The Real World: Ish Gets Emotional

This week on The Real World ish gets really emotional when the two couples in the house struggle to determine where they ‘stand’. I’ve given up on Laura and Trey, they legitimately annoy me and I refuse to watch them. After what seems like a perfect day without Debbie Downer Trey, Laura admits to the girls that she won’t be devastated when he breaks up with her, since she is still young and will most likely fall for someone else. Marie and Toya try to talk to her, and while they think they’ve gotten through to Laura, Trey pulls her aside later that night and tries to break up with her. Obviously, he fails, and instead of breaking up they stay together…even though he has a girl back home. He actually disgusts me, the fact that he talks to his girl back home and calls her out if she talks to other guys…meanwhile he’s literally sleeping with Laura every night. Like I don’t get how he doesn’t realize how hypocritical that sounds, and how disgusting that is. Furthermore, I don’t get how these 2 women still put up with his ish, he keeps playing the game by pulling out his ‘I care about you both so much’ card, and it’s just getting really boring to watch on TV.

Moving on to more important news, like Robb and Marie who are so much more entertaining to watch. Robb is a sweetheart, but he definitely took a wrong turn this week when he finds no other way to deal with his emotions but to hurt himself. Robb seemed like a pretty normal guy thus far, obviously after seeing him punch and burn himself, he seems to have more demons than Brandon. I love how Brandon started off as the outcast of the house, and he is now literally playing Dr.Phil to Robb. Also, Toya seems to be the voice of reason for many of the roommates, I love her advice like ‘It aint no thang if you don’t gotta rang’.

The roommates get a tour from Philipo who used to own their Real World house a few years back. It seems like Philipo’s a billionaire, and contributes a lot of his wealth to improving the islands around St.Thomas and educating people about the history. Immediately, Marie is attracted to Philipo because of his rolex…but it was obvious she was just crushing on him as a joke. Later, Robb and the other guys noticed that Marie likes ‘money’ and she’s a gold digger. Philipo was twice her age and Marie flirts with everyone- I don’t know why everyone takes every little thing so seriously. Robb just feels like he’s not good enough for her- which I don’t understand why. Marie isn’t a bombshell model that she would be so out of Robb’s league, he’s a good looking nice dude with muscles, it’s a shame he doesn’t have more confidence in himself.

Near the end of the episode, Marie/Robb/Toya/Laura and Swift head over to Senor Frogs, which is like this huge pool party/bar/volleyball venue. Laura beats Marie at a drinking contest, which leaves Marie wondering if she had a potential wing-woman this entire time! Trey shows up, obviously in his trashy muscle shirt and Debbie Downer attitude. He finds Laura and tells her she’s drunk- yes Trey she is drunk and I’m sure she knows it, there is no reason you need to point that out to her as if she’s doing something wrong. Laura is fed up with Trey’s attitude, after a quick chat with the girls, we believe she might be ready to call things off with Trey, but nope in the end he cries his way back into her heart.

Seriously, I just want this season to be over with so we can start the new season of The Challenge- ‘cuz it looks amaze balls!


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