Breaking Amish

TLC’s new show Breaking Amish is likely to be the next big thing along with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The title of the show, obviously taking it’s name from AMC’s Breaking Bad, where the characters try to break their bad habits. In Breaking Amish, the main characters are trying to break free of their Amish culture, leave their families behind, and hit the big apple. I stumbled upon the premiere last night, and it was insane. I’ve never seen a show like this where people’s lives are literally at stake, they are risking everything to pack up and head to NYC. The one guy, his house is beside the bishop’s house, and while he was in an interview the bishop’s wife rides by and spots him talking to a bunch of cameras. Obviously, this looks crazy because they’re not big on technology, and a group of guys holding cameras and boom poles looks weird. He quickly gathers his things, packs his bag, and gets ready to leave. Once the people in the town hear what he’s doing they’ll shun him…and who knows what that could lead to.

The characters are really interesting, each with their own reason why they want to leave their homes and experience life. Some of them have siblings who don’t understand why they want to leave, it just shows you how different they can be and how strong willed they are, if they’re ready to leave everything behind them. The one girl literally gets kicked out of her house once her grandfather spots her talking to cameras. He won’t let her inside the house, and then finally does and tells her to pack her things and leave.

One of the girls (the one in orange) admits she was adopted into the Amish culture. She was born half Puerto Rican half Italian, and never had the chance to choose how she was going to live. She wants to go to NYC and experience life, be who she really is, let her hair down, wear nice things…just normal things. It’s really sad that people use religion to control people’s thoughts and actions. One of the father’s told his daughter she was behaving inappropriately because she wasn’t acting as a submissive, she should be punished because she was standing up to the men of the house and deciding her own future. Really? I can’t believe there’s people like this in this day and age, and most of the women have no choice but to sit down and listen to what their husbands or fathers tell them.

The big question now is, does this show create too many risks? Are the characters in jeopardy now that they’ve been seen all over the country, people know who they are, their families will probably never talk to them again. Are the stakes too high? It would be interesting to see how the show was put together, how they cast these individuals, how they even found them! Once that’s in the open, and if the cast had chosen this path willingly, I don’t see a problem in it. It’s their decision, it’s their life, and if they’re willing to leave everything behind and experience a different and probably better life, why not have it on camera? They’ll probably end up making some money and hopefully never go back to where they came from. Especially for the girls, I don’t see how they had anything to lose, they were being treated like s***, they would never get the chance to stand as an equal to their husband or father, and this trip to NYC is giving them a chance to make something of themselves. Hopefully they don’t lose themselves in the process. It’s definitely going to be a culture shock.

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Breaking Amish

  1. xamishatheist September 11, 2012 / 12:19 AM

    This show has to be taken with a grain of salt–it is, after all, a reality show. There’s little resemblance to reality and quite a bit of deception going on. I’m ex-Amish myself, having left about 7 years ago, and I’ve met Jeremiah from Breaking Amish on several occasions. Trust me, not all is as it seems. Or don’t trust me and see for yourself;

    • IC88 September 11, 2012 / 8:37 AM

      What do you mean?

      • xamishatheist September 11, 2012 / 12:35 PM

        Just read my link above. Jeremiah is divorced and hasn’t been Amish for years.

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