KUWTK: Malibu Saves Marriages!

This week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians we see the finale to the 26 year saga that is Kris Jenner and Todd Whatever. As Todd tries to roofie Kris and take her to a hotel room, Kris admits the dinner was just for closure and she is happily married to Bruce Jenner. With that, Kris gets up and leaves the table that looked really uncomfortable to sit at.

Kris returns home and wakes up Bruce to tell her she’s finally over Todd. Bruce is pissed off and just wants to sleep, he doesn’t understand why Kris had to go meet him, he calls her an idiot and goes back to bed. When Kris tells the sisters what she’s done, they hate on her even more, not understanding why she even went to go meet Todd. She tries to defend herself, but Kim refuses to listen to her until she takes a lie detector test.

Lamar needs to visit the dentist when his rotting mouth grosses out Kim. Khloe admits Lamar is terrified of the dentist and refuses to go and get his teeth checked. I guess after a few years, Lamar can no longer withstand the tooth aches, he gathers up the courage. At the dentist’s office, they pump Lamar with a bunch of drugs, he was literally high and it was the funniest thing ever. After 7 hours of surgery, Lamar’s mouth is like brand new, he wakes up still high, it was the funniest thing to watch.

Robert thinks he’s going bald after Kim makes a rude comment. It’s true, over the last few episodes Rob’s hair does look like it’s thinning, but he’s definitely not balding. He tries a few organic hair remedies but none of them seem to work. After a talk with Lamajoon, Rob realizes he’s not really going bald, and he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Lamar admits he went bald when he was 19 but had to roll with the punches.

After answering the hard hitting questions, Kris Jenner passes the polygraph test, but it’s too late because Bruce already has a broken heart. The sisters once again try to save the day by renting a beautiful Malibu house for the weekend. After Kim’s family BBQ, they send their ‘rents off in a car, and hope they come back the same lovey dovey couple they were in the ’90s. Apparently, Malibu can save marriages, although I’m sure Malibu has also broken marriages since it is a beautiful secret getaway spot. Bruce and Kris are forced to spend more than 15 hours together with no assistants and no house cleaners. Kris has to make her own coffee, and admits she’s forgotten how Bruce like’s his. Anyways, they work it out in the end while looking through old photos.

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