Dexter Season Premiere!

Last night was the season premiere of Showtime’s serial killer hit Dexter. Season 7 was a highly anticipated premiere as Dexter’s lifelong secret is finally revealed to his sister Deb. If you don’t remember what happened during last season’s finale, Dexter has Trevor wrapped in plastic in the abandoned church ready to kill him. Just then, Deb randomly shows up to the church (to check on things) and she witnesses Dexter, her brother, kill Trevor.

The way the episode played out was really interesting, it started off with Dexter rushing off in his car, he tries to get gas but all his credit cards are declined, then he rushes into the airport and books a flight to the Ukraine. It seems like he’s getting ready to runaway.

Then the episode goes back to the scene inside the church, it is the continuation from the season finale. Dexter tries explaining to Deb that Trevor attacked him and everything was in self defense. He suffered a moment of insanity when he wrapped Trevor in the plastic, put on his apron, and had all the knives set up. Deb tries to believe him in that moment, instead of calling it in, Dexter comes up with a plan to stage the murder as a suicide and burn the church to the ground. Deb obviously cares for her brother, she goes along with his plan- but obviously she is tripping out and doesn’t understand what is happening. It’s clear that Dexter has done this before, Deb is literally shaking, and Dexter seems in control and ready to take care of the situation. Clearly, Dexter doesn’t have everything under control because in the midst of his clean up job, he drops his blood slide down into this random hole in the church floor, and has no idea it’s missing- until he’s home the following day.

Deb and Dexter spend the night together (not in a weird way), and in the morning they both get the call from dispatch about the church fire and Trevor’s body. When the gang leaves the church, LaGuerta somehow spots the shiny piece of glass sitting in the hole in the ground that nobody else noticed. She picks it up with her handy hair clip and books it as evidence. Mike, one of the new detectives calls Deb that night and tells her it’s weird how Trevor’s car wasn’t at the church, Deb brushes it off but she is freaking out that she’s covering for Dexter. Mike randomly pulls over beside a car that has a flat tire on the highway. The man is in the middle of changing the tire, Mike offers to help by opening the guys trunk and finds a dead girl inside. The man pulls out his gun and shoots Mike a couple of times, wipes down his car, hops into Mike’s cruiser and rides off.

The rest of the episode, the crew is busy solving Mike’s murder…while Deb is trying to understand what the heck is wrong with Dexter. She starts putting pieces together between the ice truck killer and Dexter. If you don’t follow the show, the ice truck killer was also Dexter’s biological brother, he was a serial killer, and he imitated the way Dexter did his killings. When Deb sees the evidence from those killings, she finds it really odd that two brothers have been linked to the same type of killing (plastic wrap, table, gloves/apron).

In the end, Dexter figures out who the driver of the car was and doesn’t tell anyone else. Instead, he decides this is the best time to get his frustration out by killing the Ukranian guy! It all comes together as the scene where he’s driving to the gas station/airport are because he’s tracking the Ukranian dude, not because he’s running away. [Jamie, the nanny has a weird psychopath boyfriend who is obsessed with Dexter. For some reason he cancels Dexter’s credit cards, that’s why Dexter can’t use them at the gas station.] Anyways, he ends up killing the Ukranian guy…all the while Deb finds out that Dexter has been telling Jamie he’s working late nights, but he really hasn’t been at work.

LaGuerta tries to figure out who the blood slides belong to, and why they were at the scene…she discreetly steals the blood slides from the evidence pile without Vince catching her.

Dexter returns home, he thinks he’s in the clear. He opens the door to his apartment and finds Deb sitting on his couch in the middle of all his things being thrown around, she’s found his knife collection, his blood slides…and pretty much anything else that points to Dexter being a serial killer. She asks him if he’s killed all the people in the blood slides, he replies ‘Yes’…She asks him if he’s a serial killer…he replies ‘Yes’…and the episode ends like that.

It was so intense! This season is definitely going to be a huge hit…let’s hope it doesn’t lose its momentum.

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