Boardwalk Empire Season 3

The premiere of Boardwalk Empire’s season 3 was on last night and I have to say I kind of forgot how season 2 ended. It’s a good thing for those recaps- but of course I didn’t forget the pivotal ending when Nucky kills his protege/son Jimmy Darmody. It was a huge shocker, and I remember last year watching the finale and thinking how in the world would this story continue without one of the main characters. Jimmy was a huge part of the show, essentially he was Nucky’s protege, Nucky took Jimmy under his wing after Jimmy’s real father (who basically owned Atlantic City) refused to take on the father role. Anyways, last season Nucky and Jimmy have a falling out, Jimmy joins sides with his real father who has a plan to take Nucky Thompson down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out, Nucky has no choice but to kill Jimmy…and his long time girlfriend and mother of his son.

It’s a really hard show to explain through detail, if you haven’t watched it from the beginning you probably won’t understand most of the story. It’s dialogue heavy, and the character’s are constantly evolving as they’re subjected to different situations. Where Margaret Schroeder starts out as a quiet housewife, she’s now evolved into this very strong and confident mother, who will do anything to stand up for what she believes in. She eventually marries Nucky when he has her gambler-abusive husband murdered. Obviously, she has no idea what kind of man Nucky is, from the outside he seems like the Atlantic City politician most people assume him to be. Now that she’s realizing who he is, what he does, and what he never will be, she’s using the resources that he has and paving her own path. She’s not stupid, and she understands not many women have the opportunities she’s given, so this season I think we will see a lot more from her.

Nucky Thompson starts out as a political figure in Atlantic City (the treasurer), and while he tries to do good for AC, he’s also behind one of the biggest prohibition scandals in history. (Most characters in BE are based on real people, real times). He’s always been the good gangster, he falls in love with Margaret Schroeder, leaves his whores behind, and moves in with her and her kids. For most of season 1 and season 2 he plays both sides of the spectrum, but there are times when you see the true gangster come out. Season 3 is all about ‘you can’t be half a gangster’ and that’s a reflection on what Nucky had to come to terms with at the end of season 2, and what we’ll see of him in season 3. He’s no longer the man we thought he was, he’s back to his old ways, he’s moved out of Mag’s house and back in bed with his mistresses. He’s just another example of how these characters evolve, and are constantly changing as the show progresses.

The first episode wasn’t too thrilling, the craziest transformation that has occurred because of Jimmy’s death is the intrusion of his real mother now looking over his 4/5 year old son. Last season Tommy’s parents were murdered, and now he’s being taken care of by his ‘grandmother’ and Jimmy’s good friend and war hero Richard Harrow. Jimmy’s mother was once a prostitute, and Jimmy’s father was the richest man in Atlantic City. He had a love affair with a young Gillian Darmody…and then came Jimmy. When Jimmy’s father was murdered last season, I’m assuming his father’s large estate was left to his mother Gillian. It seems like now she has turned the mansion into a whore house (but with a little class). Tommy and Richard are also living with Gillian. When Richard takes Tommy out for a walk on the boardwalk, Tommy mentions that Gillian is actually his mother. Richard tries to correct Tommy and tell him Gillian is his grandmother…and that his mother was a very special woman who used to paint pictures. Obviously, Gillian is crazy and trying to relive her life with Tommy, like she once had with Jimmy. [Gillian was in love with Jimmy…not just in a motherly way, she was only 15/16 when she had Jimmy, last season we actually find out they slept together-gross?]

Anyways, it’s going to be interesting to see how that story unfolds, Richard is obviously going to get himself in a lot of s*** for trying to do Tommy good, because Gillian wants to brainwash him. It also seems like Gillian is in a position of power now that she’s controlling the estate, clearly the women of AC are coming out of the woodwork in season 3!

Also, since Richard is a war veteran, I’m assuming he’s trying to get revenge on whoever killed Jimmy. In the end, we see the old butcher man (who had a part in Jimmy’s murder) about to leave his house, when he opens the door Richard is standing right there and opens fire right into his face. Boom.

Tune in Sunday night’s on HBO for brand new episodes of Boardwalk Empire.

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