Probably the biggest game for 2012-possibly 2013 is Rockstar’s release of their brand new Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA:V will be a sleeker more realistic version of Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas.

Rockstar has always been on point with their GTA installments, they’ve set the bar extremely high and you can always expect a certain level of quality with their games. GTA:V will be no exception, it seems like the Rockstar team have pumped much more time and money into this game. GTA:V will be epic, especially since the game is based in present day Southern California.

I’m extremely excited for GTA:5, it will be another cornerstone in the gaming world, and no doubt the gaming experience will confirm there is nothing comparable. Last year, Rockstar released LA:Noire, which was a completely different style of gameplay. Where GTA is a free and open world, LA:Noire struggles to lose its linear structure, and leaves little fun to return to the game once it’s completed. Different missions pose different choices the character can make, and inevitably you have different ways of getting to the end, but point is you still get to the end. It doesn’t feel like you can control everything, because you still end up with the same ending for each case. The release of GTA:5 will be a breath of fresh air, it will take us back to what we always knew of free world games- like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

It’s been a long process for fans who are devoted to the Rockstar force, the first story of the development of GTA:V was released in November of 2011. There were rumours the game would be released in the Spring of 2012. Then there was the release of Max Payne II, gamers speculated Rockstar wouldn’t release two of their games in the same season, and of course the season came and went and there was still no definite release date for GTA:V. There still isn’t a date, but rumours about the new console releases from Sony and Microsoft have fans thinking Rockstar might wait for the release of the new console systems. Unfortunately, this means a longer wait- possibly into 2013 or maybe even early 2014. Since Xbox360 and Playstation 3 are well into their life expectancy, it would make more sense to release GTA:V on a brand new platform.

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