REAL WORLD: Did Blow Now You Gotta Go!

The second to last episode of The Real World: St Thomas aired last night on MTV and it was a crazzzy one! Probably the craziest thus far, and that’s not saying much because really not much has happened this season. The best part of it all, Marie and Toya make the best out of every situation, and they always know how to get people laughing. Watching them feels like I’m watching Deena and Snooki in their meatballs days- and I love it. Whoever says San Diego did better than St.Thomas?…um you’re crazy because literally nothing happened in Diego other than Frank meeting the hottest gay guy ever.

Anyways, this week’s episode was cray because Trey’s ‘girlfriend’ from back home who he also ended up getting pregnant decides to visit the Virgin Islands, well not really Trey just misses her and decides to pay for her flight and hotel. This is all just really weird and messed up since Trey has been getting it in with roomie Laura, they have strong feelings for each other which Trey doesn’t deny, but at the same time he’s constantly on the phone with Chelsea. When Trey admits to Laura that he invited Chelsea, she’s obviously upset but she knows it’s Trey’s way of basically choosing Chelsea over her. But apparently not because rumour has it they’re dating right now. Chelsea flies in, Trey actually puts her in a hotel because he doesn’t want to make things even more awkward at the house, Toya and Marie decide to roam the island, and the producers ask for a random drug test from all the roomies.

Apparently, there is a strict drug policy in the Real World houses, no roomie can be under the influence of narcotics…and none of the roomies had a problem with submitting to a test, everyone other than Brandon (the ex drugster). He’s been clean since he arrived in the Virgin Islands…or so we thought. In the beginning of the season Brandon seemed like a cray, but I’ve grown to love him and his determination to get clean and fix himself up proves he has a problem and wants to change. Sometimes that doesn’t always work out best in front of the cameras, we witnessed Joey from Real World:Hollywood struggle with drug addiction on camera. Joey was found dead from a drug overdose in August. 😦

Results came back from the drug test, Brandon’s results came back positive for cocaine, he immediately claimed he hadn’t touched it since he arrived in St.Thomas, it must’ve been left over from when he was in Boston. The producers said they would take it to a lab to be further tested. While waiting for the lab results, Brandon was a hot mess. Marie confronted him and told him it’s impossible for a drug to stay in your system for over 30 days…that just doesn’t happen. Brandon defended himself and said it was just a fluke. The next day, he gets into the confessional and admits that he did do a line the night before the drug test. It wasn’t a lot but some girl had given it to him, and he didn’t refuse. Later, the producers sit down with Brandon, obviously they’ve seen his confession tape, and they have the results back from the lab. Although the trace of cocaine was very small, rules are rules and the producers told Brandon he had a day left…and then he had to leave. In the end, Brandon took it like a man, he knew he messed up and he had to pay the consequences. At least he got to stay for majority of their time in St.Thomas, I think there was a few more weeks until they all had to pack up.

Before Brandon leaves for good, Trey brings Chelsea over to the house where the ‘meet’ took place. Funniest scene ever, Toya and Marie grabbing their popcorn so they can watch the s*** show that was supposed to go down between Laura and Chelsea. Unfortunately, nothing happened, the two girls actually talked it out and had no hate for one another. Marie on the other hand walked in on their conversation and blurted how friggin’ awkward this was! She’s hilarious.

Next week is the season finale which is a good thing because I can’t wait until the premiere of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons premiering September 19th on MTV.


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