Snooki & JWOWW: Double Date!

Can I just say how much I friggin’ love Jionni? When I first saw him on the Jersey Shore I thought he was just another meatball juicehead guido with waxed eyebrows…but he’s really none of those things (except for the eyebrows).

It seems like he’s more excited for the little meatball inside Snooki then Snooki is! It’s Jenni’s birthday, they all decide to go on a double date, which is completely different from how they do things down at the Shore. I literally feel like I’m watching a completely different show- a lot has changed, the girls definitely cannot party the night away with Snooki’s bun in the oven- but they somehow manage to make us laugh.

Roger Roger Roger, who knew he was so friggin’ hilarious? He kept picking on Jionni, jokingly until Snooki got a little offended and started protecting her man. In the end, they all got into a cab to head home and Roger started singing the “oompa loompa” song! It was the funniest moment ever.

In the end, Snooki has a OBGYN appointment to see if her baby is okay- she’s extremely nervous, but she has her Jenni and Jionni by her side so she feels loved. Everything goes down great, there’s nothing wrong with the baby, we get to see the little baby shape- and I think Snooki realizes at that moment that she’s actually preggo.

Seriously, I don’t know what she would do without Jionni, he truly is amazing.

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