** that was going on. Clearly alcohol couldn’t do the trick.

Then to top it all off, Andy brings out Joe Giudice who chugs an entire red bull, and surprisingly keeps himself from burping the entire time. Joe looks like a mafioso straight out of a bad 80s gangster flick. He looks tired, confused, and juiced up as he sits amongst the housewives and prepares himself to answer Andy’s hard hitting questions. Andy asks him straight up if he’s ever cheated on his wife, he obviously denies it, but with Joe’s track record it’s hard to believe he’s been faithful. One point he did make, if he was cheating on his wife with that phone call in Napa, why wouldn’t he take off his mic and throw it away? I don’t think he’s that stupid that he would leave it on and have a secret conversation- which leads me to believe that entire scene might have been set up by producers to make it look like he was blatantly cheating on Teresa. After all, that one phone call did attract a lot of attention to the show, and it was probably the most talked about scene from this season of RHONJ.

Teresa claims that Jacqueline had told her Chris cheats on her, which I would never believe. Chris is the sweetest man ever, I think Jacqueline was referring to her ex-husband, Ashley’s father, who looks more slimy and probably did cheat on Jac. Jacqueline fires back with some more ‘honesty’ admitting that Teresa had in the past confided to her that she caught Joe having sex with the babysitter in the office. Joe laughs it off by calling Jacqueline crazy, you can tell Caroline is annoyed with Jacqueline for falling into their trap and starting another mini war. Joe denies ever taking money from his wife, apparently he is the bread winner and doesn’t need his wife’s pay cheques. Hard to believe since both of them will do anything to land a cover on a tabloid magazine and make quick cash.

Tune in next week as the men of RHONJ come out on stage and have it out with each other. Should be a good time.


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