MTV VMA’S 2012!

What a show, I have to say congrats to the entire crew that made the production possible, it’s not easy putting these things together but it was definitely an entertaining presentation. Shout out to the crew member that messed up during Taylor Swift’s performance in the end- hope it’s not your last day on the job!

Drake Drake Drake, that is all I wanted to see, and fortunately he ended up walking away with Best Hip-Hop video for “HYFR”.  He looked amazing, clearly he’s been working out, but not a huge fan of that tight shirt. Regardless, he was amazing in all of his 1-minute on stage glory, it’s a shame they didn’t have him up for a performance with RiRi.

Speaking of RiRi, is there something going on with her and Katy because they looked super cozy tonight. I mean I know they’re best friends and of course they’re going to be sitting beside each other, but something weird was going on between them. They kept leaning into each other awkwardly and whispering! Twitter was blowing up with a possible hook up between the two besties, that seems unlikely.

Kevin Hart did an awesome job hosting the show, right off the start he was hilarious with his Kristin Stewart, Snooki and of course Chris Brown and Drake jokes. His sketch with Two Chainz was definitely one of the funniest moments of the night, I mean really he offered Two Chainz a face chain…it doesn’t get better than that. Calvin Harris was keeping the crowd live throughout the night in his really cool DJ booth they had set up for him across the main stage. In the end RiRi walked away with Video of the Year for ‘We Found Love’ ft Calvin Harris, but surprisingly she forgot to thank Calvin!

He later tweeted,

Frank Ocean’s performance was so special, the set design was magical I’ve never seen anything like it. He performed “Thinkin’ Bout You” and it was a really laid back intimate feel, something that you don’t really see at the VMA’s. In other breaking news, Amber Rose and Kalifa are expecting a little Wiz, Alicia Keys has a new single out and I’m already loving it, and Weezy has passed the point of no return.

Taylor Swift’s closing performance of ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ was so cute, it was the perfect song to close the show with, it’s amazing that a few years ago she was the girl who almost got kicked off the stage by Kanye, and now she’s closing one of the biggest award shows. Definitely a great show, I hope the Jersey Shore crew were able to see everything- it looked like they had the farthest seats in the building!

At least they were still in the building, unfortunately for Lindsay whose probably under house arrest, watched it from home.

Also, where was the Biebs??

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