Snooki and JWOWW:I’m Bored

I could barely get myself to watch the entire 25 minutes of this week’s Snooki and JWOWW. The pair head to Cancun with their two best friends for Spring Break, but Snooki realizes her priorities are all ‘messed up’ and just wants to go home. Snooki doesn’t enjoy herself- obviously because she can’t drink and take shots like the other girls. I hate to say it but Snooki isn’t that funny when she’s not intoxicated, and now that she’s pregnant she’s even more moody and freaks out on Jenni all the time!

Jenni has another explosive fight with Roger on their last day in Cancun. She had told him they were returning Sunday, so he made plans-with Jionni on Saturday night. Now that their flight plans changed, she would be coming back Saturday and was furious with him for making plans. She sounded completely insane, Roger kept calling her insecure, and she refused to listen to him. She’s got some serious control issues, and it’s so annoying to watch her have the same argument every week. She constantly blames everything on Roger, meanwhile he hasn’t done anything wrong.

When they get home Snooki calls Jionni and finds out where they’re going- I guess some club down at the Shore. It’s just like they are pulling at anything to create drama or create an issue, and it’s just really boring at this point. They go to a cooking class which was sort of funny, but Snooki just isn’t the same anymore. The next morning Snooki checks Twitter to find out Jionni was seen taking pictures with random girls. This apparently gets Snooki jealous, which she hasn’t been up to this point, she’s always been okay with Jionni going out without her- because she trusts him. Instead she freaks out, calls him and tells him he’s not ready to be a father or a husband. It was the most ridiculous fight ever- he yells back at her and tells her maybe she’s not ready to be a mom, and she starts crying and hands up on him. Like really?

I’m actually dreading the new season of Jersey Shore- then again there are 7 other crazies who can keep us entertained.



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