Battle of the Seasons Premiere!

It’s pretty clear how amazing the new season of MTV’s Battle of the Seasons is going to play out when the top pick team gets sent into elimination- and then sent home!! Let’s start from the beginning.

Bodrum, Turkey…Battle of the Seasons….we have teams with veterans and teams with rookies…evidently that doesn’t mean anything in this game, because really anything can happen…and it did. My top pick was Team Austin (Danny,Melinda,Wes and Lacey) Obviously, they have the experience of playing in these challenges, and although Wes sounds like an idiot for the most part, he uses his brain occasionally. They also have strength, although it was pretty clear team member Lacey (whose never been in a challenge) was their weakest link.

(This cast picture is the worst! People in the back are blurry!)

Another huge surprise was the introduction of a brand new team…’The Fresh Meat Team’ which consisted of Defending Champ Camilla, Cara-Maria, Big Easy and Brandon. It was really random since the entire theme of the show was the battle between Real World seasons…I don’t get why they introduced a completely different concept as the new team. Anyways…

The challenge in this episode was pretty straight forward, climb up a ladder 30ft over the water, cross a tilting beam, reach the other end and climb down…all without falling off. So everyone knows Big Easy as the fattest guy that’s ever done the challenge. In The Gauntlet III Eric actually costs his Veteran Team a loss at the final prize money because he ran out of breath and needed medical attention. One of the rules was to have all team members at the finish line, since he wasn’t….they lost and the Rookies ended up winning! Ouch! He’s back now and having lost some weight has more confidence. Unfortunately, his streak doesn’t last too long because he can barely make it up the ladder and when he does…he falls off and can’t get back on. His team has to DQ which inevitably sends them into the elimination round.

I never paid much attention to Team Cancun, but they have such an awesome relationship with each other, and in these challenges that’s probably the most important factor to being successful. Right from the beginning you can see how they respect one another and work well as a team. It wasn’t surprising that they ended up winning the first challenge, putting them into first place, and giving them the privilege to choose the other team to go into the elimination round. Apparently, CJ doesn’t let go of grudges and he is determined to send Wes into elimination, since Wes did the same to him when CJ was still a rookie. Also, Wes is probably the biggest threat, he’s dumb but he knows how to win elimination rounds.

So it’s pretty obvious that Team Cancun wants to send Austin in…but they decide to have a private meeting with St.Thomas…just for fun. Trey is an idiot, he thinks he has an inkling of how to go about playing this game…he doesn’t…and when he interrupted Marie during their meeting…he made their team look like a bunch of idiots. He should just keep his mouth shut from now on and let Marie do the talking. Trey needs to understand that since he is a part of the newest team…they have the biggest target on their backs…and they’re probably going to have to do some a** kissing, that’s just part of the game. Also, I loved how Wes assumed St.Thomas would have his back since they all ‘watched’ him on previous seasons and were big ‘fans’ of his.

The decision is final, Cancun votes in Austin for the final elimination against Team Fresh Meat.

Now the partying begins. First off, love the new romance between Jonna (Cancun) and Zac (San Diego)…they look hot together…but umm isn’t it kind of awkward being in front of his ex Ashley? Girl code? No…we didn’t think so. Other predictions…CJ and Nany? Maybe?…Knight and Jemmye…never. Preston and JD…LOVES IT! So in true first night challenge fashion…the drinks come out and everyone is letting loose…especially Frank. Oh Frank…I really want to love Frank but he’s extremely hard to love when he gets drunk and acts like an idiot. Him and Zac apparently have a bromance…and walk on out wearing hot pink speedos. Unfortunately,the laughter doesn’t last too long because there always has to be someone there to mess it up. Frank freaks out on Robb…for no reason…and then gets into something with Wes. Zac has to literally hold him back…and ends up taking him into their bedroom and strattling him (ooh). Then Ashley and Sam come to the rescue, Sam yells out something to Frank…Frank calls her girlfriend a fat ****…and it’s officially gone crazy. They don’t look stable…and it’s just not a good look for their team.

My fave team NOLA…was completely missing from the festivities especially party girl Jemmye…and McKenzie is sure to be the most boring cast member ever on a challenge. They started out shaky….Preston ended up falling off the beam structure during the challenge, but he managed to pick himself up and finish it so that NOLA didn’t DQ. (Love him).

So in the final challenge…the one thing that Big Easy can win at…is exactly what he ended up with and it was extremely helpful for him. It’s basically this thin-long box and each team member stands at opposite ends…you basically run at each other and whoever makes it to the other end first, wins the round. How are you going to pass a 300-pound man…you can’t- sorry Wes.

Lacy ended up losing to Cara Maria. In the first round between Wes and Big Easy…Big Easy legit blows right through Wes he picks him up and runs with him until he knocks over the bell!!!!!! It was insanity, there’s no way Wes is going to get around Biggy. In their second round, Wes tries to go underneath him…it kind of works and they both end up making it out but they hit the bells at the exact time. Well almost, they have to go back and do an instant replay and they basically determine that Big Easy touched it first!! Big Easy sends Wes home!!!

It’s crazy, it’s shocking…and what’s even more crazy is that now Danny and Melinda are left alone on Team Austin…they fell in love…got married…and then got divorced…and now they’re supposed to win it all? Seems unlikely…I can’t believe my top pick goes out the window in the first episode! Team Cancun is lookin’ good.

Don’t miss brand new episodes of Battle of the Seasons Wednesday nights at 10pm on MTV.

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