PLL: All The Funny Faces

I’ve been catching up with Pretty Little Liars since everyone’s telling me to watch it. I’ve started on the 1st season and almost at the season finale. I’ve seen some of the episodes but I never actually sat down and watched them in order. It is the funniest show ever, the intensity of the girls as they try and solve the mystery that is ‘A’ makes it a comedy rather than a teen-drama.

Obviously, the show doesn’t compare to some other TV favourite’s like Vampire Diaries or the magical Game of Thrones, but PLL definitely leaves audience’s hanging after the 42 minute mark. First off, Emily has the greatest face ever, and I’m sure casting director’s for scary movies everywhere are mad at themselves that they’ve never casted her in horror flicks. One look at Emily’s face, and you can tell how the scene is going to be played out, her expression always looks like a cross between scared and an urgent need to use the bathroom. I love it.

Next, is Spencer who is clearly the only smart one out of the group. It seems every time there is a puzzle to be solved, Spencer’s the first one at it, and she usually comes out victorious. If there’s a question to be answered among the girls, the camera literally pans over to Spencer’s face and all wait for her to go ahead and give the answer. It’s the funniest thing ever. At the end of Season 1, she finds herself in a pickle, she is being accused of killing best friend Allision aka ‘A’. Also, she’s slowly and awkwardly falling in love with creepy boy Toby.

Hannah used to be the fat girl, although in the flashbacks she doesn’t even look fat, but hey TV magic can only go so far.

Aria is the little naiive one that knows this huge secret about her dad having an affair with one of his students. Ironically, Aria starts a relationship with her hot english teacher Ezra.

*The hottie award goes to A’s older brother- Jason, who casually returns to Rosewood for his sister’s funeral. He apparently makes a few more guest appearances, and in Season 2 or 3 they change actors for his role! How disappointing.*

*The not hottie award goes to Caleb aka Pocahontas, I get he’s supposed to be the ‘bad boy’ but his weird haircut screams awkward and creepy…not so much bad boy and sexy.*

I think that pretty much sums up my thoughts on Pretty Little Liars, at least for Season 1. I’m excited to find out who ‘A’  is but I kinda figured we will never know whose behind all this scheming. Just like we never find out who Gossip Girl is!

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