Suits: Tuxedo Time!

Last night, Suits fans everywhere anticipated the answer to the big question ‘Where in the world is Donna?’ Unfortunately, that question wasn’t answered, but we had the privilege to see Harvey in a tux and Louis attempt to do ballet.

In the wake of the Donna Departure, Harvey is feeling sad so he decides to put on a tux, grab his wingman and party it up in Atlantic City. Seriously, we need to see more of Harvey doing these kinds of things, letting loose, drinking too much, but as always Harvey doesn’t have time for fun, he had a client waiting for him in the casino. Turns out, Harvey’s client has a big gambling problem, and when they find him sitting at a poker table about to lose his money/company, Harvey can’t help but just watch in awe. His client ended up using his company as leverage, the contract being made up on a bar napkin. The entire episode basically followed Mike and Harvey as they tried to settle outside of court. In the end, it all comes down to another game of poker, Harvey bets to take the company back if he wins, obviously he does, because really Harvey doesn’t lose.

Jessica finds herself dealing with old girl drama when the judge she needs a favor from is also the same girl she pranked during law school.

Louis and Rachel find themselves at the ballet, Louis invites Rachel to take his seat, while there Louis decides to take up a case for the ballet company and try to get them a better stage/studio to practice in. During their investigations, Rachel does her side of the job so well that Louis is actually impressed. He gives her his recorder thing (if you remember he planted it in Harvey’s office last week). When Mike sees it and starts listening to all the funny things Louis says to himself, he comes across the recording from Harvey’s office. In the end, Louis and Rachel realize the ballet director was stealing all the funds and putting it into his own account. When Harvey finds out that Louis had recorded his conversation, the only thing he does is let Louis know that he owes him big time.

Still no word on where Donna is. #savedonna

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